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Published: Monday, Aug. 29 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

To answer previous question about whether Haws and Emery are guards or if they are still growing.... Emery has played some point, but is a strong enough slasher to play the 2. Haws is definately still growing and is also a strong slasher. While not playing point guard (others in the program are there) he has ball-handling and court awareness to play point, 2, or 3. Both will keep getting stronger (heck, they are State Champs at 15 and 16 yrs. of age!). While on the same court they push the ball down the court so hard, other high school teams can't keep up. They are an unbeatable duo in high school....can't wait to see them together as Cougars. WATCH OUT. Above all, they both come from great families and are wonderful young men.

Cedar Hills, UT

Ahhh, Chris B. It took you a while to join in! To separate Loveridge from Haws and Emery is just plain silly. All three are amazing athletes and great ball players. If you wish to continue the comaparisons, why not compare who has won a State Championship? I'm happy for Loveridge - he has a heckuva task in front of him - one that I'm sure he's enthused about. But Haws and Emery have been in an elite class of winners for their entire lives. Technically, they have more accompishments to their names, and are younger. Let's just be honest and say all three are wonderful ball players and will improve their respective teams.

Castle Rock, CO

RE: Chris B

"One of these is an amazing athlete. Two are decent ball players. There is a difference."

You are right, there is a difference. The "athletic" one is without a championship or a player of the year award. The other two have a championship and one has a player of the year award. And these champions are the heart of their team as a freshman and sophomore (last year) and are going to get MUCH BETTER. Meanwhile, Loveridge (while a great player) wasn't on a team that could actually win it. His team was outclassed by some younguns that can PLAY THE GAME VERY WELL.

It seems as though you don't care at all about your credibility.

Castle Rock, CO

RE: Chris B

Also, Loveridge had offers from BYU, Utah and Hawaii and Santa Clara. Nick Emery has been contacted numerous times by KANSAS. Can you see the difference? Apparently Kansas just really likes people that are very good at basketball and worries about athleticism second. Also, there was another "unathletic" player at BYU that people said the same thing about. His name was Jimmer (he was good enough to only go by one name). Have you heard of him?

Castle Rock, CO

Also, Haws and Emery were on the first team for their AAU tournament in Massachusetts this summer as underclassmen. They were competing against "athletic" players from all over the country. They just PERFORMED above the rest.

Clearfield, UT

Chris B:

You are going to need all the athletes you can get.

Not only so you don't have 5 losing seasons in 7 years,

But so you can have enough to field a team.

8 players transfer last year.

3 coaches in 6 years.

4 losing seasons in 6 years.

As you like to say:

What a team. What a program.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

All I know is that the best football player in Utah high schools this year is committed to the Y. And the best basketball play in Utah high schools this year is committed to the Y.

Provo, UT

@KRY "Jackson Emery is a prime example he was great his freshman year at BYU and had a hugh upside. Came back from his mission and didn't really excell."

Not sure how you figure that statement to be correct. Jax played in 28 games his freshman year and started 6. He averaged 2.8 PPG, 1.5 RPG, and .4 SPG.

When he got back from his mission in '08-'09, he started every single game, averaging 7.8 PPG, 3.8 RPG, and 1.5 SPG.

His junior season, a year after his mission, was arguably his best, when he averaged 12.5 PPG, 4.5 RPG, and 2.6 SPG while shooting career highs in FG% and 3FG%.

Jackson not only got better after his missions, I'd say he definitely excelled!

I expect the same from Tyler Haws, Nick Emery, and T.J. Haws.

Go Cougars!

Heber City, UT

Duckhunted your prognostication skills are amazing, absolutely something to chuckle about. Where are you comments about your Utes? They are sorely missing because there is nothing to say about the basketball team. I am looking forward to seeing how the Utes will get blitzed in the PAC-12.

Heber City, UT

Who knew this would be the outcome when Grandpa and Grandma left Germany to come to Utah. What a great move.

Fort Worth, Texas

@Independence Is Bliss

Red seats even when empty make more noise than a 2,000 seat gymnasium that you'll be playing in this year. Cross your fingers that the Big 12 calls.

Here's a little something from Sports Illustrated about Jabari Parker:

As Jabari's recruitment heats up, Sonny and Lola have made clear his college destination will be his decision. Contrary to some of the chatter making its way around the summer circuit, Parker is not automatically ticketed for BYU because he is Mormon (he has no plans to go on a mission while in college), nor is he certain to wind up at Washington because of Romar's relationship with Sonny. (Though Washington's cause will certainly not be hurt if Jabari's older brother, Chris, enrolls in the fall and joins Romar's team as a manager, which Chris is hoping to do).

American Fork, UT

Chris B

I hardly ever comment on these posts, but sometimes I can't resist:

I am willing to bet that Chris B has never even seen either of these boys play a single basketball game. I have watched ALL THREE play, and I've seen all of them play dozens of times.

Loveridge is a very talented athlete and will do very well at Utah. Needs to work on his outside shooting for a D1 athlete, but I have no doubt that he will do very well. At 6' 5" (i know he's listed at 6'6"), but that won't dominate in the middle for a D1 athlete - too small.

As for Emery and Haws - there are few ball players in this entire state better than these two. I have watched (and coached against) both of them for years. I can tell you that there are no better Juniors or Sophomores playin anywhere in this state! Period

That's why they'll win 5A state championship again this year and probably the next. Emery is the closest thing I've seen to Jimmer - I expect great things from this kid.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

wait! this has to be wrong. no pac 10 plus 2? it can't be. something is amiss. chrissy b and wedgie, say it ain't so.....please.

Cedar Hills, UT


Say that one outloud and do it with a straight face.... "red seats even when empty make more noise than a 2,000 seat gymnasium." Are you serious? Not sure if you've been in a 2,000 seat filled gymnasium, but it's far from quiet. The Hunstman Center has been pretty quiet, lately....

Also, Jabari Parker is wanted by every ligit school in the country. Kids like that don't come out West to BYU or Utah. The fact that he's even made a trip to Provo is amazing. Ask them - NOBODY in Provo believes his ticket has been punched for BYU. To be considering BYU at all is an honor to the institution and the program which continues to build. I didn't see Utah on his list....(and please save the "well, that's because we didn't recruit him" bit).

Orem, UT

it's a family game now :)

Sandy, UT


Here are the actual capacities for the WCC gymns.

Basketball Arena Size

BYU: 22,700
Gonzaga: 6,000
San Francisco: 5,300
San Diego: 5,100
Portland: 4,852
Santa Clara: 4,500
Loyola marymount: 4,156
Saint Mary's: 3,500
Pepperdine: 3,104

Now Mr. Ute(myth)ology
Where are these 2k seat High School gymns you continually speak of?

In a court of law, all of your previous and future testimony would be dismissed, as you have been deemed to be an unreliable witness.

Many of the Big East and Atlantic 10 schools have arenas this small as well, so what? Stanfords is 8k and Dukes is 9k.
When Utah can fill the one thay have, then you can spout off.

Clearfield, UT


Maybe he comes to BYU. Maybe he doesn't. I don't think anyone is planning on it.

You sure are spending a lot of time researching a recruit that the U isn't even in the running for.


More fans in the HC than in WCC arenas means the collective groan of Ute fans in the HC as the U continues to lose to San Deigo, SW Baptist et al will be making more noise than the collective groan of fans in WCC arenas sitting through BYU beating their respective teams.

Sandy, UT

byu's two best years were whenever that was in 1980 and last year. Both sweet 16 years. Their two best players ever were Danny Ainge 6"4 and Jimmer Fredette 6"1 from those two years.Both of them were guards and both of them are white.To go to the sweet 16 or better more than twice in your schools history you need great white players who are also very tall on a consistent basis. Here's how Utah has done it many times in that same 30 year span.Josh Grant 6"9 (sweet 16), Keith Vanhorn 6"10 (sweet 16,elite 8), Michael Doleac 7"0(sweet 16, elite 8, final 4)Andrew Bogut 7"0 (sweet 16. Then mix in a whole lot of medium sized black and white players who can really play.byu can recruit as many small to medium sized white players from Lone Peak and Provo high they want. Those type of players will never get them to a final 4. They will only keep them competitive.

ted cantrell

This is great! Now all we need is Jabari Parker (2013 Class) BYU could run for the NCAA Championship with these young men added to what we now have!

ted cantrell

Real Deal

BYU has a couple of good bigs. In fact if winning and money were more important that principle, they would have made it at least to the Elite 8 with Brandon Davies! They might have won it all.

Yes, Utah HAS a great basket ball history, but that is all history. If last year looked grim, this year may be worse (provided that the Pac 10 plus 2 is better than the Mountain, which is questionable in basketball).

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