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Police arrest 26 protesters as emotions run high

Published: Tuesday, July 26 2011 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

This verdict says a lot about our "justice system". It says that disrupting oil auctions is a more serious offense than assault, theft, and dealing drugs, none of those crimes are likely to get you 2 years in prison. It also says that oil companies and other large corporations are controlling our judicial system.

We live in a society where corporations can harm citizens without consequence, nobody from Chevron did any time for poisoning SLC's water supply twice last year, but if a citizen slights the oil industry they get up to 10 years.

People want to throw the book at DeChristopher because they don't believe in his cause not because they think he committed a serious offense.

This is a serious injustice and his sentence is politically motivated.

gb says

A sad day for the US justice system that fails to go after Wall Street criminals and puts away DeChristopher for two years.

Newport Beach, CA

GB, Wall Street "criminals" generally aren't dumb enough to announce their crime to a federal official's face.

More evidence that Bill Clinton's greatest legacy was making it an article of Democratic faith that lying under oath is officially No Big Deal.

Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

What a shame because global warming Is a myth.

lex loci
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Actions have consequences. If DeChristopher didn't want to go to jail he should have participated in the political process in lawful way.

I'm not sure how I feel about two years. I think it is a waste of his life and a waste of tax payer money.

But the penalty is set under the law and there isn't much the Court can do.

Hopefully this will instruct others on the improper way to influence the government ans show them the life has consequences.

innocent bystander

Tim is willing to pay the price for standing up for his beliefs. He has continued to advocate, when renouncing probably would have helped his personal situation. But why is he going to jail when no one from BP did?

My question: even used auto auctions pre-qualifies bidders. How could a curious college student walk in, be signed up and handed a bid paddle--if bidding is taken so seriously, except for outrage that he acted on his serious political beliefs? Against the powerful oil and gas industry? His legal defense was not allowed to raise his sincere concerns about global climate change as his motive rather than common criminal motives. His legal defense was not allowed to ask for information on other auction bidders who failed to complete purchases. Surely checks have bounced without somebody going to prison?

I would like to see him spared. At the same time, I believe the earth is reacting to the follies of humans and so Tim's message is very important. Jail time for him will serve to activate many people to rally to the cause of protecting the environment.

We are no longer innocent bystanders. Lee Anne Walker

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Far to lenient a sentence, especially with no real financial penalty.

However, it will have to do.

Now, I just hope the protest folks are prosecuted to the full extent of the law as well.

Who were his attorneys who were working "pro bono?" The public should know which lawyers are donating their time to cases like this.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

DN Subscriber:

Part of what makes America is great is our legal system, even when it has some questionable verdicts. Everyone is guaranteed a "vigorous defense." These stories should feel no shame. End of story...

Port Alice, B.C.

As Martin Luther King said; willingly facing the penalty is part of civil disobedience.

Sandy, UT

YES! Logic and justice prevailed! Let this be an example to others that you can't force your will and extremist views on the world by trying to illegally beat the system. If you do the crime, you will pay the time! This guy is only a hero in his own mind and sadly in a few other eco extremists with no respect for law and civility.

fair ground
Salt Lake City, Utah

This guy is a complete phony. He never did anything before or after his "Zuckerberg-like" antic for the earth or the environment. His story has so morphed since it began that I would bet he does not even remember what he told those on the Wright campaign when this first came out. He is our version of Paris Hilton: someone who believes their own press releases and is famous for being famous. He should have been forced to pay for what he cost the taxpayer and not been allowed to leave Utah for his celebrity fundraisers until we were paid back.


Did the protestors who caused a traffic jam in downtown SLC today consider that just might have been contributing to global warming? Talk about counterproductive!

Salt Lake City, UT

What none of the anti environment people fail to realize is that as much as DeChristopher lost, big oil won. Again. Giant corporations won. Again.

And next time it's the people vs giant corporations, guess who's going to win. Again. Everyone who is cheering for DeChristopher's harsh 2 year sentence is also cheering the fact that only the people face justice in this country, while atrocities committed by banks, corporations and industries go unpunished.

Not one person from Wall Street will ever be sentenced for bringing down our entire economy, yet some stole billions and ruined millions of lives. Not one person from BP will ever face charges for negligence, yet they single handedly brought down entire industries.

I think it is the responsibility of true patriots to rebel against injustice, but it seems like most are simply willing to embrace it.

Salt Lake City, Utah

ParkCityAggie: DeChristofer is a hero, and the Government just helped him solidify that status!

I'm confident that they were more than happy to help him.


I just think its funny hearing authoritarian nationalists talk about our nation being founded on lawful obedience.
Laud MLK and Rosa Parks all you like, but when it comes down to it and without the benefit of hindsight, your ideology would have condemned them as your parents most likely did, until it became unpopular to do so.
Likewise, your children will view your generation in shame and you'll be just like that "racist grandma/grandpa" you didn't want your friends to talk to

Conservative Democrat
Omaha, NE

@DanO: As I understand it, these were Federal charges brought for offenses committed in UT. Don't blame Utah justice for enforcing laws. If you want DeChristopher released, appeal to President Obama for a pardon. The whole thing could have been avoided if DeChristopher had bid on good faith, paid the bill, and taken those leases out of circulation.

Bountiful, utah

I have respect for Christoher though I disagree with his decision; he did what he though was right and will suffer the consequences for his decision. I have no respect whatsoever for those who blocked traffic in protest- they should be thrown in jail for a few days and fined heavily.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

This sentence is far too short. When people disturb the peaceful flow of normal business they are knowingly violating the law. Longer sentences such as ten years will cause trouble makers to think a bit. They may even get a job instead of living off of others. If they were working and making a contribution to society, they would have much less time to cause trouble.

Sandy Citizen50

This is a good sentence for DeChristopher if he truly believes that what he was doing was civil disobedience. In the case of Dr Martin Luther King, the majority of the population understood what he was doing and eventually felt symphathetic for his cause. I doubt that in this case the majority of the population feels this way about DeChristopher. So in my opinion Judge Benson got it right when he called DeChristophers actions leading to anachy and a misguided stunt to run amok of society and he needed to pay a penalty for his actions.

South Jordan, UT

So now we know... 2 years for Eco-terrorism.

Far to short of a sentence.

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