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New info from older search warrant led detectives to Nevada

Published: Friday, Aug. 19 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

So did they basically invite the media out because they couldn't find enough volunteers to help search for Susan? One of the most pathetic investigative cases I have seen in years--communicate with the public!


Why have a news conference with nothing to say other then, we are here to follow a lead! Couldn't they tell the media that in other ways.... hundreds of people listen by internet, radio and TV for nothing! I hope and prey this is a good lead!

Layton, UT

I sincerely hope that they can finally find her.I find it interesting that they have invited the media to the search sites, obviously, this is designed to increase the pressure on Joshua Powell,so I'm guessing someone rolled over on him-finally.

Weber State Graduate
Clearfield, UT

It's hard to understand why officials would call a press conference and then give out no information, unless they are using the media to flush something or "someone" out. Otherwise, it sure makes investigators look like a bunch of idiots who enjoy the spotlight.


I really meant to spell PRAY not prey!

Farmington, UT

Wow, talk about a media event. Unbeliveable how this has been handled.

Ogden, UT

"Hey media, we have something for you, but we can't tell you about it because of a gag order. But if you come over here, you'll see for yourself....wink wink....nudge nudge....STOMP STOMP!!!"

Sounds like they're trying to tell the media without actually "telling" the media. Must be juicy....

Sandy, UT

Wish they had a cadaver dog (or borrow one). It would help narrow the search at least.

Salt Lake, UT

I'm afraid that this will likely lead to nothing. The fact that Josh Powell was confident enough to answer questions from the press the day of the announced 'lead' makes me suspect that this is in fact not the location where Susan Powell is likely to be located.

Beverly Hills, CA

Way to totally lay an egg West Valley PD. What a joke!

Sandy, UT

I remember reading about Josh telling a friend at a party years ago that a mine shaft would be the best place to hide a body. And now here they are, checking mine shafts.

Salt Lake City, UT

This article is by far the most informative one I've seen today. Good work, News.

Arlington, va

What has Josh given as an explanation for renting a vehicle and driving it a few hundred miles around the time of Susan's disappearance?

Bountiful, Utah

Utah law enforcement really never surprises me any more. If the police sincerely believe they will find evidence in their search efforts, why are they inviting third party media to be present and potentially mess up their evidence field. This is like a gift from heaven to anyone involved in her disappearance.

Cebterville, Utah

This makes me think again too, of how Josh does not permit his kids to have anything to do with their Cox grandparents or family. One day the kids will resent that. Why not let them be loved by all?


They got a lot of folks hopes up for no good reason. They have a called press conference with no information to give, lame.

Salt Lake City, UT

"What has Josh given as an explanation for renting a vehicle and driving it a few hundred miles around the time of Susan's disappearance?"

I don't know what explanation Josh gave, but the police impounded his vehicle to search for evidence. He rented a car to get around. Why is that unreasonable?

Thomas Smith
Sandy, UT

"Police have repeatedly said Josh Powell has been uncooperative with their efforts"... Josh is a 'Person of Interest'. Cooperating with the police on even a traffic ticket will likely get you convicted. Police are skillful at "Making a case". Time and Time again, the law enforcement just wants "closure". Any Closure! The DA needs a conviction. I would not even talk to the police about a lost dog. Josh is at least as wise.


Oh Utah, here you go again....

Over the Top
Rigby, ID

Everyone is complaining about how inept the WVC PD appears to be. I disagree.
Assume they were carrying on this investigation without notifying any of the media. It would eventually become apparent - even leak out somehow - that the WVC PD was in the Ely area conducting extensive searches, and then the cry would be "why isn't the WVC PD more open with the Susan Powell investigation?". So the WVC PD has invited the media to be involved.
I even think they have some concrete evidence, which they obviously can't share to preserve the integrity of the case, but need recover the body before they can charge the appropriate individual. I like to believe they are close. Notice they haven't told the media to go home, and they have even said that today was a success. At least if they do find her, the media won't have to drop everything to go to Ely - they're already there.

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