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Published: Friday, Aug. 12 2011 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Ann Arbor, MI

Again, I have Comcast and have know idea were to find it.

Orem, UT

Probably channel 21 if you live on the wasatch front. I don't have comcast and it took me about 13 seconds to find out.

Honestly, BYUtv hasn't had a ton of engaging programs, but this fall many new shows and BYU sports will make it a new, entertaining channel to watch.

Orem, Utah

@ hedgehog,

If you could spell "know" correctly (should have been "no"), maybe you'd be educated enough to find it.

My son has Comcast and has no trouble finding it, and it's even in HD there.

Now for DirecTV and Dish Network to pick up the HD versions---they already have the low-def versions of BYUtv.

Orem, UT

It is on channel 646, which is conveniently next door to BYUTV in HD on channel 647. KBYU TV and BYU TV also remain on channels 11 and 21 respectively as SD services to Comcast viewers.

I hope I have enough lowercase letters to allow this to be posted.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Hedgie...it's tough living on the edge of the Great Black Swamp isn't it??? Lucky to have any tv period.

Ann Arbor, MI


It doesn' exist on Comcast in Michigan....sorry

646 - Tele Argintina (LOL)
647 - UTL - not sure... spanish something
648 - CB Noticias

Sandy, UT


Something tells us you will not only find what channel BYU-TV is on, but you'll be watching as well, every minute of every BYU game.

Hoping for a BYU stumble, so you can be the first to post, yet again, and predict the demise of all things BYU, even one more time.

You're not fooling anyone, oh obsessed one.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

People in China know where to watch BYU sports, and hedgehog still has no clue.

Maybe we should take it easier on the hedgehog.

Clearfield, UT


Don't have it? That's okay. 10 of the games are on ESPN. So you can be in the "no" as far as how BYU's doing.

If you want to "no" how Jack Murphy, Kurt Whittingham, Jason Wynn and the Piutes are doing, well hopefully you have a way to listen to ESPN 700 in Michigan.

Springville, UT


If BYU football means so much to you then I have good news.

Obviously you have a computer until your mommy takes it away from you. You can watch the games on streaming video on the internet at the byutv website... anytime you would like.

You may also tune your computer to listen to your favorite other team on ESPN 700... at game time only.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

The new facilities will allow BYU-TV to produce more programs. It is a bit much to attack them for their program line up before they even have a chance. That said, some of us really do like watching panel discussions on the scriptures.

Orem, Utah

@ hedgehog,

Then don't live in Michigan.

If you like BYU so much.

Omaha, NE

Great to see all those apostles and other leaders there. See, even they are excited for what exciting football will soon be coming out of that building and onto their TV/Internet screens. Great things are to come from this event!

Captain L
Provo, UT

Hedge: Just call your Comcast provider and they will send you a TV program brochure, you still have plenty of time. The scripture panel discussions are great, try them, you might be enlightened.

Pullman, WA

This is a really great facility. Ask for a tour the next time you are in Provo. I did. It is amazing for anyone to have a facility like this, but to have it be at a university, pure power. Very high tech. Very state of the art. Very nice.
We get BYUTV SD here in Washington on Time Warner cable at channel 123. I hope HD will soon follow.

West Jordan, UT

Unfortunately BYUTV is not on Comcast in some parts of the country. However, there are other options available for out of state viewers (Dish, Directv as well as streaming video on the internet). Right now Dish and Direct are only SD but hopefully they will soon start carrying the HD signal. The streaming feed on the internet is in HD as is Utah Comcast and the "Over the Air" Channel 44 (11) signals.

Ann Arbor, MI


Thanks for clearing up the common misconception that if you have cable then you have bYutv. The reality if far, far different than the hype.

Bluffdale, UT



By the way, do you get KJZZ in Michigan. That's right, you don't really care about Utah; it's BYU that you want to watch;)

Saint George, UT

This new facility is one more sign that the Church knows what its mission is and is committed to moving forward in such a way as to accomplish it. Anyone who ever thought BYU's move to independence in football was a financial issue wasn't really thinking about how important exposure is to advancing the message of the gospel. Football only opens doors, but then only as the Church has access to those doors via its new broadcast facility.

Way to go BYU!

Provo, UT

"Again, I have Comcast and have know idea were to find it."

Rest a sure, you have access to the mountain channel (they'll appreciate your support), since the utes are nowhere to be found on TV with the exception of watch BYU crush utah on ESPN.

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