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Police arrest 26 protesters as emotions run high

Published: Tuesday, July 26 2011 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Layton, Ut

Let's go out and impede our fellow citizens movements by blocking the railroad tracks so we can feel good about ourselves. Sit around, do nothing, inconveniece others, that's the way to improve our society and our environment.

Pathetic is what this demonstration is!

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

so what are the eco-terrorists who disrupted traffic with their juvenile protests going to do to counter-act the additional carbon footprint that came as a result?

Did they ever think how oxymoronic they looked chaining themselves together in front of one of their shrines, PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION?

Of course, we can deduce by their presence there that they are not otherwise productive members of society - as they apparently have no employment. Do they live off welfare, unemployment, the earned income credit, or Mommy and Daddy?

Salt Lake City, Utah

DeChristopher a hero?

Gag me with a spoon.

Provo, UT

To oldmanwinter:

Everyone else's fault except Tim's, right? Is that what you're trying to say?

I thought prison time was a badge of honor for tree huggers. Tim should accept the punishment like a man. He could have gotten 10 years. He should feel fortunate, bide his time, and when he gets out, he can be greeted and honored lovingly by his kooky minions.

St. George, Utah

his actions had nothing to do with global warming or climate change ( thers no such thing as global warming ) but there is climate change taking place he is just another one of those anti goverment individuals who protest anything the goverment does and he feels that the first Amendment gives him the right to break the law. well it doesnt. he got just what he deserves if the judge would of given him 3 yrs it would of been fine with me to . well now he can protest to his hearts content for the next two years and good luck finding anyone there that cares about his cause,

Voice of Reason
Layton, UT

Tim's attorney said that "such a sentence tells followers that the country operates within a system of justice that is deaf to common sense."

No, this just sentence tells Tim's followers that the country operates within a system of justice that is deaf to partisan political excuses...left, right or loony. At least that's the message if our system works.

Basically, Tim wanted the PR benefits of civil disobedience (i.e. breaking the law) without the consequences...and his argument for that exemption? That he held liberal/progressive views on public lands oil leasing. Judge Benson had no choice but to sentence him. The moment we allow partisan political arguments as a defense for breaking the law, we will start to lose that rule of law. The place to make political arguments is in the legislative process, not the courts.

The left seems to use political arguments for breaking laws ominously often: "yeah, I broke the law, but Bush did this..." or "Banks got away with that..."
I've got news for you, Obama's done a WHOLE LOT of "this & that" that's bad for the country, but that doesn't give me a free pass to break the law.

Salt Lake City, UT

The reality check is; you do the crime, you do the time. Civil disobedience is a willful premeditated act and the perpetrator accepts the responsibility for his/her actions. Those demonstrating in his defense also had the option of going home or being booked into jail with the attendant cost to themselves and taxpayers. It's called choice and consequences.


Dee Benson's political sense of justice is hilarious. Tim is not the first bidder of public lands to default on his bid and he won't be the last. Why aren't these other bidders in front of a judge for fraud?

Steve Warren
West Valley City, UT

A couple of comments about your story in this morning's paper.

First, 'This is not Rosa Parks' would have worked as a sidebar headline but not as the main head. In that space, you could have said: Activist gets 2 years After all, that was the news.

Second, in the lead sentence in your story, the defense calls the judge "a poster child for civil disobedience." This came as a big surprise to me, because it has been widely reported that DeChristopher was the one who was engaging in civil disobedience. If the judge is indeed a poster child for civil disobedience, the Deseret News should immediately demand his resignation.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

I expect that now the prosecutors will bring charges against Mike Noel and his fellow hooligans who defied federal law by ripping up the Paria River canyon en masse with their ATVs last year. Or is the law to be used only against people who want to SAVE the environment?

Kearns, UT

Oldmanwinter, if you are talking about Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, I'm with you on prosecuting them.

Otherwise DeChristopher and his minions are a bunch of crybabies.

Columbus, OH

For those of you saying this is not civil disobedience, I have to disagree. This is the very definition of it. He believed a law was wrong and he willfully disobeyed it, without harming anyone in the process. He did not resist arrest, in fact he was very up front about his intentions when he committed the crime. In his trial, he explained why he did the crime and why he thinks the law is wrong. When he was convicted, he told his followers that he would be going to jail. He never complained about it. I see the judges point of view as well...he can't decide what laws should and should not be followed. That's not his role. But just because someone puts up the defense that the law is incorrect, doesn't mean they aren't practicing civil disobedience...quite the opposite. Maybe if he'd plead temporary insanity or something, but he didn't. He has accepted his punishment. He has never complained that he was being wronged, only that the environment was being wronged.


So, this looks, and infact is selective harsh punishment. I ask myself why Tim DeChristopher is going to jail for disrupting an illegal auction where Utah's public lands were being offered for exploitation (without proper vetting) and yet a Utah "lawmaker" is permitted to get away with destruction of public land, when there are video tapes of him rallying his posse. Judge Dee Benson and that US attorneys office did ABSOLUTELY nothing to defend Federally protected land in southern Utah from Utah Senator Mike Noel (Kanab) who led an act of civil disobedience by organizing a rally of like minded protestors who then drove ATVs through protected fragile desert landscapes. What's the deal with Judge Benson...who says civil disobedience has a place, but not in the case of Tim DeChristopher, a principled student...but apparently in the case of a Utah legislator, Mike Noel...well, okay fine. The environment has no status with thie Judge as it has none with most Utah Legislators. I'm impressed by DeChristopher, and deeply disturbed at his sentence. A pardon is in order or....an arrest of Mike Noel?!

salt lake city, utah

Hope he serves every second of it.....

Tremonton, UT

Don't feel sorry for DeChristopher. He'll probably be assigned to serve in the so-called "country club" prison network, maybe down at Nellis AFB. There are no guards (only guidelines that if violated earn you trip to the big house), no bars and rooms that are like College Dorms. You get 3 hot square meals a day, television, a nicely equipped gym to work out in. And in the day, they often do jobs away from the facility such as janitorial work, cutting the grass, painting, etc. Many inmates there take online educational courses, and can receive regular visits from family and friends.

And this is punishment??

salt lake city, utah

People like Tim DeChristopher are why we must buy natural resources from overseas while our own (which are vast and varied) sit useless in the ground. Lost in the process are billions of dollars that are gone forever and thousands and thousands of high-paying jobs. We have the technology to extract natural resources in an environmentally sound way. But extract them we must. Let's get on with it......

Salt Lake City, UT

You people can bash climate science all you want. There is too much science to deny the planet is warming. Just send an email to Kevin Eubank of KSL and see what he has to say about global warming.
This man was trying to make a difference. Many will hear his story and fill his shoes. It is not in vein.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think that the sentence was fair.

I see an irony here that his protestor friends stopped a light rail train. A vehicle that was created and being used to help the environment. Something is wrong with this picture. They say they are trying to protecting the environment but as an act of hate they stop an environment friendly vehicle.


I wonder if there are 26 more federal facilities with vacancies for the protestors.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"There are people who belong in prison but Tim DeChristopher is not one of them," said attorney Ron Yengich.

Yengich is wrong.. again. He's the one that has lost touch with common sense. Mr. DeChristopher broke the law and has had his day in court.. now he gets his days in prison. I'd say that's a deterrent to anyone else thinking of doing the same thing!

salt lake city, utah

myself @ 10:52

Climate change is normal and natural. It is also inevitable and unavoidable. Don't let it ruin your day. There is absolutely NOTHING we can do about it.....

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