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Published: Monday, Aug. 29 2011 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

6th in the Pac lets automatically give the Utes the National Championship trophy!!!!Cause they must have truly ment that being voted 6th in the Pac means that your really number 1 team not only in the Pac but in the world. Cause everyone knows that 2 good seasons out of your history is amazzzzzzzzzing.

Syracuse, UT

Apparently the Pac 10.2 doesn't respect the little sister that was just born.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

A little surprising. I think it will take a year or two in the BCS leagues to shed the "non-AQ" perception.

I see Utah competing for #2 as I think the Stanford coaching change will be a kink in their system.

With the constant disarray of USC's program I also dont see them being better than Utah.

Not a chance this team ends the season 6th. We'll be top 3. Oregon is clearly the best, but we're top 3 any day of the week.

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Utehaterforlife | 4:41 p.m. Aug. 29, 2011
Syracuse, UT

The Utes will do fine since Blechen is still playing. They will miss Burton though since he is in the NFL.

Alpha Chicken
Orem, UT

Dang, the Utes have been picked 6th, the seasons over... I wish there was some way that Utah could prove to these folks that maybe they are a decent team. I mean its too bad that they can't engage in some sort of competition, like maybe a football competition of some sort where they could actually see who is better, objectively by keeping score or whatnot. Oh well I guess we will just have to WAIT FOR THEM TO PLAY THE GAMES!

Salt Lake City, UT

Sixth is where the Cougars would finish in the Big 12.

They can't fathom that, because they beat Oklahoma by knocking out their quarterback, and have a chance to take Texas on another down year. They think they'd be regularly representing the Big 12 in BCS play.

Salt Lake City, UT

Middle of the Pac-12 sounds about right. That means it's highly unlikely they will finish the season ranked in the top 25. Let's just hope they don't embarrass themselves against Montana State!

Salt Lake City, UT

In the immortal words of Bart Scott: Can't Wait!

Gilbert, AZ


"Sixth is where the Cougars would finish in the Big 12."

Really? On an article about Utah's projected PAC 12 finish, your very first thought was guessing where the Cougars would finish in a conference they're not even in? Nothing screams little brother like a fan so totally obsessed with his rival.

Middle of the PAC is where most logical fans expected Utah to finish. ESPN's 6th place projection may be a little generous; 7th is more likely, as long as Wynn stays healthy for most of the season. If Jordan goes down, the Utes will be battling Washington State and Colorado for cellar dweller dishonors.

Salt Lake City, UT

6th or 7th is about right.

Salt Lake City, UT

6th is a fair ranking, but I'd be shocked if Utah doesn't do better than that considering they don't have to play the 2 best teams and they have AZ St at home. I would have picked them 3rd or 4th and I think they have a real shot at a pac 12 championship game. 3 more days until the season opener!


Hey phoenix. Just so you know, the first two comment on this article were from Utah haters/BYU fans. Talk about obsession. And by the way Moderate, no use in making that argument. The Cougars were left in the dust when it came to invites to BCS conferences. It's sad really.

West Jordan, UT

as a Utah fan I think that is about right until we prove otherwise

Ogden, UT

Utah should be 4 Arizona state has not proven anything and Washington just lost Jake Locker

Utesville, CA

hahaha....when was the last time these pre-season rankings turned out correctly?

Did any pre-season predict the mighty Utes would end up being the first BCS buster and won the 2004 Fiesta Bowl?

Did any pre-season ranking experts predict the powerful Utes would end up beating the national power Alabama in 2008 Sugar Bowl--in addition to other wins over top-10, and top-20 in that year?

Go Utes!!! Prove them wrong!

sacramento, ca

6th? Um, more like 12th. are you kidding me.

sacramento, ca

it is just me or does it seem as though most of the headlines regarding the utes are of them loosing? look forward to seeing it come true for football as well. hahahaha I can't wait.

Wally West

re: Scots | 6:36 p.m. Aug. 29, 2011


I still say 8 Wins for the U and 3rd in the South behind UAz & USC. I can't understand all the love for UCLA & Az St.

It'll take a few yrs for CU to purge themselves of the Dan Hawkins era.

Isn't it funny Hawkins left Boise & spurned the U for the Buffs. The Utes then named some guy named Urban Meyer as HC.

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

nunya, obsessed much you are. Was a Ute fan mean to you and now you have to try to get even. Has to be some reason as it isn't normal to post what you post.
In regards to 6th place finish estimate, that seems fair given Oregon and Stanford are the obvious one and two. USC given their talent seems fair at three. The only room for debate is 4 through 7 with Wazzu and Colorado the obvious bottom feeders at the moment; surprised to see OSU listed so low.


6th in Pac12 = Poinsettia Bowl!

Question: What bowl game did Utah play in 2009 after finishing 3rd in MWC?
Answer: Poinsettia Bowl!

Question: If Utah finishes 6th in Pac12, what bowl game will they play in?
Answer: Poinsettia Bowl!

Some things never change...

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