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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 17 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

What remains to be seen is how long BYU stays indepedent. With Big-12 presidents now calling for expansion to cover theri losses and Texas resisting indpendence not to mention Oklahoma clinging to them, we could see Dan Beebe in Provo as opposed to having a heated phone discussion with his SEC counterpart Mike Slive.

Nampa, ID

Please don't be a Gary Crowton offense...please no...please

Farmington, UT

Although I don't follow Notre Dame or BYU, I sure like that Notre Dame is reaching out to the Y. The advice is solid--think nationally, with your whole heart! I'd like to see this experiment pay off for the Y. This is an exciting time for college football in the state of Utah!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

honor code equals very little diversity, very few athletes, and no BCS games

No honor code equals wonderful diversity, many athletes, and BCS games(see Utah, Boise, TCU, Hawaii, and then the other 40 teams who have played in BCS games.

It's your choice. Live with the consequences

Cottonwood Heights, UT

That's a nice write up in USA Today. As a die-hard Ute fan, I truly wish BYU luck in Independence. I don't see a national championship - their goal - ever happening under the current BCS format, but I do think they could get to a BCS game and accomplish other goals of being Independent.
I'd still rather see them with Utah in the Pac-XX.

Mesa, AZ

Chris B

Wow? really? Shallow.

What you are saying, without saying, is that BYU limits players of color because, as you state, they cannot live the honor code?

Are you also saying that wonderful diversity is a requirement for BCS games? If so, how many white kids does there need to be on some of those BCS teams to show their diversity?

Are you also implying that white kids are not athletes?

Turn your comment around and say that about a predominantly "wonderful diversity" that they need more white kids to be diversified team and you would have your house burned down.

Fed Employee
Lehi, UT

No, Chris. No honor code equals Miami, Ohio State, USC, etc. i.e. being stripped of titles and vacating victories.

Bountiful, UT

Chris B -- I am a Utah fan. As a Utah fan, I plead with you, stop the BYU honor code bashing. BYU may or may not ever make it to a BCS bowl game. I personally think they may some day, you don't believe that they ever will - so be it. But please follow this logic -- BYU is not weak because of the Honor Code. BYU is in existence because of the Honor Code. It is the unique moral code and an accountability to something other than the whims of society that make BYU unique enough to exist as an institution. Yes, it is true, there will be top level athletes that won't attend BYU because they want to party, have pre-marital sex, grow long hair or a beard, whatever. However, it is precisely that same Honor Code that attracts several top level athletes to BYU - the desire to be in a place that strives to adhere to a moral code that transcends public sentiment and the relative morality of today. If you are going to bash BYU, pick another topic - the Honor Code is a blessing to BYU, not a curse. All this from a Utah Man.

Provo, UT

Chris B, you could take a hint from classy fans like motorbike. Contrary to what you may believe, it is possible to be a die-hard Utah fan without having to try to degrade BYU every chance you get. Motorbike, good luck to the Utes in the PAC-12.

Oh and Chris B, give it up with your new strategy of saying "BYU will never be great unless they give up the honor code." You and I both know that BYU will never give up the honor code. Every comment on the subject is useless and brings nothing to the table.

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

Chris B. Welcome back as BYU's biggest fan. I have not seen your posts if a few days. I think you read more articles about BYU than any other. If it was not for BYU, what would you do?

As for the Honor Code. UU32, Fed Employee and Starfarer said it right. The Honor Code is what separates BYU from other teams. The separation is what some of us fans look for. I am proud of BYU and their Honor Code. That is where I would want my sons and daughters going to school than some place where they claim diversity is the goal when in reality the goal is to avoid consequenses. Good luck in trying to choose the consequenses of your actions rather than having consequenses follow your actions.

Go Cougars.

Murray, UT

Chris B,

The honor code is a good and postitive thing. BYU certainly does well with it. Many programs have Codes of Conduct and team rules. Some do better with them than others. It may interest you to know that coach KW at Utah has team rules that include attending church if you have a religion and the rules include many of the elements of BYU's honor code. However, the team rules are not as heavy on the premarital sex issues as compared to BYU. So, put down BYU's honor code if you will, but realize most people support codes of conduct and in fact you can find them at a lot of schools.


Chris B,

I'm a die hard Ute fan who enjoys the rivalry as much as anybody. I also like to think our fan base is as classy as any program out there.

Why bash BYU's honor code? Comments like that arent helping.

flynn is the coolest
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Chris B-

BYU's Ezekiel Ansah- OLB, 6'6", 270 lbs, 4.3 40.

Any U linemen run that fast? How about CB's, RB's or WR's? Didn't think so. Anyone that big run that fast in the US- just name one- I dare you.

I think this calls for one your 'nuff said's.

Clearfield, UT

Chris B:

How's that diversity working out for you in National Championships and winning basketball seasons?

Saint George, UT

Also, in response to Chris B., I firmly believe that BYU's honor code will ultimately bring BYU out of the mediocrity of 'pretty good teams' to a consistent ranking in top 10-15 of the nation. I believe the committments for the next couple of years are demonstrating that. Time will tell.

Fresno, CA

Chris B

You're funny. Consistent and funny.

Old Gregg
Alpine, UT

@ Chris B

Coach Whitt lives the honor code......So are you saying he is not top noch in his position?

A lot of players at the U live the honor code, are they not athletes? I think the U team in general would not like your comment that just because they have standards means they aren't athletes. Tell that to Eric Weddle.

West Jordan, UT


Well stated, sir. Are you sure you are not a BYU fan? From a competitive sports standpoint the HC is both a blessing and a curse, but from an institutional standpoint it is what BYU is all about and you cannot separate the two. Take away the HC from BYU and it would no longer be BYU except in name. It is the same reason why the service academies also have honor codes, and they are strictly enforced. And it does not prevent Army, Navy and Air Force from attracting athletes from diverse backgrounds. Chris B's assertion that an "honor code equals little diversity" smacks of racism to me, and it is demonstrably false. With all the national media attention on it's honor code recently BYU has actually seen an increase in the number of non-LDS and non-Caucasion athletes who are interested in BYU. They come from religious, conservative families and they WANT to go some place that shares those same values. This will only increase as BYU gains more national exposure through ESPN.

U 90
Corona, CA

Chris B,

As a Ute fan I love your enthusiasm brother, but those types of posts are really unproductive. I do enjoy your posts when you speak to Utah's strengths, gaps and strategy.

Hopefully the classy BYU fans will also call out some of their own who go overboard with the hate and bashing of the U of U.

West Jordan, UT

Cougar Fans:

Notre Dame's AD gives good advice. Embrace independence! Stop speculating about the Big 12 and stop looking for something better in order to keep up with the Utes. Two years ago these same Ute fans were wheeping and gnashing their teeth about the unfairness of the BCS. Now they are in the club they are drinking the kool-aid and "pointing the finger of scorn" at those they left behind. It is truly hilarious to watch. Let the Ute fans pound their chests about the BCS. The Cougars will still pound their team into the turf of LES on Sep. 17.

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