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Published: Friday, Aug. 26 2011 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Logan, UT

"SUU, what are you thinking? I'll have to burn my T-bird shirt."

I think they are thinking that they are honoring one of their most distinguished alumni and a man who has given of his time an talents in helping SUU become a better university through his influence. And I think they are absolutely right to do so. Now if only Utah State would stop their childish, public ambivalence towards Reid while at the same time accepting his help in securing research funding behind the scenes.

Harry Reid benefited from a quality Higher Education system in Utah and he has done MUCH to give back to that system in his career in Congress. Rejecting the man simply because of the letter next to his name on the ballot is pure craziness and something that is disgraceful to Utah.

Paul Revere
American Fork, UT

FDR Fan, MormonDem and isrred, please tell me, specifically one good thing he has done for UTAH? SUU? How has he used "his time and talents to help SUU"? I am not aware of anything that he has done that would warrant this kind of honor. Specifically what has he done to help the state of Utah? Name one specific thing, please? Senator Reid may have cleaned up Las Vegas, although I would like to know how and see a cleaner Las Vegas, he may be a good family man, may be a distinguished SUU alumni, but what has he done for UTAH? MY opposition to this honor being bestowed upon him has little to do with his politics, but more to do with the fact that he has done nothing good for Utah that I am aware of. He may have voted with President Clinton to take away more land from the state, but as far as helping Utah, what has he done? He cares little for the state and its people. He is a man absorbed in power and politics, not service to the nation as evidenced by no letters to those outside of Nevada.

Provo, UT

Paul Revere: "I am not aware..." "Nothing... that I am aware of..."

Then maybe you should do a little homework. A lack of knowledge on your part does not equal a lack of accomplishments on Reid's part.

I've read Reid's biography. Have you?

It's your job to base your opinions on information. It's not my job to disabuse you of your opinions that you haven't bothered to base on information.

Paul Revere
American Fork, UT

Mormon Dem, I'll go one better then reading his biography. I write letters and ask questions. I also go to the home pages of the members of the Congress and Senate and read what they have done and are doing currently. Senator Reid has done nothing for Utah, or SUU that I can tell from his home page. Forget telling me in a letter where he stands on issues or what he is doing for us here in Utah, for his policy, unless it has changed in the last year is to not respond to letters from people outside his state. As for reading his biography thanks for the recommendation. I will try and pick it up once I finish reading Theodore Rex. In the mean time I still haven't seen any legislative proposals or programs he has put forward to help Utah or SUU. I still maintain there are far more deserving Utahns that have served the state and it's people better and more then a power broker in Washington DC who happens to be from Nevada.

O-town, UT

EXCELLENT! Congratulations to Harry Reid. A very deserving honor for his long career in public service. For all the hate mongerers out there, let go of your hate for a non-issue such as this, please. I think Ronald Reagan was a joke of a president, but I don't get upset when they named Reagan National Airport in Washington after him. In fact every time I read your non-sensical belligerent posts, I think of a famous line from Reagan, the ole gipper, himself, "Oh, there you go again."

Provo, UT

It's amazing when a liberal is criticized it is called hatred. What did they call the criticism of President Bush? A private group in the State of Washington placed a caricature of President Obama on several billboards along with a statement expressing his mistakes and foolish judgement. The Executive Branch quickly demanded the billboards be removed and threatened to withold Federal funding for roads if they failed to do so. Is that blackmail to inflict a penalty for the freedom of speech we so cherish. That is typical of what is happening throughout many Federal agencies operating under the "CZARS" appointed by Obama, totally circumventing our right as citizens to hold them responsible for their actions.It is the express intent of this administration to create complete dependence on the government in order to make the masses subservient to every imposition placed on our freedoms ie. businesses, minorities through entitlements, government employees (average salaries up from $85,000 to $130,000 in two years)criminal illegal aliens etc. (yes, they have committed a crime to enter this country). Let's ignore enforcement where we choose. All this supported by Harry Reid.

Logan, UT


Harry Reid opens his office every semester to interns from SUU, USU, and other students in Utah--something that isn't all that common for members of Congress to open their offices to opportunities for students outside their state. This is giving back to Utah and its students.

Harry Reid has been integral in working with former Senator Bob Bennett in securing HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars for universities in Utah including USU, UofU, SUU, UVU, and even Dixie State. This helps not only our students, but our local economies providing jobs and pumping money into our state--not to mention the amazing advancements in science and medicine our Universities have developed because of this.

Harry Reid does a lot for Utah and obviously these two examples are both dealing with Universities because 1) That is my area of personal experience and direct impact with Sen. Reid's work and 2) That is the subject of this article.

Harry Reid has done plenty for Utah and for SUU. Saying otherwise simply is not based in fact.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

This is a disgrace.
If the name sticks, tear the building down.

Catonsville, MD

Senator Reid has shown by example how to work up a public lands law by negotiation among the stakeholders. His public land laws for Nevada became a model for the Washington County public lands law enacted in 2009 with the leadership of Senator Bennett. Harry Reid demonstrated that a single bill can provide for wilderness, ORVs, and development, if people are willing to sit down and negotiate about specific areas and boundaries.

One Utah Taxpayer
Kearns, UT

Not every Utahn "hates" Sen. Harry Reid. Congratulations Mr. Reid, an SUU graduate, for your hard work and your service to your country and state of Nevada.

To those who dislike Mr. Reid, he isn't your senator and he is a Mormon. Maybe he is saving the Constitution...

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Well, for a moment I thought it was going to be for Roger Reid. What a sigh of relief. :)

Buena Vista, VA

I once attended a talk with a mostly LDS audience. The speaker bought up Harry Reid, as a politician he knew most of us disagreed with. The speaker's point was that HR was a great home teacher, so we shouldn't judge him harshly. Well, I'm glad he is a great home teacher, and he will certainly be blessed for that. However, he and his party are ruining our country. But my dislike of HR goes far beyond political disagreement: from what I've seen of his political career and his associations, I sincerely believe that he is fundamentally dishonest.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Some have praised Harry Reid's boyhood and hard work to get an education.

That is as relevant as noting the Lee Harvey Oswald served in the Marine Corps, while ignoring that his later conduct was very harmful to our country.

Others claim "Harry Reid has been integral in working with former Senator Bob Bennett in securing HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars for universities in Utah including USU, UofU, SUU, UVU, and even Dixie State."

Translation- two high profile politicians spent a ton of money we don't have, and had to borrow from China, and will have to be paid back (with interest!) by our kids and grandchildren hoping to buy votes. And we are supposed to be thankful and encourage them to do more of that? Senator Bennett already got thrown out of office for his spending habits.

Sorry, Harry Reid is destroying this country, and it dishonors this state and this state taxpayer supported school to name a building after him.

No building should ever be named after a politician. Except maybe prisons and sanitation facilities.

Murray, UT

Pure political pandering on the part of SUU. Watch for and follow the money trails.

Bountiful, UT

Won't be sending my kids to this school...

Sugar City, ID

DN Subscriber | 7:35 p.m. Aug. 27, 2011
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Comparing Harry Reid to Lee Harvey Oswald! There is no room for compromise with people like you. And there are plenty of you. Saying one tenth of what I feel would never make it past the censors. But you have reached a low point - even for the tea partiers.

Beaverton, OR

stsucald | 10:49 a.m. Aug. 27, 2011

Does the dictionary of liberalism come with another word other than "hate"?


When people stop being so hateful, we'll stop calling them on it.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Petty personal knee jerk attacks by the tea party advocates.

Heber City, UT

Can't wait to see the comments when he's called as a mission president.

Vernal, UT

Congratulations Senator Reid! and SUU. I would like to make the opening but will be thinking happily of you, and what an honor and breath of fresh air for the future of Utah.

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