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Published: Friday, Aug. 26 2011 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Congrats to Harry! You've come a long way from Searchlight!

You don't know much about CA.
CA has had 22 Republican Governors and 16 Democratic Governors. Since 1959, Republicans Governors have dominated.
Some people are open to reading from a variety of newspapers.
It's a shame you don't.

Provo, UT

I'm embarrassed by the hatred being spewed on this board towards Harry Reid. You may not agree with him politically, but he's served honorably, he has lived a life that should be an inspiration to anyone (if you don't know his biography, you should learn about it), he is a highly accomplished alumnus of SUU, and he's the highest-ranked LDS politician in our country's history.

You people should be ashamed of yourselves. Ignorant hatred of political opponents has become a recreational sport in Utah.


Truthseeker, please stay on course if you can. As you state, CA has had 22 Republican and 16 Democratic Governors. Is this supposed to imply something or advance my knowledge about CA? Surely, youre not trying to prove who owns CAs poor fiscal status by governor counts? More does not necessarily equate with dominated nor with which party is at fault now does it? Isnt the whole situation just a leetle bit more complicated than that?

This is where your logic gets really interesting. Nothing that I stated was about reading or not reading from a variety of newspapers, nor can you draw such a simple conclusion as you have. Variety is good, but like your governor counts, misses the mark. Surely, the only shame here is that your logic is so misconstrued. My point was simply and somewhat jokingly this liberals are so very bad at explaining the conservative viewpoint or mind. Sometimes I wonder if liberals truly understand the damaging impact of their own ideas on society. Hold back the "kudos" for Senator Reid and don't lecture us until you can first demonstrate truthfully what his leadership and Miss Nancy's have really accomplished.

Santa Clara, UT

It is only fitting that his lecture be after midnight, much like the legislation (bills) that he dreams up.

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

The lack of decorum evidenced by many of these posts is shameful and a perfect example of the moral bankruptcy that has encompassed far too many citizens of the republic. As an independent voter (party membership entails far too much baggage) I find it exasperating that people will attack with rhetoric and generalities from afar but don't have the wherewithal to provide specific evidence for their vitriol against Senator Reid or any other person or thing they attack. It's lazy beyond belief and I dare say right or wrong calls into question the overall intellect of a person who can't offer up as evidence anything more than the same tired party rhetoric. Personally, while I am not a huge fan of Sen. Reid's politics, I stand by him for the service he has provided to our country; something I dare say the vast majority of the people who attack him have not offered up in any form; yet many claim to be patriots. Congratulations Sen. Reid on the naming of a building at your alma mater. Never mind the haters who can't even articulate their reason for their hate; Im afraid its just a sign of the times.

Los Angeles, CA

To Sustcald: I use the label "haters" in the context of these posts not to identify people who think differently than me, but to suggest that many of the comments, including your's I might add (i.e., what in the world does California's economic woes have to do with me or Senator Reid? I have lived all over the world, and am a new-comer to LA), are so over the top, so emotive, so uncivil, that they enter the realm of comedy.

Paul Revere
American Fork, UT

To Rock of the Marne-Senator Reid has done nothing for the State of Utah. I would invite those who are castigating those of us up posed to this honor to show us one thing he has done to help Utah. I have written him before and the only response was that Senator Reid doe not respond to those who live outside of his state. Furthermore his politics are not base on "statesmanship" but on maintaining his power within the Senate and Democratic Party as well as his influence in the Whitehouse. I am not a right wing voter but an Independent voter and have actively tried to get response from members of both parties in Congress and the Senate. Senator Reid is the only one to refuse to respond because I do not live in his state. I take this as. A sign that he could care less for the people of other states. This honor should go to someone who has helped Utah, not themselves. Maybe UNLV could name a building after him-say their school of Casino Management for we are truly gambling with politicians like Senatro Reid.


Rock of The Marne, isnt it just one huge stretch to imply that what has been said by various posts here as indicative of the moral bankruptcy of this country? This is good political debate, with some sincere challenges made by those with different viewpoints, dear sir or madam, and should be fostered not mitigated by sophomoric judgments of hate-mongering or vicious attacks. Good grief, when the rigid examination of our leaders stops, then so shall we as a country. On the one hand you talk about too much baggage associated with party membership and then proceed to bring into question the patriotism, intellect, and devotion to service of the vast majority. Your decorum is better? So, youre not a huge fan of Sen. Reids politics? May I remind you that a persons politics is the very thing that most often gets translated into new rules, regulations, laws, and overall grief, if you will, coming out of Washington?

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

sustcald mentioned the "Constitution hanging by a thread" teaching.
Have you noticed that's evaporated from our global church, along with the honoring of Law Day in the United States?
Reid is fit to join that parade, but I must ask, "Why do they hate America so?"

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Congrats, Harry!
Still excited that you beat that goofy Sharon Engle in the election a while back.
Keep up the good work. Despite these posts, there are still many of us supporting you!


TMR, the only thing comical is how you state that your hate tags are not directed towards those who disagree or think different than you, but towards over the top comments made by some, myself included. Essentially towards those who - disagree with you, not so? Yes you have lived all over the world, for if you hadnt you would realize that we are the United States of America. States, by design, retain some powers, but are nevertheless subject to actions, laws, and regulations, out of Washington. What Harry conjures up in his mind affects this country and certainly the states in general. Its all connected TMR. This is what some of the founders feared the most. The states can become heavily saddled with Harrys ideas. The critiques you are witnessing here go beyond what happens or has happened in Searchlight, Nevada or the state of Nevada as a whole. I love the west, California and Nevada included, but the people of this country have given Harry a much larger charge, one that dictates our strict attentio

Provo, UT

Senator Reid is a participant in:
No personal Social Security payments by congress.
No requirement that Congress participate in the miraculous Health Care Bill. They have their own special health care insurance.
A Congressional retirement so astounding no Americans can have access to it.
Congress has set themselves up for a life of retired luxury that we pay for from the meager fixed social security income we depend on.
Senator Reid is as responsible for the current state of the economy as any other person in government. That includes Mr. "run us into bankruptcy" Obama
This honor given him is a monument to a nobody.
Bye Bye contributions to SUU!!

Logan, UT

It's a good thing all of these posters weren't Reid's college peers because that would have ensured he never converted to the LDS Church. So much hatred and vitriol towards a man who, while you may disagree with politically, is a good family man. No scandals. No disgraceful affairs. Nothing but a long career of public service.

Disagree with his politics--fine. But the pure hatred for about as good of a man as you will find in Washington is embarrassing and a disgrace on the people of our state.

West Jordan, UT


Provo, UT

Peacemaker: it's simply laughable to claim that Reid is in it for the money and a life of luxury.

When in Washington, he lives in a small apartment. Up until he became senate majority leader in 2006, when he was at home in Searchlight, Nevada, he lived in a double-wide trailer home. His kids finally convinced him that it wasn't too much of an extravagance to actually buy a permanent home.

His father was a drunk, his mother took in laundry from the brothels to put food on the table. He hitchhiked weekly in order to be able to attend a proper high school.

He stood up to the mobs and cleaned up Vegas, despite death threats and a (thankfully failed) car bomb found attached to his wife's car.

You might not agree with his politics, but many of us do, and he represents us. That's how democracy works, like it or not. You have to work and live with people you disagree with.

Out of pure, gleeful, childish hatred, the Tea Party invaded Searchlight and had a rally there, for no other reason than to mock and deride a political opponent. Absolute unadulterated hatred.


Does the dictionary of liberalism come with another word other than "hate"?


This is insulting to the people of Utah and especially Cedar City. SUU, what are you thinking? I'll have to burn my T-bird shirt.

Provo, UT

Mormon Dem
Still trying to rationalize for the man who has done more damage to this country along with Obama and Palousi than any Senate leader in history. His tough life has nothing to do with the greed of Congress. He is a participant no matter how you paint it. I love the comment by a past great England Prime Minister Mararet Thatcher: "The problem with socialism is , eventually you run out of other peoples money". Reid and his cohorts have done that. But I guess he deserves it because he had such a tough life. His religious beliefs have nothing to do with his destructive actions in congress. Standby while the destruction continues until they all get the boot in 2012.

Sugar City, ID

I hope Harry Reid doesnt take the vitriolic comments personally. As a new convert at BYU I was confronted with negative references about Social Security. At the time my father, at age 57 and after 43 years as a coal miner, became disabled and applied for social security benefits. I dont recall anyone defending SSA but I sure remember several comments against it, both in class and in church meetings. When I started getting VA benefits some were barely able to contain their anger. I remember attending a meeting where some economist was the guest speaker. I dont remember anything he said but that he called into question the parenthood of John Maynard Keynes. I think that Keynes was a son of an unmarried dog. I had no idea who Keynes was, but I was amused at the anger of the speaker. So Senator Reid, it is not you. It is that you are a Democrat. And Democrats did something to offend Utah Mormons. I wish I knew what it was.


Peacemaker....thank you, thank you, and thank you. Yes, Harry likes his family, but i'm just not sure how he feels about everyone else's. Helping to saddle your posterity with a debt that will NEVER be repaid is abhorrent. Both Dems and Repubs have done this to be sure, but it has accelerated dramatically under Obama. I'll be the first to concede that Bush #2 was reckless, totally.

Leader Reid's religious status, as you say, has NOTHING to do with what is going on or how it's being handled. I'm Mormon and proud of it, but I do not adhere to the doctrine on Mormon royalty. These people are your servants, not kings, queens, priests or even princesses. Hold their feet to the fire or you're going to wake up someday and TOTALLY disbelieve what has happened to this beloved country.

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