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Published: Saturday, Aug. 20 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Layton, UT

Mission accomplished?

Santaquin, UT

"Mission accomplished?"

Yes, if the mission was to remind people that the case is still open and under investigation.

West Valley, UT

It was a PUBLICITY STUNT that really hurt some of Susan's friends and family members. Was that the intended "mission"?

South Jordan, UT

West Valley Police, what was the motive behind this? If you put out a press release on a lead than the public deserves more than it is getting from you right now. I hope there is more too this...if not then it is pretty dissapointing.

Beverly Hills, CA

Really? Really???

Monsieur le prof
Sandy, UT

This is the kind of thing that should be kept under wraps until they find something vital. It's cruel to raise the family's hopes and then find nothing.

If this were a police drama, perhaps the real killer would panic and do something to incriminate himself, but this is real life. I still find Josh's actions the night of the murder to be bizarre.

Springville, UT

"Obviously we were able to successfully accomplish our goals."

The ineptitude of WVC Police is astounding. Scheduling a news conference and this "Mission Accomplished" Ely event to, as someone put earlier to remind people that the investigation is still ongoing borders on stupidity.

Cache, UT

It is interesting that every time Josh Powell makes a statement, he uses the word "honestly" in that statement. I don't think he knows the meaning of that word.

Orem, UT

"obviously" we accomplished our goals? What is obvious, is that you accomplished nothing. Ok, I don't know either way. However, Josh, who knows something about all this, wasn't the least bit nervous. And, Josh didn't have the means to go tramping into these remote areas in the winter did he? How far could he realistically have carried Susan? Is there any evidence he had an ATV?

Without some explanation, sure sounds the police are bungling the investigation. Why did they ever let Josh out of their site? Why didn't they tail him when he rented the car? Did the rental have any recording devices? These are some questions. I always wondered if he didn't just dump her body in a dumpster, like that other killer did to his wife after pretending to be a medical student. Why didn't they ever search all the dumpsters in west desert?

Ralph West Jordan
Taylorsville, UT

If the WVPD wanted pictures of of mine shafts, there are probably a couple thousand old local geologists and rock hounds that could have helped them out and saved the tax payers a lot of expense...Sorry to be sarcastic, but it is a little difficult to swallow this latest caper in the Powell case. The simple fact remains, the victim is more than likely buried out on the west desert, probably within 100 yard off the beaten path of one of myriad side roads. The site will more than likely never be found unless the murderer leads the authorities to it. If Josh Powell did bury her, he had a whole night to find the perfect spot and conceal it, helped by two winters of snow and summers of heat and rain, it will be impossible to find. I have over many years spent alot of time working and recreating out there, finding such a site would be like finding a needle in the haystack. I hope I have to eat these words but I am afraid it will be along time coming if it ever does.


West Valley Police,

Please don't waste your time making news conferences or making statements until you have something news worthy to tell the public.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Friday will forever be known as the day the West Valley police cried wolf...

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

A flurry of PR activity does not an investigation make.
Very unprofessional.

Centerville, UT

Disappointed. Hope was raised to a great level, then...nothing. Can this sort of investigation be transferred to another police agency or department?

In the future, I would recommend only calling a press conference when there is some solid information that sheds light upon this tragedy.

Salt Lake City, UT

Ya know, the public doesn't HAVE to know every little detail that is going on in this investigation. How does anyone know if the stuff they found and hauled away was key evidence or not? No one knows. What if by doing this it got the person who did this(Josh Powell) scared and that will cause him to go to the body where ever it is. And they are following him. Maybe he is waiting for it to all die down a bit and he will make a move. No one should judge until all the details are shared with to public. They may have gotten a little to close for comfort for the person who did it, and that will cause them to come out and try and clean things up and at the same time will get nabbed! Just my thought and opinion!

Riverton, UT

Wow. When I clicked to read the comments, I did not expect to find this stuff. I am surprised that so many readers, without access to information about the case, consider themselves to be more competent investigators than the WVC Police. I am sure the Department will be engrossed by your suggestions.

PS I'm not affiliated with WVC or its police department.

Phoenix, AZ

Waste of time on the tax payers of Utah....No Words.....?????

Mapleton, UT

Looks like someone in the WVPD has been reading too many Agatha Christie novels! Do they have a Miss Marple on staff? An Inspector Poirot? I only hope that this mystery gets resolved with the same satisfying precision that Ms. Christie's always do...

Kearns, UT

The WVC police department must learn that publicity stunts to use the news media to spread lies is not a means of getting the support of the public. There is so much corruption with police departments that are using borderline persecution is not funny.

I think the news medal was so embarrassed to be duped by the WVC they had no choice but to bring up Josh Powell and make public innuendos to implicate him as the reason for the investigation in Ely, Nevada.

It's time WVC police department stop their arrogant harassment tactics and start some sound alternative investigation procedures. Even if the police do find a body it does not prove the guilt of anyone yet. And why kidnapping or running away is not worth investigation perhaps it should become and alternative to their investigation.

When people want to disappear how many tell family and friends that is their intention? Children and adults run away from home all the time, why does that seem to be overlooked as a motive for someone to disappear?

Magna, UT

To all of you nay-sayers who think you know everything; you don't

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