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Published: Monday, Aug. 8 2011 8:00 a.m. MDT

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Fort Worth, Texas

"after their season last year, starting with Notre Dame, reflections of their losing 27 - 0 to UNLV in Las Vegas come flashing back.


How so, please explain your logic.

Since being humbled (2-10)@UNLV in 2007 Utah has gone 41-7.

Those seven loses:

@BYU #14 (final AP rankings) 17-10

@Oregon #11 31-24
@TCU #6 55-28
@BYU #12 BYU 26-23 OT

TCU #2 47-7
@Notre Dame #33 (8-5) 28-3
vs. Boise State #9 26-3

So, Utah has lost 6 of the 7 games to top 15 teams overall 4-6 vs top 25 teams not great but respectable.

So if you want flash back to the 2-10 UNLV look at BYU who got pummeled by #108 Utah State 31 BYU 16.

Farmington, UT

@ hedgehog

More interesting to see how hedgie and his buddies have spun it....

Who writes your stuff, hedgie? There's a job in Hollywwod just waiting for them.....you know, the guys who try and make fiction look so appealing millions pay to go see it on the silver screen.

Whoever writes your fantasies should immediately apply.

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

"Money can't buy the kind of publicity the Utes are getting as the first team in the modern BCS era to earn an invite to one of the BCS conferences."

Louisville, Cincinnati, and South Florida moved from C-USA to the Big East in 2005, SIX years before Utah officially joined the PAC 12.

"I'm glad BYU has something to crow about today as well with Troy Hinds committing."

Frankly, I'll take a commitment from a highly sought after 4-star recruit over an obscure article in a Tuscon newspaper, ANYDAY!

Irvine, CA

Wow. Utah is MIT of the major college football world--not the team with most reruns in ESPN/Kbtv.

It's sure nice to hear that.

I hope Utah pulls out a 10 or 11 wins in regular season and goes to Pac-12 championship game.

Go Utes!!!

Just remember that...the road to Jan 2012 Rose Bowl (Pasadena) is through Salt Lake City.

Mid-Major Cougars
San Diego, CA

So Utah is the Most Important Team in the nation this year.

On the other hand, BYU is the Most Irrelevant Team in the nation.

rock springs, wy

Wouldn't it be ironic if the BCS, having been created so that a team like BYU '84 could never win another national championship, was put out of business by Utah?

Salt Lake City, UT


"The BCS cartel prevented the ONLY undefeated team in the nation a shot at the title in 2008."

Being undefeated isn't a criteria for winning a national championship. Being
more than a one-hit wonder, flash-in-the-pan, is more of a factor. Try putting together two great seasons in a row sometime in your history; back-to-back Top 15 finishes would be a good start.

"Actually, history shows that BYU proved the BCS was correct when in 2001 it overlooked 12-0 BYU for a BCS BERTH."

Actual history shows that BYU was 12-0 before losing the best running back in the country to a season-ending knee injury. Utah fans wouldn't understand the impact of losing the best running back in the country, because the Utes have never had the best player at any position.

Ann Arbor, MI


I just saying that Hinds is not a typical bYu lock...I don't think he's a cradle to grave kewg. Most if not all bYu players who sign up to bYu go even if bYu didn't have a football program.

Let's just say bronko will need to go into full powered fireside mode to keep him from getting BCS envy later in the year.

Salt Lake City, UT


The "most important team in the nation" playing in their PAC 12 debut at storied USC, wasn't important enough to be televised by ABC or ESPN. Luckily, Versus came to your rescue or the game may not have been televised at all.

BYU "irrelevance" = 10 games on ESPN this season

Utah "most important" = 1 game on ESPN (courtesy of BYU)

but, it's nice that an obscure writer in Tuscon thinks you're important

Farmington, UT

Re: Mid-Major Cougars

"BYU is the Most Irrelevant Team in the nation."

Is that the same "irrelevant" team that just picked up a 4-star recruit that the team on the hill so desperately wanted? Too funny!

Fort Worth, Texas

@LonestarRunner: "Actual history shows that BYU was 12-0 before losing the best running back in the country to a season-ending knee injury"

It seems your entire defense was injured that day as well:

Hawaii 72
BYU 45

@LonestarRunner: "Being undefeated isn't a criteria for winning a national championship...Try putting together two great seasons in a row sometime in your history; back-to-back Top 15 finishes would be a good start."

2009 - 8-5
2010 - 14-0 national champion

I am assuming your rule does not imply to BCS teams? So if Utah, a BCS team, now goes undefeated in one year they have a shot at the title by finishing top 2.

Palo Alto, CA


The rule applies to non-legacy programs regardless of which conference they're in. USC might get away with an 8-5 season the previous year; Washington State and Utah, not a chance.

Compare BYU 1983-1984 to Utah 2003-2004 or Utah 2007-2008, it's not even close.


I actually agree with the idea...as much as it pains this die-hard Cougar to say it. Utah has a lot to prove this year for all the little people, and I for one hope they represent well.

It is undeniably a good thing that Utah can now lose to BYU and still play for a BCS bowl. Now here's hoping it happens. Best of luck Utes!

Palo Alto, CA


Staley's season-ending injury, fatigue from the 6,000 journey from Mississippi to Hawaii, and the bitter disappointment of being told by the BCS that BYU was being released from BCS consideration regardless of the outcome of the Hawaii game, were all factors.

BYU was supposed to play what was then a ranked Mississippi State team in September, but 9-1-1 postponed the game until the end of the season. Instead of having a week off to rest after an emotional win against Utah, BYU flew to Mississippi to play an SEC opponent on the road, then they had to turn right around and fly to Hawaii to face a very good, and well rested Hawaii team.

btw, that "worst 12-0 team in history" was good enough to beat an 8-4 Utah team.

Fort Worth, Texas

@skywalker | 3:33 p.m. Aug. 8, 2011

Nice try.

BYU was a legacy program by 1984 with only 5 top 25 finishes and only one top 10 finish in its entire history? Or does BYU football history begin with Edwards in 1972?

Utah from 2001 to 2008 had two top 5 finishes. More importantly the 2008 team beat 4 top 25 teams (two top 7), BYU in 1984 had a #104 SOS.

The difference BCS.

Non-BCS team TCU has two national championships plus:

2008 11-2 #7
2009 12-1 #6
2010 13-0 #2 ... Yet no shot at the national championship

When was the last time the "legacy" program down south had 3 straight years of top 10? Never, BYU has 3 top 10 finishes all under Edwards in the weak WAC.

forreal people

I just can't believe the story mentioned BYU at the end of a sentance that also mentioned BSU and TCU. BYU has NOTHING in common with those programs, those programs win more, win big games, have perfect seasons, finish atop the polls, and in TCU's case, they actualy finished a season at No. 2, just like Utah.

BYU has NOTHING to show for thier pathetic atempt to out shine utah since 2004. BYU has never been in a bcs busting conversation.

BYU showing is worse than the WAC's Hawaii pathetic undeserved appearance in the BCS, byu can't even come close to Hawaii's accomplishments! LOL.

BSU, TCU - each have two appearances, but that's where the similarities end. Out of four games and three victories, niether team could muster an impressive win. Utah is 2-0, with two blow out victories over ranked bcs foes. TCU is 1-1. BSU is 2-0 with thier first win coming via a trick play on the last play of the game against a much weaker opponant than utah faced.

BYU- not even in the converasation as one of the great non-aq's of the last decade.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

note to Swoop...BYU was elected...they did not win a National Championship, since there was no National Championship game to be won in 1984.

Their election has nominated them as one the least deserving National Champions in history. Beating Michigan in 1984 is hardly claim to any kind of real fame.

As far as where the PAC 12 ranks as a football conference...those who know put the PAC 12 at #3, behind the SEC and Big Ten, that is ahead of the Big 12, ACC and Big East. With Stanford and Oregon as top 10 programs and USC, although ineligible, still a force, add Utah and you have four very strong teams, maybe a stronger top 4 than the Big Ten.

Irvine, CA

...It is undeniably a good thing that Utah can now lose to BYU and still play for a BCS bowl. Now here's hoping it happens. Best of luck Utes!

I hope Utah sends BYU off early in the season into where they belongs....irrelevant team...by beating BYU 28-25

Highland, UT

@mormon ute

"Money can't buy the kind of publicity the Utes are getting as the first team in the modern BCS era to earn an invite to one of the BCS conferences"

You've tried to pass off this little piece of disinformation several times. Let's put it to rest.

Louisville, Rutgers, Connecticut, South Florida, Cincinnati, ever heard of any of them? Yes all were non bcs teams that "earn(ed) an invite to one of the BCS conferences" years before utah did.

Glad we could straighten that out.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

I agree with most of points this article makes, and I've been saying the same thing. Utah needs to do well to show that teams like Utah, TCU, BYU, and BSU are just as good as the BCS teams (in other words, that BCS "superiority" is a myth). It's ironic that Utah's venture into the BCS world will help tear it down if they do well. BYU does indeed need Utah to do well. I hope the Utes go 11-1 losing only to BYU.

On the other hand, Utah needs BYU to do well, too. BYU is a good program that Utah has caught up to in recent years (see Bronco's and Whit's almost identical record, and identical record head-to-head). If BYU fails miserably, it will hurt Utah's credibility. Especially in future years when BYU gets rid of those WAC teams on the schedule and replaces them with big name BCS schools.

On second thought, neither actually NEEDS the other to do well (whoever is successful will be rewarded), but best case scenario is they both dominate.

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