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Published: Wednesday, July 27 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

USU plays Clemson while the Cougars play Ole Miss. What's wrong with this picture?

Ann Arbor, MI

My guess if O'l Miss played Montana St. (at Montana) they would be at least a 6 point dog.

Clearfield, UT

It would be nice to see BYU get a win on the road at Ole Miss. It will give them confidence and momentum for the game in Austin.

A preemptive troll post:

We've just heard from the fans on the hill after Utah was picked to finish 3rd in their division that preseason polls don't mean anything. If that's true then that means the polls that picked Miss to finish last in the SECW and Tex to finish 5th don't mean anything either.

Can't have it both ways Ute fans.

Go Cougars!

Heber City, UT

Sounds like he comes from a similar mold as Jimmer. Would be nice to hear the phrase at BYU; "You have just been Jabaried."

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

The article Texas Longhorns Network Causing concerns in the Big 12 conference.

Remotely possible that future moves to go Independant could possibly already be being considered and just may spur a completely different view of College Football. With what Texas is contemplating for thier Longhorn Network and the already staunch opposition to it by other members such as A&M and Texas Tech...there is that possibility...to go independant...especially if Texas doesn't get most of what they desire to decide and operatively control how they use it. The NCAA is right now sitting on one of the most underlooked at issues just now emerging since BYU's decision to break away from a seriously flawed Television contract with the Mountain West Conference. And with Oklahoma also considering it's own Network...you can't dismiss that other major progams besides BYU are probably also considering the independant option. ESPN seems to be almost exclusively in tune with conceptual vision to see where things just might be heading. The programming of Local High School games on the Longhorn network if permitted will have a definite impact on recruiting and could actually be a catalyst rather than a stopper of moving to Independance.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Gotta love having a Thuroughbred horse named after you. Especially one with a Kentucky Derby and Preakness winning bloodline.

Run Jimmer... Run!

West Jordan, UT

While the realist in me thinks there is no chance BYU will land Jabari Parker, who is reportedly receiving weekly phone calls from Coach K, the Cougar fan in me thinks there is a fighting chance. After all, Jimmer was able to sweep every major national award and become a top 10 NBA draft pick while playing at BYU - all while playing on the Mtn. But with Parker, Dave Rose will be able to say not only will he be playing for his church's university, and not only will he be surrounded by students and teammates who share his beliefs and values, but he will also be able to play on ESPN in front of a national audience. He could tell him that if he came to BYU he could be the next Jimmer Fredette, and help the Cougars reach their first ever Final Four. I will keep hoping and dreaming!

Salt Lake City, UT

RE: Where's Stockton
What people forget is that Texas is not an independent institution. The Texas Legislature has a direct say in what the University of Texas does. If UT was independent, they'd have joined the Pac-12. But the legislature jumped in and said, "if you're going you have to take Baylor with you", and things fell apart from there.

I don't see UT dropping conference affiliation. Doing that would hurt other Texas schools, so they will be forbidden from doing so.

Televising high school games is an interesting deal, similar to what BYU could be facing. If they televise a high school game, the university owes that school money for the broadcast rights. It seems like giving cash to high schools should violate some NCAA rule.

As for an influence on recruiting, it extends down to the high school level. Imagine Bingham High School recruiting kids to play for them because "we're on BYU TV all the time".

West Jordan, UT


I agree with your observations regarding Texas, independence and broadcasting high school games. It is a very BAD idea to broadcast high school games on the Longhorn Network because it gives Texas an unfair advantage in recruiting high school athletes (something Texas already has at it is) and I am sure the NCAA will have something to say about it. But I don't understand why you brought BYU into this and said this is "similar to what BYU could be facing". Do you know something the rest of us don't? Because I have not heard that BYU has any plans whatsoever to broadcast high school sporting events on BYUtv. Between the religious programming, the rebroadcasts of football games, and all the other BYU sporting events I doubt there will be any need to reach that far to fill up the TV schedule.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@Moderate...remember this...people and organizations do change thier minds. If the state of Texas were to realize that they and thier High Schools... (if the Longhorn Network does get a greenlight to program High School games)... could tremendously gain financially by allowing Texas University the option of going Independant then I cannot forsee them passing on such a huge potential possibility...and as far as money going to High Schools that's exactly why and what having associations like Utah's own UHSAA is all about. Bingham High School would get no more finacially than any other school in the State... and limitations on how many times they or any other School could possibly play on TV obviously would be controlled. You got to remember The State of Texas has historically in it's own Constitution the right to sucession from the Union. It's definitely not as cut and dried as you are attempting to make it.

West Jordan, UT

I guarantee Texas is watching BYU and contemplating independence for themselves, but I wonder what conference would they place all their other non-football sports in? Notre Dame has the Big East and BYU has the WCC. What conference would take all of Texas' other sports, and would Texas be able to give all those sports such an enormous demotion? After all, its one thing to go from the MWC to the WCC, it is almost a wash. But to go from a major BCS conference to something like C-USA or the WAC seems like too big a sacrifice to make for football. Plus Texas would not want to lose automatic qualification for the BCS. I really don't see Texas anywhere but the Big 12. No other BCS conference would let them keep their Longhorn Network. That is why Texas turned down Larry Scott's invitation to join the PAC.

Kearns, UT

2011 Ole Miss

Kearns, UT

2011 Ole Miss MUCH < 2010 Iowa State

I expect nothing less than a 40 point victory from BYU. Ole Miss is completely awful.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Representative Blue
Texas doesn't necessarily have to leave the Big 12 in other sports and they have enough clout on thier own that they could easily face off with the conference. In actuallity it's the conferences who more and more as has been seen over that past decade and a half especially this past year that are losing ground...even with the creation of the Elite Conference BCS... which eventually will also get pushed off the road. Football has always had the independants...and for many years they were a dominant force. ESPN seems to think that there is no reason why a new set of Independants couldn't again become a dominate force. The Dynamics to make that happen are obviously there and more importantly so is the money.

Rexburg, ID

There are very few schools with the cache that could make a go at independence. Obviously Texas is one, but "Moderate" brought up a good point that Univeristy of Texas is under the control of the Texas legislature. I am not sure UT would have taken the PAC deal even if the PAC were not religious bigots and had accepted Baylor. Texas is gearing up to maximize it opportunities, therefore a possible run at indepedence is feasible.

USC is another school that might look at independence. I don't know if it is in a position of having its own broadcasting station and making a run at independence, but the potential is certainly there. It is a private institution and unlike UT is not controlled by state politicians. I'll bet the USC administrators are at least entertaining the notion. What BYU did and especially Texas did with ESPN had to catch the attention of USC.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

If you need some motivation to beat 'Ol Miss, Houston Nut said BYU has a find team but he wasn't worried about beating them. He felt the key issue was having his team do well in Fall Camp.

Salt Lake City, UT

News flash to cougar fans who think Texas is taking their lead from BYU: The Longhorn Network and Texas's jump from the Big 12 was cotenplated long before BYU decided to go independant. On another note Texas not being independant makes about 4 X what BYU will make as an indeppendant.
The world does not revolve around BYU and judging by the Pac 12 media coverage neither does the state of Utah.

Bottom Line
Draper, UT

Couldn't agree more that independence is the next wave coming. Teams that have ridden the coattails of others will be sorely exposed and will have a drastic change of reality when there $20M tv contract rolls over to something drastically less. This change is inevitable. When Texas declares watch the landscape change rapidly. I can think of 6-8 other programs that would benefit greatly by removing the conference affiliate shackles. Of course for these soon to be big winners there will be big losers. Hold on tight.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@Gone Fishin

Who cares about when... which regardless of your obvious "I've got to add my own spin" is very highly debatable ... why or where....the rezounding fact is that they haven't.... while BYU already has thier mega Broadcasting facility... which by the way was contemplated long before the Longhorn Network was even an idea in someones head... functional. It will as it already is be bigger and they have already made the move to Independance and joined the ESPN team with a pretty much set package while Texas is still trying to clear a lot of Red Tape to get thier ESPN deal finalized. Actions speaks louder than words Dude.

Salt Lake City, UT

Anyone who thinks that conference alignments are secure has no sense of the future. Texas will do what is best for UT and the legislature will have to match the money if they disagree. The Cougs will do just fine. If they are lousy they will be playing the utes in Las Vegas.

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