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Published: Thursday, Aug. 18 2011 8:00 a.m. MDT

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West Jordan, UT

I sure hope this leads to something more than a wild goose chase. I bet Josh is really nervous about now!

West Valley, UT

I think it is irresponsible for an agency to release "teaser" information. Don't get people's hope up until something positive is discovered.


If this mother was murdered one has to wonder how the person who committed the crime is capable of going to sleep each night. One has to believe a murderer must be devoid of a conscience.

West Jordan, UT

I hope they locate Josh first, and then start to check out this new lead.

North Salt Lake, UT

The story didn't say Susan is buried there. Strange twist if she has been hiding there.

Bountiful, UT

Perhaps the police should offer to pay for Josh to take a lie detector test. Make the offer public and let him know that since he is innocent, here is the chance to clear his name with the public, they should let him know its the least they can do to help an innocent person out.

Herriman, UT

I just hope that they know where the body is and that there can be closure.

Logan, UT

I hope they can find her and bring her back to her family and justice will be served. How sad that little kids will never know their Mom who loved them so much.

Linda A
Orem, UT

@cjb ... a lie detector test will prove nothing and as an innocent person, I would personally refuse. That doesn't mean I am guilty. They are not effective enough to be admissible as evidence in a courtroom because there are still too many variables (which is why guilty persons can pass them, and innocents can fail).

South Jordan, Utah

I'm with Flames6! Can't imagine, though, that a mother with 2 small children and family that loves her would disappear without any further contact, though, for a year and a half to a place like Ely!!! Hoping they solve this bizarre case for the family and children's sake...

sandy, ut

I am fairly sure that Josh is sweating bullets right about now, provided that is where her body is. I doubt she has been hiding there. It would be nice if they could get this case closed and the right person in prison, assuming it is a murder.

Springville, UT

I think we'd all like to hear that they found her selling keno tickets in Ely, but I am afraid that's not likely.

"Several hundred" rental car miles would have gotten Josh to Ely and back (236 miles each way), so maybe his goose has begun to cook.

Tooele, UT

@Allen#1 9:25

I could not agree more. I remember during the time of Elizabeth Smart's disappearance, the press jumped the gun more than once about "possible leads" that ended up leading nowhere.

I know a lot of people are following this case, but the media still needs to show some responsibility in not over-hyping information like this.


Makes you wonder what the police's strategy is here. They wouldn't make a press release just because. Maybe they are watching the suspect to see what they do once the news gets out or are going to follow someone with key evidence. They must need something in order to announce this before they've actually found anything.

Salt Lake City, UT

If they need any help.......I know I will be there in a new york minute...can't say the same for Josh....which is telling!

Brigham City, UT

The night she disappeared, the family went on a camping trip-------and it was below zero degrees temperature.

Layton, UT

So - after the four year old's comments after mom disappeared - any idea how many mines are in Ely?

Saint George, UT

Maybe Josh was right after all, Susan spilled the Hawaiian punch, put a fan there to make it look like she was abducted, and is now living in Ely with her new boyfriend. . . since the article said nothing about nothing, I'll let my imagination fly :) Thanks for the informative article.


I pray for the family that they can have closer in this case. My sister was murdered almost eight years ago. Nothing has happened to her estranged husband. Because of the lack of evidence he is still a free man. There was so much evidence in the domestic violence that took place in their home and other places but because they can not say he was the one who gave her the drugs that were in her drink he is a free man. We could have taken him in to a civil court and won but her children did not want that and I totally respect them for that. So when I hear of things like this of course the first thing I think of is that her husband has something to do with this. I am grateful that the police is following up on this because this is the one thing that felt in my sister's case is that the Police did not care that much about making sure the this evil man went to trial or in fact spent anytime behind bars. Good luck to those who are trying to find the answers to all of this.


I wonder why the WV Police didn't inform Susan's family of the possible "lead". They would have just needed to make a quick phone call and say we don't want you to find out through the media....... this said I hope the police find that they need to bring closure to Susan's family. I also hope they are keeping a watch on Josh Powell so he doesn't try to run to Canada requiring a long and laborious legal fight to get him back to the USA to face charges.

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