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Published: Friday, Aug. 26 2011 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Saint George, UT

Are my taxes paying for this? I think I will get sick. Please name it after someone else.

Provo, UT

Richie: tough cookies. My taxes are still paying for the Iraq war.

The public lands center was going to be built anyway. Reid's a short name. The sign over the door won't cost much.

Murray, UT

Are you seriously going to name a building after the biggest sell out political hack to ever set foot in Congress and use our tax dollars to do it? Is it going to be next to the Nancy Pelosi monument to stupidity? Maybe we can name the school of business after Maxine, "lets' nationalize all corporations" Waters. Whoever is behind this needs to be run out the state on a rail.

Washington, UT

Please tell me it's not so. Harry Reid? I am offended at the very idea; a Nevadan, a revolting Democrat who has done more harm to the constitution, the state of Nevada (and Utah), and who has led the charge in running this country straight over a cliff--is having a center named after him? in Utah? in Cedar City? I might be sick.

Parkesburg, PA

CJ, dumprake, Richie, me thinks your hate Senator Reid a bit much.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Public service by either party is commendable. For those that are physically ill, get a life.

Arlington, TX

How Embarrassing. To have Reid's name on anything other than the Land fill He has done much to turn this country in to "rubbish". He should not be honored in any state much less Utah. As a Mormon I am ashamed of his behavior and his agenda.


Isn't it always interesting how certain folks - LiberalEastCoastMember, for example, confuse a sincere love of the constitution with "hate" for constitutional offenders?

Farmington, UT

At least they didn't name it after "Michael Moore." I'm afraid in a few years students will ask "Who's Harry Reid?"

Salt Lake City, UT

Well, birds of a feather. SUU sold out too.

Ivins, UT

They went bottom fishing for this name....another Clintonesque Demnocrat Dirty Trick plastered on Utah...I can hear Bill Clinton now. Oh well, look at what they do at this center....Public Lands, just what Utah needs..more public lands.


When I was a wee lad going to church, I was told that the Elders of the Church would save the constitution when it was "hanging by a thread". I believe we are close to the latter, but do some of you "wise intellectual" type people in this state think that ole Harry might qualify to be part of the rescue squad? After all, the operative word here is "save".

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

How about naming it for one or both of of the two Utah Navy SEALs killed in Afghanistan who were outdoor loving people, even if not SUU grads or famous politicians.

Or, don't we honor patriotic heroes in academia any more?

Really, Harry Reid? Can't they do better than that?

Murray, UT


Don't you need to be worrying about the hurricane tonight instead trying to butcher Shakespeare? You guys need to get through this so you can blame Bush, the tea party, and global warming for it and the earthquake too. Good luck to you in any case, hope you all survive, we need the comic relief out here.

Los Angeles, CA

When I say the headline for this story, my first thought was "great, what an honor for Senator Reid and Utah." My second thought was "I bet the haters will jump on the comment board." It is nice to see all of you on board. The most remarkable comment is by Swartzy: "As a Mormon I am ashamed of his behavior and agenda." Come now, Swartzy: if you were not a Mormon, you would feel different about Reid? What in the world does your "Mormonism" have to do with whatever feelings of "shame" you have due to Senator Reid? The truth is that Senator Reid has been and continues to be a breath of fresh air from the right-wing LDS political crowd and helps to counter the view that Mormonism = Repubican Party. So, cudos to SUU for honoring a fine man and leader.

Orem, UT

I'm not a hater but the facts are the facts. No one has done more to interfere with Utah public lands than the democrats. Where was Reid when Clinton made his cowardly announcement concerning Utah land from the Grand Canyon? To receive something you need to have done something and I know of nothing Reid has done for us, especially anything related to land use.

Paul Revere
American Fork, UT

I have the highest regard for SUU, but to name this center after Harry Reid just because he is a former student is a travesty. What has Senator done for Utah, or SUU that is remarkable or otherwise noteworthy? I do not hate Senator Reid,, I just feel that surely there are far more deserving UTAHans that this center could be named after. What about our long time former Democratic Governor Cal Rampton, or Governor Matheson, or Jake Garn,or Don Lind. Senator Reid cares nothing for Utah or our people. Just try and write him a letter and your response will be that he only responds to people within his state. He fails to realize that as the Majority Leader of the Senate and a major power broker in the Democratic Party he serves a lot more people then just the people of Nevada. Senator Reid cares nothing for the common man, only his position in the Senate and Democratic party. SUU find some one local to bestow this honor on.

Heber City, UT

Please tell me this is really a late April Fool's joke.


TMR, maybe your first thought should have been - "How come I'm not reading that liberal rag the Los Angeles Times instead"? Second thought, how about - "Why do I label anyone who disagrees with me a "hater"? Third thought, well let me see - "Harry Reid is a Mormon, as well, the Mormons can rightfully feel shame if they want to". Sorry TMR, you'll never understand that point anyway. Fourth thought, I'd better go and prepare myself for the time this once great state of California leads the rest of the country into bankrupcy, courtesy of the best liberal minds available. Utah is just doing fine.....thank you anyway.

Holladay, UT

I feel sick.

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