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Published: Monday, Aug. 1 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

The future of football in Utah, is Utah.

I'm guessing 10-2 record, certainly with no losses to any "non-AQ" teams.

South Jordan, UT

My prediction is 8-4 with losses at USC, Pittsburgh, Arizona State and California. Losing to BYU would feel like losing to Utah State. Not going to happen.

jim l
West Jordan, UT

You have to be kidding. Utah would cancel the game with BYU (just like they did with Boise State) just to avoid another loss if they could. They are going to get a heaping tablespoon of beat in sept.

Ogden, UT

6-6 and the vegas bowl

Ann Arbor, MI


6-6 helecopter bowl


11-1 helecopter bowl

Eagle Mountain, UT

however it pans out; this will be Utah's toughest season ever.
8-4 would be a good season. Anything more would be a bonus.

I see there are those who still have a TDS inferiority complex. Probably won't change soon.
I predict they will lose the BYU game by at least 10.

Hurricane, UT

I think every Utah fan hopes we go 11-1 and play for a Rose Bowl berth. If Jordan Wynn plays 100%, our running backs pan out, and the secondary is strong (which it always is at Utah) There is a definite possibility to have a great season.

No predictions for me. Just one Utah fan who is excited for the priviledge to watch the Utes to take on such a great league.

Go UTES!!!! The future is Rosey!!

Las Vegas, NV

Larry Scott's interview on a San Diego Sports radio program proves how highly regarded Utah is in the PAC-12.

Question: The PAC-10 had always been considered a strong conference of very respected teams. Does the addition of these two teams make the PAC-12 conference more prestigious?

Scott: Not really.

So, Utah is nothing more than a place-filler to make a championship game possible.

Lehi, UT

I'm optimistic about the Utes, overall, and very excited to see some great games and new traditions in the Pac-12, but to think that this team is going to waltz in and go 10-2 or 9-3 is a little too optimistic, I believe. I'm a die-hard Ute fan, but I think we need to consider that Utah is not as deep as most of the Pac-12 teams and doesn't yet have the full impact of the newly-garnered Pac-12 recruiting prowess. It will take time to develop that depth.

Wynn has a lot to prove after struggling the entire second half of the season last year (anyone remember the TCU, Notre Dame, and BYU games, in particular?) and the backup QB situation is tenuous. However, I love the new talent coming in, the addition of Chow, the pro-style offense that is geared more for a QB like Wynn, and the fact that Whittingham is still the head guy. He knows how to win.

Finally, I caution fellow Ute fans about dismissing BYU. They will always be THE major rival and a tough competitor, even without conference affiliation.


Magna, UT

Oh Vegas, you do make a fine whine from your sour, sour grapes!

Chris Bryant


A credible post if ever there was one.

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

Utah is scaring a lot of people in the Pac right now. They are well coached from top to bottom. Their recruiting has been stellar. Coach Whittingham has them in perfect position to make a run at the PAC and possibly the BCS. And before any snarky comments come my way let me qualify my statements: I bleed blue, Cougar blue. As a high school coach, I've been able to observe both BYU and Utah this year. They'll both give us great football in the state for years to come.

Huntsville, Alabama

UW fan here. Utah is hardly space filler. They may take the South Division outright. Those in the know will nod their heads; ignorant clowns will say it is because the PAC-12 is a weak conference. I believe that the USC game will be an interesting test. USC will be out coached and I also believe the emotional factors will be with Utah. Unfortunately, USC's offense is much more potent (talent wise) than Utah's offense. Defensively, I might have to give Utah the edge. they are well coached with good athletes, whereas USC's defense, despite having a who's who of highly recruited talent, was pretty inconsistent last year. I think I read somewhere that they were pretty weak against the pass. My Dawgs beat'em last year in LA. Anyway, your Fall pratices start on Thursday! (Huskies start next week on the 8th). First year of the new PAC-12 is here!

sports fan
Provo, UT

Why do we have to go to the Denver post to get decent Utah articles? Desnews needs to step up their game as far as stories on the Utes are concerned.

Lehi, UT

Vegas and Chris Bryant,

With a conference that already includes Oregon and Stanford, who are both in the top 10 if not the top 5 currently, and the tradition and multiple national championships of the likes of USC and others, of course Utah is not going to add to the prestige that already existed for the Pac-10. However, to say that Utah doesn't add value to the conference as the top BCS buster in the country (more wins against BCS teams than any other non-BCS school up to this point) is ignorant.

The future is very bright at Utah. Obviously, there will be some growing pains now that the program is eating at the big boys' table. But wouldn't you rather have the Rose Bowl to shoot for every year, rather than the mighty Las Vegas Bowl (or worse) as the MWC champ or an independent?

Farmington, UT

Chris B and KamUte

Start getting your excuses ready for the beatdown your Utes will suffer on Sept. 17. (We all know how Chrissy's predictions go in regards to BYU). I predict that on Sept. 18, while sitting on a 1-2 record with defeats to USC and BYU, some Ute faithful will already begin the call for Wittingham's and Chow's heads.

Iowa City, IA

jefferysl, agreed.

Chris Bryant


I guess my sarcasm wasn't thick enough for you to catch on......

Wally West

@ KamUte | 10:59 a.m. Aug. 1, 2011

Interesting. I say 8 wins but w/ losses to USC, Pitt, UAz, & Oregon St.

Then a trip to the Poinsettia Bowl.

Christy B
Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah had a couple of good seasons, but now it's back to reality:

Utah 6-6 - with a humiliating loss to BYU

BYU 10-2

THE university of Utah is indeed Brigham Young University!

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