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Published: Friday, Aug. 12 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

That's interesting TRUTH (where do you guys come up with these names? Do you really think if you call yourself that people will believe that what you are saying is the truth?Anyway) because the polls show Obama beating every single Republican running.

Don't know what poll you are referring to that says democrats are running to the republicans. Where did you get that idea?

Tupelo, MS

Gee, the democratic party never sounded so good to me.

desert dweller

Rocky has finally seen the light !

Kearns, UT

I agree with Rocky that neither political party (Dems/Repb) is worthy of the vote of the Ameriaan people. It is time for a third party with an organized charter and commintment to the United States and all it stands for. It stand for freedom, not self interest or free enterprise bigots.

Free enterprise is what our freedoms allow, free enterprise does not give us our freedoms.

I have always supported Rocky Anderson as he was railroaded out of politics. He is one of the very few political figures in Utah that have a spine and this action only reinforces that quality about him. We need a nation of right wing and left wing radicals to keep us in balance and government from becoming our oppressor. We have become an oppressed socialist society of spineless wimps.

The defining of an american and a people of other nations (illegal aliens in the USA) is that Americans would rather give to their country and die for their country rather than be a socialist benefactor of welfare. We give, we don't take.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

Rocky will always lean to the left!!! Democrat or not, he's one weird wacko!!


I can't blame him for getting away from the Democrate Party, but the Democrat Party is probably relieved. What a nut job.

Syracuse, UT

It is funny that the very thing that he hates in politics and would like to see is the same thing that the Tea Party has accomplished, yet he hates them! Just because they have a view that varies from his, they are the nuts, when we all step back and view things we see who really is the nut job.

Thanks Rocky for validating the Tea Party.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

He need to start the "me rocky me" party.

Farmington, UT

WHY.....is this news? Haven't had any Ross media time lately?

My district is 85% independent, now we have this clown wanting to join our political party. I guess it's time for me to join another, different one.

Could you just stick to the news, DesNews, please, and QUIT pandering to this guy's whims or I will cancel my subscription to your newspaper! Comedy belongs in the C-Section, not the front page of the B-Section. Satire isn't news. Isn't it ironic a member of the First Presidency and Ross Anderson appear on the front page of the B-Section and Rocky gets the major headline? (What a rag this paper has turned into lately.)

Roosevelt, UT

Seems to me that these ideas expressed by Rocky have hit a memorable note based upon the number of responses.

Seems to me that even though he has been out of politics he still can call a spade a spade. Whoever wrote the article should have delved deeper to see what actions Rocky had in mind to fix federal issues.

Neither party has in mind a way to fix things they are just in it to get elected.

Rocky has not been a favorite of mine but he whopped the nail on the head this time

Wasatch Front, UT

Rocky Anderson is simply another innovation killing business hater that would run this country into the ground with his hatred toward those who actually create jobs, food, shelter, medicine, medical care and every other useful thing in this world. He and his ilk have never created any significant number of jobs or useful products or services. I am sure the Democrats won't loose any sleep over this guy leaving the party. In fact, they may just celebrate.

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

Rocky Anderson is no leftist than was Franklin D. Roosevelt. The truth is that many Utahns have become such rightwing extremists that Rocky seems more leftist than he really is. Some of you are inacurately depicting him as some kind of communist. You are wrong, but some of also you think the same of Dwight Eisenhower. Roosevelt said that he "welcomed the hatred" of the right wing idealogs and the oligarchs. Rocky should feel the same way.

Right wing is currently putting the country at risk economically. Their lastest attempt was to sell the notion that it would be okay for America to default on its debt. Unbelievable. But Rocky is also correct that the Democrats are increasingly part of the problem, as controlled by the wealthy and corporations as Rupublicans. I welcome a new party that would carry the message of the progressives, not one of bigger government but of better government, operating under the philosophy that government should seek to protect the rights of all its citizens not just the wealthy and powerfull, and fight against the bought and paid for polititians that sadly now dominate our public discourse.

Logan, UT

This is FANTASTIC news! Go Rocky! You show 'em (whoever 'they' are)! Gather in your fellow circus performers and set up a big tent in some obscure corner of America.

Murray, UT

Does anyone honestly care what this guy does or doesn't do? His past antics speak for themselves. He cost us a fortune on the Legacy Highway with his ridiculous kindergarten argument that it would "harm wildlife" (have you noticed the bodies of all the birds and animals who have committed suicide since we built it along the road as you drive it?) and made a complete fool of himself on the national scene (see debate with Sean Hannity). He is about as irrelevant as Bob Bennett these days, if that is possible.

Florissant, MO

I have two suggestions for a new party name Rocky, Socialist or Communist, I think both of those would sound good with your platform. Really SLC, you guys voted this guy in?

Murray, UT

If only we could bid good riddance to Rocky ...

San Bernardino, CA

Wow, for once I agree with Rocky Anderson. The Democratic party is inept and bad for America.

Newport Beach, CA

Anderson's complaining about the equivalent of a law of the universe. Every Democrat who actually gets elected to a serious office, always fails to live up to his left-wing rhetoric. The inconvenient realities of actually having to *govern,* get in the way.

Liberals never govern as liberally as they campaign, because the universe isn't liberal. The facts of life are conservative, as people find out when they try to *do*, rather than merely speak.

Ogden, UT

Losing this man from the party is like losing a cancerous tumor from your body.

If only there were some sort of political radiation or chemo therapy that would stop any of his malignant remnants from ever coming back!

Cedar Hills, UT

I finally agree with Rocky on one thing...The dems and the pubs are both corrupt as all get out. Although Rocky thinks the two parties are not progressive enough, and I think they are too progressive. Stay tuned for riots in the streets. Just the way Rocky and Obama planned.

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