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Published: Friday, Aug. 26 2011 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Paul Revere, I think the reason that FDR Fan, MormonDem and isrred have not mentioned anything that Senator Reid has done for Utah is because they can't think of one. I take it back. isrred mentioned the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars of our money Reid has spent for universities. Maybe we should have the building named after us.

Or maybe they could have mentioned the many times Senator Reid has voted for federal rights over states rights. Or how he constantly favors earmarks, abortion,increasing subsidies and increasing federal land control (that one is especially dear to Utahns). Maybe it is because he votes against supporting the military men & women in doing their duty, or drilling for oil in the US. Or possibly it is because of his support of illegal immigration, including giving legal status to illegal immigrants who have committed felonies.

It could be for any of those reasons that FDR Fan, MormonDem and isrred feel that Reid represents Utah. Personally, I feel that SUU is giving Senator Reid his building because of his support for the prairie dog, which everyone in Iron County finds so adorable.

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