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Published: Friday, Aug. 12 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

Pac 12 after Texas and Oklahoma.

...... and the rich get richer.

Ann Arbor, MI

My guess Texas, OK, Okst, and Texas Tech move to the PAC12.

Of course Dr. Chris Hill would have to vote on such matters seeing that the Utes are already a memeber of the PAC12. But I'm sure he see's it as a good idea.

Oh, it's great to be a UTE!!

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

I just can't see Texas going to the Pac 12.

I think they would try to give invites to the BIG XII before going to the Pac 12.

BYU, Air Force, TCU, Houston, Rice would all be great schools in the BIG XII.

Fort Worth, Texas

"Texas AD DeLoss Dodds is on record as saying he is against independence."

But I thought independent is such a great thing, just ask any BYU fan. But what does Texas know right.

Ann Arbor, MI

"BYU, Air Force, TCU, Houston, Rice would all be great schools in the BIG XII."

Jail Blazer,

How does this help Oklahoma, OK St. or Texas Tech? I'd think the Oklahoma President would see USC,Oregon,UCLA and Stanford as a better package and the money isn't even close.

Further more, future BIG12 TV contracts would be cut in half based on your line up.

Again, Oklahoma will be looking out for themselves....heloooo pac 12.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

At this point I don't know how this won't happen. The Pac-16 will be a reality within the next year but possibly the next month.
Almost guaranteed to be Texas/Texas Tech as a combo and Oklahoma/Oklahoma State as the other.
The benefits far out-weigh the risks for those teams if there even are any risks. Texas would of course be the only caveat to that statement but if reports that they don't want to be Independent are true then this thing is all but done if A&M goes to the SEC.
Now seriously though folks, this from a Ute fan, don't we all wish that a Pac-16 would've included BYU instead of Colorado? It would've kept the natural conference rivalry alive and both schools would be part of the greatest conference in the country!

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT


Oklahoma goes where Texas goes.

Texas and so will Oklahoma, will stay in the Big XII.

Mark it down, hedgehog!

Sunnyvale, CA

Texas in the PAC-? Hmmmm. Larry Scott stated that as long as UT has their Longhorn network the discussion is dead. What kind of deal could be renegotiated with networks with Texas in the mix? Would it be enough to get UT to drop their own network to be part of the PAC-?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Portland Trail Blazers -

"Oklahoma goes where Texas goes."

I totally agree...and it will be to the Pac-16. The only way it doesn't happen is if A&M doesn't take off for the SEC.

So as you told hedgehog, mark it down.

Up on the Hill, UT

Last time around, Texas went to bat for Baylor. I wonder if Texas recieves an invite to the Pac-12 if thats one of their conditions. If so, that deal should die. Baylor isn't even good enough to be in the MWC.

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

Independence was viable for BYU because the WAC and WCC were viable options for their Olympic sports. Texas has no such viable option and that is why the Texas AD is against independence.

If A&M goes to the SEC and the PAC can work out something with the Longhorn Network, I think within a year or 2 there will be four 16-team super conferences. The PAC-16 , the SEC (with A&M, maybe Missouri, and a couple good ACC football schools), The ACC (which adds the best remaining of the Big East), and the Big Ten (which finally gets Notre Dame and some of the NE schools like Boston College, Syracuse, Pitt, or maybe Missouri).

That could be very bad for BYU. But if nothing can be worked out concerning the Longhorn Network, the Big 12 will have to add (not Rice or Air Force) teams to maintain and that might work to BYUs advantage.

Several times over the past 20 years, it has seemed like the dominoes were lined up and ready to fall. They started but never really got going. Maybe this time they will, and maybe not. Either way, it will be interesting.

Murray, UT

"don't we all wish that a Pac-16 would've included BYU instead of Colorado?"

Not really. For the same reasons Texas A&M wants to distance itself from Texas by joining another conference even though they have been long time rivals and are located in the same state, Utah wants to put some distance between itself and BYU.

rock springs, wy


It is quite possible--no, highly likely--that BYU didn't want to be part of the PAC10, 12, or 16--that they really did and do prefer independence. As a
BYU fan, I don't want my team and my school to be part of that league. We all know how proud the Utes are for being invited to sit at what they consider the adult table, but BYU has its own brand and its own destiny. While BYU would be a better fit with the Big 12, one should also not assume that they still wouldn't prefer independence. A school with a national following, its own world class broadcasting capability, big-league athletic facilities and a truly "storied" sports program will soon prove that it doesn't need a league affiliation to be highly successful. Ute fans should enjoy their temporary euphoria over getting a fairly ugly date and a pretty corsage and hope they get a real rose someday. And, as far as rivalries are concerned, you are welcome to Colorado. You probably won't need a blown call and a blocked punt to beat them.

rock springs, wy

Correction: It was a blocked field goal, not a blocked punt. How soon we forget!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

If Scott wants to make another run at Texas, I hope he MANDATES the Pac-12's policy of "equal sharing", and ensures that Texas knows who's running the show. And that would be the Pac-12; not Texas. Texas had been demonstrated themselves to be a non-team player primadonna. If Texas wants to be part of the Pac, then Texas needs to follow the same rules, standards, and conduct as the rest of us.

I think that ideally -- assuming Texas can learn how to be a team player conference member that is -- I would be in favor of adding Texas and Oklahoma. Texas Tech would be okay, but that would require another team to balance out the conference. Just not Oklahoma State or Baylor, and DEFINITELY not the Y.

Ogden, UT

So is the 12 pac going to concede Texas' LHN and the right for the university to broadcast whatever it wants?

If Texas joins the 12 pac will the other members concede that now Texas' wants, wishes and opinions hold controlling weight for the direction of the conference? Will Oregon, Stanford, Cal, USC and the rest all accede in matters that ATM would not?

What will not change is Utah's role as the "Rebecca Black" of 12 pac.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Texas aint moving nowhere! HOOKEM!!!

Flame of the West
Southern, Cali

re Dutchman: 'Utah wants to put some distance between itself and BYU.'

Kind of like the distance between yourself and that next door prospect you couldn't get a date with and still can't even after you joined the sweater club...


Yep just like we couldn't get a date with Langi right?

Portland, OR

Pac12 has already explored the possiblity of adding the TLN to their 6 networks per other articles on cbs. Which Texas would be happy with because in the end they would get more money with the PAC16 tv deal then on their own.

People in Texas are mad that Washington state gets more money then Texas in the current arragement.

The longhorn network would just have to include texas tech. That would be great for taking Utah's 30 million and putting up to 40+ million. Then the Pac-16 would add one more for network for Oklahoma and Oklahoma state

The rich truly get richer

Pac-16 West
Oregon State
Washington state

Pac-16 East
Texas Tech
Oklahoma State

Would love it and so would each of those teams........
Four super conferences here we come.....

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