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Published: Thursday, Aug. 11 2011 8:00 a.m. MDT

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Iowa City, IA

"Hays said he's currently taking all the No. 2 repetitions over freshman Tyler Shreve, and even worked with the first string yesterday after probable starter Jordan Wynn complained of a sore arm."

Sore arm? I was under the impression his arm was 'fine'. No question Shreve and Hays better get their reps in. Hopefully the MSU game will be so one-sided for Utah (normally I don't enjoy blowouts), both will get a chance to take some snaps...

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Nice to hear more positive news about Alex Smith. Sounds like his teammates are right there with him.

Cedar Hills, UT

Once again this Cowboy fan will be cheering on a 49er.

Hear is to Alex having a great season.

Draper, UT

Awesome, Utes could always use some Jungle Karma to get through camp with no more injuries.

Highland, UT


"Hays said he's currently taking all the No. 2 repetitions over freshman Tyler Shreve, and even worked with the first string yesterday after probable starter Jordan Wynn complained of a sore arm."

Hmmmmm.....that doesn't quite coincide with your vociferous and prolific comments to the contrary in all of the other articles now does it?

I wonder who to believe, the back up who is getting the most reps and knows why he is getting the reps or else the utah "fan" who is simply posting the opposite over and over and over and over again in an attempt to convince himself?

Well I know which one I believe. LOL!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Come Duck with your connections and inside knowledge on everything Utah football, I'm supprised you'd have to rely on either one.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Duckhunter -

Your post didn't even make sense.
Quoting the movie Billy Madison..."we are all now dumber..."

Highland, UT


I'm sure thlete understood it.


Cottonwood Heights, UT

Ducky's still here?

Either he's consciously violating the honor code, or honestly can't remember he promised to stop posting comments on Utah articles for being wrong about the Pac-12 TV deals. My money is on the former, but I concede that maybe he's inhaled too many gas fumes during his long lawn-maintenance/snow-removal career.

Highland, UT


Just because you are another dishonest utah "fan" making that claim does not make it so.

I have abet with a couple of utah fans that if the pac10 network is available nationwide before the start of next season that I will not post on any utah articles for that entire season.

As of today the pac10 network is not available in any homes anywhere in the nation. It has been announced that there is an agreement with a few cable companies that would make it available in about 40 million homes by the start of next season but that does not cover tha bet. I believe I said it had to be available to 85% of the homes and if it was we would consider that "nationwide".

Of course there is no deal with any of the sattelite companies yet either.

So when, and if, the pac10 network is actually on the air and available nationwide, before next season begins, I believe I said the start of training camp, then I will uphold my part of the bet.

Are you all so desperate to not be pwned by me that you must lie to try and accomplish it?

Irvine, CA

Kyle: 2008 National Coach of the Year

Bronco: 2008 Provo Coach of the Year

wow! let's not forget that.

Wiley Old School

It was 75% according to your own admission earlier this week and the current deal achieves that without the satellites. Rather than take the honorable road, it seems you keep adding new technicalities and qualifications.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Oh, Ducky, tsk, tsk, tsk.

Just two months ago, you posted: "But I am absolutely willing to wager the following. The pac10 network will not be available nationwide next year." Of course, you meant 2012, when the new contract takes effect.

But, when the details of the Pac-12 network were announced two weeks ago, announcing the network would be available nationwide, you tried to wiggle out of your promise with this post: "The pac 10 network is not available this next season."

Admit it, you've been hoist on your own petard. Now cowboy up and leave the Utah stories alone like you promised.

LOL, indeed.

Highland, UT


Was it 75%? If that is what I said I'll honor it. Since I don't remember which article we were in please post it so I can reference exactly what I said. I'll honor whatever I said.


John you keep asking me to honor a bet that is not yet won. If, and when, the pac10 network is available nationwide to the % of homes I said would be sufficient then I will honor my bet. I'm quite sure I put dates in the bet and those have not been met. Hopefully wiley can supply me with the article so I can review it.

But of course the issue here with you is your dishonesty and your schoolgirl insistence on having your way right now despite there not even being a pac10 network anywhere on any system at this time. It has to actually occur for it to be real. Larry Scotts announcement, and chris hills statements has alot of "we hope" and "hopefully" comments in them. Nothing was definitive so until it is you will simply have to learn that you don't get everything you want if you don't actually earn it 1st.

LOL, indeed!

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