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Published: Friday, Aug. 12 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

ross is just acting out. ross, let's have a time out for the next 10 years and then you can resurface. does anyone really care about this guy? glad slc residents voted him in twice. that says something about slc citizens, and that something is not good. he's always been a joke

Salt Lake City, UT

Mr. Irrelevant speaks again. Like a bad cold that just won't go away.

BYU Girl
Kearns, UT

Rocky just wasn't getting enough attention.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Ross Anderson was a lawyer for the ACLU. Every time I see the Main Street Plaza and the Main Street Pedestrian Bridge I think of Ross Anderson and how much he hated them. Hopefully the Democratic Party won't miss him any more than the rest of us did.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

"You didn't do it on Iraq;
you didn't do it on torture;
you didn't do it on signing statements;
you haven't done it on Afghanistan;
you haven't done it on defense spending;
you haven't done it on real health care reform;
you haven't done it on energy policy and the climate crisis;
you haven't done it on the evisceration of our system of checks and balances through the invocation of the state secrets doctrine;
and you haven't done it on the debt ceiling fiasco."


Rocky - I 100% agree with you!

That's why I'm neither Republican NOR Democrat.
The Democrats SAY they are against the Republicans regarding all those things [and I agree with them] - yet they have continued with all the Bush Co. Doctrines.

There are sins of commission and sins of omission.

The GOP commits sins of Commision by starting Blood Wars for Oil and catering to the uber-Wealthy and Corporations,
while the Democrats commit sins of Ommission by not doing enough to stop them.

Salt Lake City, UT

You go Rocky! Let 'em have it!

Of course, clearly, the Republicans are far, far worse. But maybe the Democrats will wake up and stop being steamrolled by the conservatives, someday. The American people do not want what the Republicans are shoveling, and the Democrats need to capitalize on that, they need to stand up and not be afraid to push a progressive agenda, it is what the people want. 

The problem, though, is that the Republicans are so much better at campaigning then the Democrats. They are able to stir up their base, and other voters, with fear. It's what they excel at, scaring people. That and dirty tricks, they are masters of the nasty campaign tactic. Republicans have made an art form out of slinging mud, talking out of both sides of their mouths, and getting people to believe absolute nonsense. 

The Republicans have convinced many people that to be dumb, uneducated, and illiterate is a virtue. Conservatives have a hissy fit about the elite, while at the same time extolling what they see as the near divinity of the "Founders", arguably the most elite, well educated group ever assembled in one room.

Good work, Rocky!

Bountiful, UT

Wow, if Pelosi, Obama and the rest of the far left Dems aren't liberal enough for Rocky, there's always the party with the hammer & sickle...

Quiet Neighborhood, UT

Maybe Rocky (errr Ross, the real name for the phony Rocky) should form the "I Love Attention" party and run for president. Del Schanze could be his running mate.

Layton, UT

Rocky, you still haven't validated your existence with me either.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: mark | 1:42 p.m. Aug. 12, 2011
"The American people do not want what the Republicans are shoveling"

Who do you think it was that elected the Tea Party conservative Republicans? Actually we do want what the Republicans have been force feeding the Democrats. With no one in the White House to say 'no' the Republicans have the green flag to press forward. Probably why Ross Anderson told the Democrats goodbye.

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

It sure feels good to be a non party independent. I can exit the voting booth without feeling a little unclean and I can sleep peacefully knowing that my conscience is my guide.

Bountiful, UT

We can only hope that some day someone's point of view will be superior enough to match Rocky's.

Kaysville, UT

Personally, I have felt like Ross "Rocky" Anderson has been one of the dark spots of the Democratic Party for years. He is a left wing extremist much like Mike Lee and Chaffetz are right wing extremists.

The problems we have today are caused by the extreme right and the extreme left. Both sides being literally selfish and stupid in their goals and decisions.

It's time the Republican and Democrat majority take back their parties and run this state and nations for the people and not for the politician.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Well, that's a step in the right direction. (Or maybe its actually the LEFT direction!)

I would love to wake up to read that Mr. Anderson also renounced his U.S. citizenship and moved out of Utah. Perhaps Venezuela, or Iran would be more to his liking.

On the other hand
Spanish Fork, UT

@Jonathan Eddy, I understand your position, but the downside is that you have no say regarding who the candidates will be. A registered party member can still vote for people in the other party and needn't feel "unclean" or guilty for doing so. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

I bet every Utah dem is celebrating the departure of one their greatest embarrassments.

Salt Lake City, UT

Rifleman, I don't know if you are one of those that believe polls are a vast conspiracy, but if not take a look at them. The majority usually support more progressive ideas. Such as on abortion, taxes on the rich, social programs such as social security and Medicare, homosexual issues, regulations, the size of government. Polls show strong support for progressive ideas.

DN subscriber, I don't know about Venezuela, but Iran is an extremely conservative country, hardly the type of place a liberal ACLU lawyer would feel comfortable.

DR Hall
Clearfield, UT

From the 50 years that I have been watching both Republicans and the Democrats, I have felt that most often the Democrats have acted for the best good of America. But for the last two years I have seen Obama and the Democrats turn tail and run from the Republicans and big business. Now they (Democrats) have decided to support big business even though one every six months the deomcrats viove a desention with the Republicans. We do need a new politicla part that will stand up for America's values each and every time. I also wished that Republicans cared about America for real, but they refuse to. Their ideals are being bought and sold every minute of every day. I agree with Mr. Rocky Anderson.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mark.....and polls also show Obama is tanking and democrats are running to the GOP next election........Safe to say all those liberals ideas are also tanking

Let's be real
Salt Lake City, UT

Think he will join the new tea party? LOL. Rocky is for everything that the Mormons are not. If a mormon likes it, he doesn't. To tell the truth, Rocky is a has-been. Let him go, he is gone. Get over him.

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