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Police arrest 26 protesters as emotions run high

Published: Tuesday, July 26 2011 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Cris B.
Sandy, UT


Enjoy your stay!

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

I wonder if someone were to outbid him in every attempt to purchase a home, to protest his view, if he'd feel the same way about his actions.

Just a thought.

Mission Viejo, CA

Monkey wrench an auction in the name of the environment on parcels that would be withdrawn later anyway, effectively harming no one, get two years in jail. Torch two churches, get three years of probation. Ah.. Utah justice.

Salt Lake City, Utah

The 2 years sounds about right to me. Maybe he can get out early if he is nice.

Newport Beach, CA

The classic modern statement of the doctrine of civil disobedience, in Martin Luther King's 1963 "Letter from Birmingham Jail," explains that a person may, in good conscience, break a law he considers unjust, so long as he does so openly, lovingly, and willing to accept the penalty.

Mr. DeChristopher, attempting to assert the "necessity" defense, was not willing to accept the penalty for breaking the law. Therefore, his disobedience of the law was not truly civil disobedience -- just ordinary, immoral lawlessness. Time in the pokey is well-justified.


OK now that we just sent a Tim to prison now maybe we can go after others who have committed similar crimes and actually harmed people (note that Tim was convicted of Financial Fraud). Lets start with those who planned and started the financial crisis and sent many nations and millions of people into financial hardship.
And what about the federal employees who tried to illegally auction off the land in the first place? Now can we fire them?
Tim stopped an illegal auction, our federal government was overreaching its power and it took civil disobedience to stop it. Republicans should have a lot to praise Tim for.
And what about the moronic federal employee who allowed Tim to bid? It seems easier to bid on federal land that to fly on an airplane. Aren't there other issues here?

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Seems about right.


This isn't the way to change " the system". You are privileged to live in this free country that is governed by laws. If you want to change the system, change the laws. But as long as this is legal, don't get in the way. The way to stop gas and oil leases is to change the laws and procedures of the government. Not to interfere with a legally held auction. Elect those that support your views and opinions. If they don't win and change the laws, you still have to live within the law. But if they are elected to office, they can change those laws and procedures. Enjoy living in this country of freedom, governed by laws. Because if it was up totally up to me, I would lock up all the enviromental wackos in this country. But we have laws.

Mission Viejo, CA

Arby, this country's foundation was in fact an act of civil disobedience. Remember that Tea Party so often trumpeted? What about the actions taken against Johnston's Army? Those were also acts of civil disobedience.

Grantsville, UT

Convicted felons are also faced with other consequences for their actions.

1. loses the right to become an elector and cannot vote, hold public office, or run for office, although he can have these rights restored;

2. is disqualified from jury service for seven years, or while he is a defendant in a pending felony case (CGS § 51-217);

3. loses the ability to have firearms; and

4. could lose a professional license or permit, although licensing agencies are restricted in their ability to revoke licenses because a person cannot be disqualified from engaging in any occupation, profession, or business for which a state license or permit is required solely because of a prior conviction of a crime except under certain conditions.

Good luck young man hope you have learned a lesson.


This crook hurt the families of those who were trying to make a living doing their jobs. That's who he hurt. Artificially making the price go up on something is fraud. (ie gov control on oil/corn/wheat etc.) This man deserves to spend time in jail for his crime.

Paragonah, UT

I think a significant fine would have worked much better. To be payed by work assigned by the court..2 years labor on a Uinta Basin oil rig. He would get to know the guys whose lives he was screwing with and learn how to work. And he may just learn to enjoy those nice warm summer days.

Boise, ID

Lauded you say? By whom? No one that matters in the real world.

Park City, Ut

I don't know why some of you are thrilled about this, his stay is on our dime! Perhaps the BLM will think twice before holding a rushed lease sale of our land that, a sale of leases some of which were illegal themselves! Our land should not be leased for pennies on the dollar to two-bit investors looking to make a fast buck at our expense! Why not require a plan from each bidder on how they intend to extract the natural resources, etc., and maybe even require some profit sharing to help manage our land better? DeChristofer is a hero, and the Government just helped him solidify that status! So those of you who are thrilled about this, thinking some "hippy" was just trying to stick it to the man and got what he deserved, think again.

Logan, UT

According to one of the founders of DeChristopher's religion, Al Gore, the world only has 4.5 years left before the effect of global warming will be irreversible. Too bad for him to be spending almost half of his remaining time in prison.

Highland, UT

2 years seems about right to me. Enough time that it is a real punishment but not so long that he won't still have time to actually make an attempt at having a productive life rather than the sham he lives now.

Also to those here claiming the lease auction was illegal, no it wasn't. Just because a lib obama appointed shill decried it to be "illegal" doesn't make it so. Buerocrats proclaiming something "illegal" have no more validity than another buerocrat later calling it "legal". Remember that when the Republican president elected next year appoints someone that makes the opposite decrie. I expect none of you enviro whacko's to make a cingle complaint about it because you are the ones that are claiming that they can make those calls. If one can do it then another can do it the opposite way.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"He lied, obstructed lawful government proceedings and caused extraordinary loss to others".

Now he's a convicted felon. I hope he learned his lesson. Next time he's about to break the law perhaps he'll actually think. I don't have a problem not agreeing with the law, but there are legal ways to change it. Until then, obey!

Danish American
Payson, UT

We should also arrest and try Salazar who said that after 10-years we haven't studied the situation enough and cancelled the leases even though all the laws had been followed.

Robb C
Salt Lake City, UT

Many of you writing in support of him are making some purely emotional arguments. "Illegal auction?" Try that argument when you fail to pay your "illegal taxes." "Utah justice?" This was a federal case and a federal judge. Had nothing to do with Utah.

We are a nation of laws. Break them and you must be prepared to pay the consequences. Given the penalty he might have received, he got off lightly.


One should always honor, obey and sustain the law. But what was so terrible that this fellow did when those like Bush and his cohorts invaded a sovereign nation (Iraq) on the ruse of ridding Saddam of WMDs but none were found and later they would say 'we thought that had WMDs'. What has been gained and the truth of the matter is this is the crux of the debt we have in this country? Bush and his cohorts are now living a life of luxury with R and R and no crime committed when they should be tried for 'crimes against humanity and war crimes' but there is no law for what they have done by killing, maiming, destroying livelihoods, a country's infrastructure and scorching their earth. $17. billion dollars lost and unaccounted for during their watch and no crime for this either. Read where Bush is making millions giving speeches, why is this not this money garnish to help repay the cost of a war that should never have been? Oh no, the Republicans are mostly Christians but they love war!! And how does this fit in with Alma Chapter 43? Tell it like it is!!!

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