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Deported Utahn frustrated with timing of policy that may have kept him in U.S.

Published: Friday, Aug. 19 2011 4:00 p.m. MDT

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According to the Wall Street journal, any person not deported will be eligible for work permits and compete with 22 million Americans who can't find a full-time job.

Are we as a nation fed up with illegal immigration yet?

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

I guess that's the thing about making up your own rules for so long that no one knows what the real rules are.
The rule of law is a shambles in this country with one politician trying to offer more de facto amnesty than another.
Pandering to a voting bloc at the expense of the rest of us is a shame.
The Church used to stand tall in favor of the rule of law. These days...not so much.

Murray, UT

As a society, when one group of people can change laws that are in effect illegally, we are doomed.

Obama is acting like an illegal alien, ignoring the laws. What's next after immigration?

Kearns, UT

I guess it has to get a lot worse before people get up off their couches to take action against this kind of aggression against legal citizens of America. If congress wants to get off its rear ends and fight against this type of crime against America, I guess we have to wait until 2012. I am now not going to go anywhere near where they are being hired.

Kearns, UT

I read the article before I commented. "Entitlement" is the word that sums up this family. Is there something wrong with Argentina? If they are not happy in their home country, why would they be happy in the U.S.?

Iowa, Iowa

Really really need to get Obama out of office.

Vernal, UT

With 9% unemployment of US citizens, it would seem like illegals would need to have a really good case for staying in the US, rather than to be deported. Why does it take more than a day or two to process an illegal and send them on their way? That is 300,000 illegals who could be on buses and slow boats to their homelands.

No One Of Consequence
West Jordan, UT

Sounds like the long-unwritten policy of looking the other way has now been codified.

In place of the rule of law we have the rule of rules.

'Congress? We don't need no stinkin' Congress!'

Powell, OH

Anyone and everyone here illegally is a criminal. All should be prosecuted, fined, jailed and shipped out. Letting any of them stay is spitting on all those who are here legally and follow the law.

Bountiful, UT

Just what is the constitutional purpose of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government? It is to enforce the law. Yet Obama and the Justice Department are on record of deciding which laws they feel like enforcing. The won't enforce the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT), nor Immigration Laws. We have an Executive Branch publicly in defiance of the Constitution. Shouldn't someone with standing sue to remove a president who has sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States? We saw him swear; but he has openly violated his oath. Down with tyrants!

Bend, OR

"The Correas came to the United States legally in 2000 with the understanding that Correa's employer would help pave the way for residency. That didn't happen. Later petitions for asylum due to religious persecution in their native Argentina were denied. Misguided advice from attorneys kept them in country thinking immigration officials would reopen their case someday."

At some point, the Correas made the decision to stay here illegally with or without the advice of a bad attorney. The advice should have been to obey, honor, and sustain the law of the United States. I know this is difficult to understand considering Obama doesn't do this, but that would have been the correct action for the Correas.

If the immigration system is cleaned up where legal immigration is supported, and illegal immigration is stopped, then the Correas would not have been confused, misguided, and eventually deported.

It is irrelevant that the Correas were making stained glass windows for LDS temples. I don't find anything in the LDS Church's policy on immigration that runs counter to deporting the Correas who were here illegally.

BYU Alum
Cedar Hills, UT

Obama is not a king. An injunction will be filed in the courts to stop everything in its tracks. The Executive branch can't usurp the power of Congress. Obama now has an impeachable offense.

Murray, Ut

Claudio Correa was here illegally and working after his asylum hearing was denied, and his behavior was criminal. Whether the lawyer told him to stay illegally or not, he is responsible.

I would not get my hopes up. Obama just jumped the shark. He is at his lowest approval rating ever and has made a last gasp effort. He cannot give an executive order and give out guest worker permits or make his own deportation laws. This will be in courts, fought in congress and protested by Americans.

A guest worker (visa) has to take jobs that only Americans will not take, at a fair market wage, or is not available. That means that once made a guest worker, they have to abide by the law, and most will lose their jobs.

The immigration and labor laws would have to be changed by congress. Do you think the House would approve? I don't.

We are allowing people to steal our country and jobs. The middle east is not this countries biggest problem.

Families that are legal/illegal are responsible for their actions, not the law. Birthright children can return at 18. They have the choice to stay together.

South Jordan, UT

Obama is well aware that even his party is jumping ship. He is quickly losing the Latino voters. This is nothing more than a desperate attempt at re election. Obama has been nothing but a huge disaster for this country.

Murray, UT

Barack Obama will do anything to get more power or keep his current power. He has done nothing the last ten years but campaign for office and the state of our nation currently reflects it. This is nothing but a cheap trick designed to appease Hispanics in an effort to get their vote. He is hands down the most dishonest, despicable person ever to disgrace the oval office. We need to call our congressmen and senators on Monday and contact all the Presidential candidates and let them know that if they allow this to stand unchallenged we will seek their removal and defeat in the next election. We need to file suits, hold hearings ,and seek impeachment if necessary. Obama thinks he is a dictator who can override the will of the people whenever he doesn't like the outcome in Congress, he tramples on the constitution every day, he is a disgrace to the office.

On the other hand
Spanish Fork, UT

I feel badly for the Correas. They did everything in their power to become legal residents, including coming here by legal means. During their time here, they created jobs rather than taking them; they paid taxes; and they made a positive contribution to American society. That's more than can be said of many of the people criticizing them.

I find it ironic that Sally concluded the Correas feel "entitled" to what America had to offer them (never mind that they worked hard for everything they had). It's been my impression that most Americans feel a ridiculous sense of entitlement simply because they were born here. They think they deserve good employment, good housing, good sanitation, good medical care, good transportation, good food, good education, good shopping, and even reasonably good government. But apparently what's good for the American goose is no good for the Argentine gander.

Don't tell me about legalities and articles of faith. Tell me how it's okay that an outstanding, upstanding family comes here legally and makes every possible attempt to get permanent residency but gets shafted again and again and finally gets kicked out. What about that makes you proud to be an American?

Doylestown, PA

The Utah Compact crowd of amnesty lovers must be dancing in the streets. No more deported branch presidents?

Murray, UT

They did not do everything right. They came here 10 years ago on a visa, they then applied for an extension, when it was running out, they applied for asylum, After numerous efforts to stay and being denied for asylum an immigration judge ultimately denied their request and subsequent appeal in 2006. This resulted in a self deportation order.

They moved from Iowa to Utah and worked here for four years where they were finally found and deported. This is public record.

Most people facing deportation will apply for asylum. It gives them an extra two to four years here as it goes through the courts.

Ogden, UT

Obama spoke at a La Raza conference and told the crowd that he was considering making new law himself (that is without Congress or the American people). One of the few times he has told the truth. Does anyone doubt his true position which is a commie?

Provo, UT

Staying after their 2006 asylum request (one of several) and ignoring the deportation orders, was illegal. If the lawyer told them to stay in the country, he and they knew they were under deportation orders, why else would he tell them that.

We have millions of people that try to come here each year. Our country can only take so many. That's why insisting on everyone following the law has to be mandatory for all. After we do that, then we can tackle the individual problems.

Someone tell Morton that people here illegally can't serve in the military.

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