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Published: Friday, Aug. 5 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

byu's problem is they will continually schedule big teams, get blown away by those big teams, and then "salvage" their season by beating up on nobodies.

Whatever floats your boat.
7-6, Enjoy it. I know I will.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

More good insight from a real pro. Good job Bro Sikahema.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Who would bark if BYUTV broadcast high school games?

Murray, UT


Thoughtful comments but you left out a very important incredient in your analysis. If Texas goes indy where do they park all of their other sports most of which are very strong and competitive? There don't seem to be any good alternatives which is why for now Texas wants to act like an independent but remain a member of a BCS conference. BYU landed 11 of their olympic sports in the WCC which will work for them. Texas? Who knows.

Ogden, UT

BYU Football > Any NFL Team with a high-profile BYU alum > NCAA Football generally > UofU Football

I am so glad I never have to watch BYU football on the Mtn ever again. I can't wait for the season to start.

Norman, OK

Chris B- your comment has nothing to do with the article. I'm in Big 12 country and they are not happy with this Texas deal.... But to be honest the Big 12 is nothing without them, so it is going to have to work. Go Sooners! Keep that #1 all year baby!

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

This isn't really new news as it was no secret last summer that Texas viewed what BYU was doing very closely, especially taking a very good look at BYUtv. UT wants to do the same thing, while not necessarily having to look to football independence. But I wouldn't put it past them, their brand is so great and has to be one of the top college brands in the country. They'll bide their time and eventually use their clout to push their way to get what they want. It was true before and it will remain true in the future that the Big12 is completely dependent on UT to prop them up, which is why it would have collapsed has UT left for the PACx.

They'll closely be watching the BYUtv scene, even though it'll be more to see what mistakes BYU makes rather than to see if it'll be successful. UT must be quite jealous over BYU right now and will be working and waiting until it's their turn to take control over their own visibility.

BYUtv already is a success for football independence reasons...they're visible and will remain so. Nothing else really matters to BYU.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

@Dutchman - don't be surprised when more football schools declare conference independence and then band together in a conference, of sorts, for their other programs. Assuming either both schools or maybe just the home team gets broadcast rights on their own networks. It'll happen, and BYU will have been the catalyst of it all.

Orem, Utah

Great Article Bro. Sikahema. B.Y.U. going independent could really shake up college football and cause the Texas, Oklahoma,and other big name schools to go that route. Utah is not included as the "other schools" because you need a conference and you have the PAC 12 to get your exposure and you don't have the marketability that B.Y.U. has which enabled them to sign their deal with ESPN. Can't wait for Cougar football!

Alexandria, VA

kswiss - are you sure you're a Sooner fan? I've never heard a Sooner fan give that kind of credit to UT.

Farmington, UT

BYU is 50-15 in the last 5 years. That's a double-digit winning season each year. So, as you can see, the 7-6 record from a year ago is the anomaly. Ute fans would have us to believe it's the norm.

Go Cougars!

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Chris B:

BYU has beaten:

Notre Dame
Texas (one of worst losses in Texas history)
UCLA (59-0)

....... and the list could go on. Getting the picture??

Why do you think anything will change in the future??

Draper, UT

@Dutchman, my exact thoughts while reading the article. Texas can't put it's basketball, baseball, etc teams in the Sun Belt or similar. They very likely won't be able to keep them in the Big XII while indy in football. Notre Dame works so well because all non-football sports are in the Big East. BYU didn't care about their non-football sports and were okay throwing them in the WCC. I really don't think anyone in Texas will be watching BYUtv (as Vai suggests) unless they are LDS.

Pleasant View, Utah

Chris B must be talking about Utah. I seriously was laughing my head off re-watching the highlights of the biggest game in Utah sports history (TCU vs. Utah) Talk about being out coached, out classed, and thoroughly pummeled. The best part is the next week they got smoked by a mediocre Notre Dame team ha ha:) Truly the best part though is that a freshman qb'd worst BYU football team in 5 years nearly beat them on there home field. The Utes have been enjoying exactly what Chris B is talking about for way to long. Luckily for them there going into the Pac so they can continue to beat patsies. If I remember correctly Utah doesn't play even 1 team ranked in the top 25 preseason coaches poll. Keep building you guys into something your not:)

Eagle Mountain, UT

Your crystal ball of BYU predictions hasn't treated you too well in the past. Why do you think it is working now?

College Football + TV = big money. I am predicting that there will much more leeway given to big name teams to make their own deals if they will stay in the their conferences. A small share of a lot of $ is better than an equal share of a little $. I would not be surprised to see USC, Florida, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Michigan and several other schools follow BYU and Texas in creating their own TV networks. You may even see the "independent" teams join together to create an affiliation or conference for their other sports to play in and to have a base of teams for their football schedules.
This is just the beginning. Good or bad, college football will look a lot different in 5 years. Hopefully the BCS will collapse while this is going on.

Bountiful, UT

I wouldn't mind seeing the top level LDS high school athletes shown on BYUtv once in a while. Would be fun to see what people are up to around the country. Not sure if the resources are there for BYU to truck around on Friday nights to show high school games outside of the intermountain west, but I'd tune in.

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

Is Chris B the same guy that said he would NEVER again post on an article about BYU if the Cougars beat SDSU in basketball?

Just got my season tickets in the mail. Can't wait for the season to start. Having almost EVERY game on espn is going to make it even better. Then after going to the game I can catch it again on BYUtv.

Luckily for Utah they scheduled BYU this year. Otherwise they might not have any games on national tv this year.

Great time to be a Cougar!

Fresno, CA

Thanks Chris B..

Jusdging from your track record of predictions, the future looks bright for BYU football. Have fun watching them on ESPN.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

And the Score is:

Chris B: 0 Jimmer: Sweet 16

Yes, I remember you saying that BYU would be "Once and Done" at the big dance.

Please keep posting comments I really enjoy the entertainment.

Farmington, UT

Re: Thlete

If you honestly believe that Vai meant Texas would be literally watching BYUtv, as in sitting on their living room couch, then you need to reread the article. It seems you didn't quite get it.

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