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Police arrest 26 protesters as emotions run high

Published: Tuesday, July 26 2011 4:00 p.m. MDT

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West Jordan, UT

"the rule of law must prevail"

Thank you, Judge Benson, for having the courage to stand up to these left-wing environmental extremists. If they ever get their way this country will be ruined, not just economically but constitutionally as well. Let Mr. DeChristopher accept the consequences of his actions and do his time for breaking the law, just like everyone else.

West Haven, UT


You make too much sense. If only I could express such truths in so few words.

Sandy, UT

Can we put all the other 'disobedients' in with Tim? I mean those who sat in front of Trax to make their point because nobody would listen to them over at the courthouse.

There is a place for demonstrations, but they need to be held with respect to the laws, even if they want the laws to be changed. To break the laws, put others at risk and disrupt lawful flow of commerce is, theft. Our freedoms are contingent on the free flow of commerce and those who are protesting Tim's imprisonment are saying that they don't want freedom for the rest of us. Well, let's give them what they want for themselves, and that's a loss of their freedoms.

1 year behind bars, restitution to all those on the trains, cost of the police and 100 hours of community service for each one sounds like a good start to me.

Southern Utah, UT


"Monkey wrench an auction in the name of the environment on parcels that would be withdrawn later anyway, effectively harming no one, get two years in jail. Torch two churches, get three years of probation. Ah.. Utah justice"

Given that Timothy DeChristopher was tried in a Federal court on Federal and NOT state of Utah Charges, this statement is either an indictment of your ignorance of the matter or your biased opinions towards Utah-take your pick.

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