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Published: Tuesday, July 26 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Concord, CA

I was hoping this article was about actually attending the temples which I would love to do. I did attend four in two months in the spring: Oakland, Oklahoma City, Salt Lake and Provo. I would love to visit Nauvoo, San Diego and D.C. temples and all the rest.

Tucson, AZ

My husband and I were sealed in the Mesa Temple in 1990 and had the grand idea of attending every temple in the world. We did make it to 22 and then the temple world exploded. We remember our dream fondly.


Thanks for the article. This year I started running to the temple in Bountiful from my home in Woods Cross (10.5 miles round trip). It's quite a climb (1,000 feet) and takes a good hour and forty-five minutes get there and back, but it's also more than just a landmark to run to. Taking nothing away from actually passing through its doors, I viewed it as an inspirational way to begin the day.


A couple other ideas. From a recent Slate article on Carmegeddon came the line,'the real point here is not to demonstrate the feasibility of traveling from airport to airport, but to make a case for the bike for all kinds of trips, even those trips that we write off in our heads as implausible by anything but car.' Would anyone be interested in visiting historic church sites, like Palmyra, Harmony, Kirtland, Far West, Nauvoo, by bike and maybe taking in some of the pageants and visiting the temples? I know of a Brother back in our stake in Oklahoma that has visited many of the temples by motorcycle.

Living Creation

This is Jody here, and I just finished posting the blog about the whole Temple to Temple ride. The Living Creation link in the article will take you to it. Mike is planning on doing a bicycle ride from Nauvoo to Kirtland in September, and we will be seeing some of the church history sites along the way. We will be following the Zion's Camp Trail when possible. It is a great experience to plan a ride to places that have significance for you, and have other people involved in making it happen. We do sessions in the temples whenever possible. It is a great adventure.

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