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Published: Monday, Aug. 29 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA


As a die-hard Cougar hoops fan, I am so pleased.

Thanks to these young men -- and to their parents for rearing them well!

Both players have great upsides!

Salt Lake City, UT

O my goodness, what a relief. The suspense was killing me.

Frisco, TX

Closest player on BYU's roster to Loveridge is K. Collinsworth. Loveridge has a better outside shot. Collinsworth is much more versatile and has the ability to play the 1 - 4 spots. Collinsworth is a better defender. It's hard to make comparisons, but Collinsworth is probably the closest.

South Jordan, UT

With their names, was there ever a doubt? These kids drank the blue koolaid aid in their bottles. They will do well with their school of choice.

Iowa City, IA

BYU lands two huge, big time recruits. Suddenly Loveridge is re-thinking his decision. Big time basketball is showing up in Provo.

South Jordan, UT

Awesome. Looking forward to watching Emery and Haws at the Marriott Center.

Now let's go get Jabari.

Cedar Park, TX

Congrats to both these young men. A college education is a phenomenal thing, and shouldn't be taken for granted.

In truth, I don't think that anyone really doubted where they would go, given where they live and the BYU influence in their respective families. Nevertheless, a loss for Utah for sure.

That being said, I certainly hope that BYU fans aren't counting on Utah being down for long. Case in point: when BYU went 1-25, I kept telling my overly-exuberant Ute buddies that BYU would be back and to not get too overconfident. I see that same weakness now in the BYU fan base, and feel like I need to give the same cautioning message to you now.

Utah will be back. Loveridge is a start, and the progress will be slow and steady, but certainly noticeable. Again, Utah will be back.

Like it or not, it is in all our own best interests if both schools are successful. Here's hoping that is the case, (and that Utah wins more than we lose against our "former" rival) :)

South Jordan, UT

No surprise to anyone these two boys were going to BYU. Perfect fit for their games. Both of these kids are the best players in their age group in the state of Utah. They have been the best since 3rd grade.

It mentioned in the Article they will both go on missions. In my mind this is why they went to BYU. Most other schools beside Utah schools don't allow kids to go on missions and miss 2yrs of basketball. I am a full believer kids do not come back from a mission better at basketball and they never reach their full potiential.

Watch when Tyler Haws comes back he will not reach his full potiential. Jackson Emery is a prime example he was great his freshman year at BYU and had a hugh upside. Came back from his mission and didn't really excell.

Think Jimmer, no mission, improved every year, number 10 pick. I think Emery has a chance to be a poor mans Jimmer but this is only if he doesn't go on a mission.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Wow! Pretty big commitment to offer scholarships to a current Junior and Sophomore in high school! And both boys are on the smaller size, not big frame guys. The article lists schools showing interest in Emery, but what about Haws-- as a 10th grader? I understand another former Y player that simply went by his first name was also small of stature by basketball standards. I certainly hope things work out for both of them. Go Cougs!

Cedar Park, TX


I couldn't disagree more about your stance on missions. And yes, I'm a diehard, lifelong Ute fan.

Agree that the mission may not increase their athleticism, etc. But, the maturity gained will help both on and off the court.

I'm pretty sure that Alex Jensen met his full potential after serving his mission, and we all know what his leadership did for that '98 squad.

Salt Lake City, UT

Lone Peak=BYU JV team

Dave S
Holladay, UT

Congrats byu but this really isn't much of a surprise to anyone is it? Lone Peak high school should compete pretty well in the WCC.


Marty Haws has done a great job raising TJ and Tyler to be humble, excellent kids, as well as awesome athletes. I'm no BYU fan but I'll be cheering for TJ to do well.

Salt Lake City, UT

These two young men have not only set the course of BYU basketball for the coming years, but also made a statement about their own personal lives. Congratulations to you both and to the Cougars.

Iowa City, IA

A few Ute responses demonstrate envy and jealousy over Haws/Jackson commit. Some utes know the recruiting battle is on and are gracious.

Stay tuned...

Bountiful, UT

KRY said: "Watch when Tyler Haws comes back he will not reach his full potiential. Jackson Emery is a prime example he was great his freshman year at BYU and had a hugh upside. Came back from his mission and didn't really excell (excel)."

I think that if KRY were to ask Coach Rose or Jimmer Fredette whether Jackson Emery excelled, you would hear that he did. He was a fabulous role player, and without him BYU would not have been the great team they were. Being anti-mission reveals that you care more for the honors of men than you do for the balanced development of the young man.

Farid @ Pocatello
Pocatello, ID

I agree with FinUte 100%, this down-time for Utah basketball is just a blip on the radar, just like that 1-25 season that caused Roger Reid his job.

Luckily, their resurgence won't come at the cost of BYU's roster. Now a member of the PAC-12, they are going to get many of their players from the existing PAC footprint. Many families living in difficult situations and neighborhoods will push their kids to play in Salt Lake's safer environment. Utah will be "packed" with non-LDS, high quality coast players while BYU will have the pick of the in-state litter.

It's a win-win for both schools, one that makes the secular school even more secular and the Mormon school even more Mormon.

And that will make the rivalry even more dark and raucous. And that's a great thing.

Boise, ID

Did Jimmer average that in High School? Impressive scoring for players that young. Go Cougs!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


One of these is an amazing athlete. Two are decent ball players. There is a difference.

Provo, UT

BYU fan here, but committing whilst you are a sophomore and junior? Would it be any surprise though that TJ would NOT go to BYU? I see that Jimmer is engaged. BYU should lock up his yet to be born boys commit to them now dontcha think? I know that you often see recruiters attending jr high games but it is getting a bit ridiculous.

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