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Published: Tuesday, July 26 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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West Jordan, Utah

"When people show up, like Brother Staples, and speak of receiving guidance outside normal channels, we become concerned,"

Hmmmm. The church holds Joseph Smith in extremely high regard and they claim he received guidance outside normal channels. We should keep our eyes on Brother Staples. Maybe he knows something.

Tyler Ray
Taylorsville, UT

the difference between Staples and Joseph Smith is that when Joseph Smith was getting guidance there was no prophet on the earth, therefore per LDS belief Joseph was called by God to be the prophet, hence the channel of revelation.

Manti, UT

I thought this poor man was going to be taken home to be cared for by his family. At least that's what one of the posts said the last time he was in the Deseret News. I sure hope his family is here to support him.

Ogden, UT

"Hmmmm. The church holds Joseph Smith in extremely high regard and they claim he received guidance outside normal channels. We should keep our eyes on Brother Staples. Maybe he knows something."

Wrong. The Church does NOT believe that Joseph Smith received guidance outside of normal channels. A true prophet receive revelation directly from God, which is what happened with Joseph Smith. This man isn't claiming to be a prophet, he's claiming to be Jesus Christ himself. Big difference.

Santa Ana, CA

Let's hope he can be evaluated for mental illness "brain disorder". If he has been delusional, clearly this is a case of someone not taking their medication. Hopefully this saint can get the help he needs. Most mentally ill people I have worked with are very intelligent and articulate; however, off their medication they think they are Jesus Christ or John the Baptist!

Salt Lake City, UT

If the Church thinks that Jail is the only way to help Brother Staples, than they have a serious problem; another solution is that Brother Staples should have gone to his Bishop for assistance.

Abbe Faria
Draper, UT

As a church member, I am a little disappointed to see this. What do you think Jesus would do in this situation? Don't you think he would hear the guy out? He obviously wants to speak to the prophet really badly. Pres. Monson could even have security there the whole time. I believe that Jesus would have taken this guy and comforted him, or at least listened to what he had to say. He wouldn't have him arrested I am pretty sure. They're saying he is a reasonable man, just really wants to see the prophet.

Whos Life RU Living?
Ogden, UT

Wouldn't that be funny if Bro Staples really was Jesus?

Salt Lake City, UT

The article said they had directed him to go to his own Bishop and local church leaders. But he continued to try to see the Prophet. There are proper channels to go through. But just going there and demanding to see the Prophet is NOT the way to do it. I bet if he went to try and see the Pope in the same manner the Catholics would have had him arrested to.

Ogden, UT

To noneck62:

The article specifically says "When people show up, like Brother Staples, and refuse to accept our advice to go to an ecclesiastical leader, and become a persistent nuisance, speaks of receiving guidance outside normal channels, we become concerned,"

By "guidance outside normal channels", they're talking about going to see a bishop or stake president with your issues. The President of the Church does not need to handle every-day issues. That's what ward and stake leaders are for.

And the Church isn't who decided to send this guy to jail. They asked him to leave SEVERAL times, not just once or twice. From there on out it's up to the police to decide what to do with him, not the church.

Maricopa, AZ

noneck, try rereading the whole article without the attitude. You'll find it most illumiating.

Gregg Weber

We are human. Most of us, Jesus excepted, has dropped a ball at one time or another. Even Bishops. This is a learning opportunity for all of us. Sure, there are those that complain, but it is better to identify problems, rather than just complain, and fix them.
Tangent? What does church Handbooks and aircraft manuals have in common? Much of them are written in blood in that an aircraft goes down, meets it's shadow, flies into a stuffed cloud, or whatever, whether by technical problem, pilot error ("short between the headphones"), or whatever, there is a loss and additions to the manual reflect what was learned.
The difference? To some degree, revelation.

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

Abbe Faria, you stated:

"As a church member, I am a little disappointed to see this. What do you think Jesus would do in this situation?"


People ask this a lot, obviously, but one of the things that many miss is that the Bible does not really answer that question. I'm referencing the Bible for a reason, just bare with me.

1- statements from church leaders about Joseph Smith are generally very one-sided and are only praising. This isn't bad, but they give a very specific view of Joseph that I doubt he would have given himself. I remember the first time I read the King Follett Discourse, although a transcription, I believe it was much closer to capturing Joseph's speech than most accounts of the man.

2- The New Testimant has an account of Jesus Christ's life, but it wasn't written by him nor did it cover every action he made. It covered the notable things he did that were public or needed to be recorded. If a satan-worshiper wished to speak with him, he may have said no- we just don't know everything.

I'm only saying 'what would Jesus do?' often can't literally be answered.

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

I should add to my previous 'what would Jesus do?' post...

The reason I wanted to address this question was to make another point entirely, which I forgot to make.

My first point, was that we can't really answer that question appropriately.

My MAIN point in the end was to say that it is entirely possible that President Monson or others involved in the church specific to this issue, were doing what Jesus would have done. All I'm really saying in the end is that we don't really know. We often like to think 'this is the Christ-like attitude' and forget that this isn't always the case. There are many things yet to be revealed because we can't handle everything right now... thus line upon line, etc- but the point... perhaps the church did, very literally, the right thing. We don't know everything, but I believe Monson is doing the work of God just fine. That's all we really need to worry about. In the end, we don't judge the men but trust the work they do. I mean this in a friendly way, not judging you... just suggesting my view on it. :)

Salt Lake, UT

I think it's clear this man has mental health issues and hopefully those will be addressed and cared for. It's unlikely he's a real threat-more of a public nuisance-and hopefully with proper attention and treatment he can learn to deal with his desires to meet Church leaders in ways that are socially appropriate. I don't think President Monson should visit him-otherwise there will be hundreds of people show up tommorrow at Church headquarters demanding to see him. I think the actions of the Church in this matter were appropriate.

@zer28 I love it when religious people state that someone who thinks they are Jesus is of grave concern but thinks channeling Jesus from other magical communication methods should be taken with grave seriousness.

Farmington, UT

Hind sight is 20/20 and we can't possibly know everything that went on over the course of time as this poor gentleman repeatedly came to the Church offices to see President Monson. We don't even know how many times he appeared before the prophet was apprised of the situation. This guy may have been completely sincere in thinking he was Jesus and needed to see President Monson, but let's face it, in today's society there are plenty of 'nut jobs' out there who could just as easily have come in at some point with a bomb strapped to him. There was a day when people could probably come in off the street and meet with the prophets, but those days are behind us. I am sure everyone tried their best to do what they thought was in the best interest of everyone involved. Let's hope this man gets the help now which he clearly needs. The part about "receiving guidance outside normal channels" was probably not the best choice of words and easily misconstrued; like I said, hind sight is 20/20. A little too much armchair quarterbacking going on I think.

MarieDevine Divine-Way
Kansas City, MO

Mr. Staples could have been turned to scriptures which say, If they shall say, Christ is here or there, go not after him. The Son of Man comes neither in the person of man or woman traveling the earth. That would have ended his delusion of being Jesus.

Jesus Christ is the word of God; the word of God was shown to us in the flesh so we could see what following God's word looks like. Christians are not following the word of God through Jesus and that is the message that even Prophet and First President Monson needs to focus on.

God's word cannot be followed as Christian doctrine or Muslim or Hindu doctrine; it MUST be followed as Law, so it can be judged as Law. It must conform to what is written, and confirmed with all the other scriptures considered. There are too many doctrines blocking the kingdom of God because they do not understand that God is bound by His word... He cannot lie; He cannot judge one person more favorably than another because he likes his prayers. He is NOT an unrighteous judge. Seek to establish the Kingdom of God with truth.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Abbe Faria | 10:23 a.m. July 27, 2011
"What do you think Jesus would do in this situation?"

John 2:15 Says Jesus made a whip out of cords, ran some poor souls out of the temple, scattered their money all over the floor, and scared their animals off.

What would Jesus say to this man today? "Go see your bishop".


My heart goes out to this man & his family. Unfortunately the liberal 60's come back to bite us in cases like this because of laws this man's family can do little to get him the help he needs & control his meds.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

If the Church security did nothing and then this guy attacked people we would here no end to the complaints. There is a need for security personnel to do their job, and they seem to have done it well.

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