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Published: Monday, July 25 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Gilbert, AZ

"In 2009, current BYU starting quarterback Jake Heaps won MVP honors at the Elite 11. To receive pledges from two MVPs in the course of three years is a big deal for QB coach Brandon Doman."

The BYU quarterback factory is alive and well!

Roy, UT

This says alot for Brandon Doman and a lot for the BYU program and it's scouting! Bigger still for Mangum and for the future of BYU football!!! This is a big deal, and our recruits will only get better!

Heber City, UT

Wouldn't that be absolutely amazing to have two more BYU QB's winning the Heisman. Man can only dream of such lofty aspirations.

Frisco, TX

This is just one more classic example of how inaccurate the stars rating system really is. In most situations athletes need to be from prominent high school programs in Texas, California and Florida or be recruited by top programs in AQ conferences to receive 5 stars. The Elite 11 left little doubt that Tanner is one of the exceptional QB talents in the nation and is clearly a 5 star talent.

The QB pipeline at BYU is looking bright with our plethora of current talent and Kuresa, Hill, Olsen and Mangum waiting in the wings. These QB will attract a ton of other offensive talent in the coming years. Go Cougs!

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

This is just such a great story all around. I can't imagine anyone could find anything negative to say.

At all.

Sandy, UT

If he does as much as Jake Hypes has done so far at BYU, there isn't much to worry about for their opponents.

I am not impressed with him so far.

Salt Lake City, UT


"I am not impressed with him so far."

Then, either you didn't pay much attention to last half of Jake's freshman season, or you're a poor judge of quarterback talent.

Either way, Jake will do plenty this coming season to impress even the biggest skeptics.

Eagle Mountain, UT

What a downer! You sound jealous!

"If he does as much as Jake Hypes has done so far at BYU, there isn't much to worry about for their opponents.
I am not impressed with him so far."

Heaps broke many freshman BYU QB records last season. This means he is one of the best Freshmen ever in the state of Utah. This season will reveal a lot about him again as his season can be compared to full seasons against Detmer and Hall. Time will tell.
Top rated QB's continue to commit to BYU. It is going to continue to get better for BYU.

Let's see how you feel about him after you watch all the BYU games this season.

Bloomington, IN

RE: GoGetter
"If he does as much as Jake Hypes has done so far at BYU, there isn't much to worry about for their opponents."

Even if Heaps never took a snap at BYU he was a tremendous get. He is chiefly responsible for Apo and Stout coming to the Y and has helped in the recruiting of several other top players. Lucky for us he's a pretty decent QB too. I think he'll have a phenomenal season, picking up right where he left off at the end of last season. Over the last eight games he was one best QBs in the country.

Mangum should have a similar impact on recruiting. He's is a fantastic athlete and an even better person. Welcome to cougar nation Tanner. Go Cougs!

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm glad to hear he had such a great performance. I hope he stays with his decision to go to BYU (because a lot of schools will be looking to snatch him away during the next few months).

Lehi, UT

Mangum was trying to get other recruits to consider BYU. Doesn't sound like he's wavering. Plus, We won't see him on campus for 3 more years. King Jake will be in the pros by then fighting for his clipboard trying to learn the Sunday game.

Omaha, NE

"I am not impressed with him so far."

How much tape of him did you watch the last few weeks? Oh yeah, the same as the rest of us...none! Thanks for your expert opinion and evaluation of him. You must work at ESPN.

Frisco, TX

Any weakness that Heaps showed the first half of his Freshman campaign was a result of him only getting 1/2 the reps in Spring and Fall practice. Once he was named the starter, and got all his reps; he began to demonstrate what he was capable of.

You may see the best Sophomore QB in the history of BYU this Fall. He got all his reps in the Spring, he's led the team during off-season workouts, and quite frankly - Hoffman, Apo, Jacobsen, DiLuigi, Quezada and Kariya may make Heaps look even better than he really is.

I hate to wish away my life, but September 3 can't come quick enough.

West Jordan, UT

"This says alot for Brandon Doman and a lot for the BYU program and it's scouting!"

I am going to disagree with this statement a little. I think it says more about the enormous and growing potential of LDS athletes in this country. That two of the last 3 MVP's of the Elite 11 camp happen to be LDS is pretty amazing, but then add on top of that the fact that one of the most highly recruited high school basketball players in the country, Chicago native Jabari Parker, is also LDS. I doubt BYU will be able to land Jabari since he will probably have offers from the likes of Duke and Kansas, but it does show the tremendous pool of talent there is out there among the LDS population at a time when BYU is striking out for independence in football, and their basketball team had the consensus National Player of the Year. BYU football has been able to land a lion's share of these top LDS athletes, but the basketball team has not been as competitive because it does not have the strong tradition that BYU football has. I think Coach Rose will change that.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

And don't forget Hill is also a stud quarterback from IDAHO who commited to Standford before his mission. BYU is loaded with qbs, now if we can just keep getting quality receivers for them to throw to.

Sandy, UT

Why would I be jealous of a QB that takes their team to a 6-5 record?

He looked like an ordinary QB; sure he will only get better and I know that, but I really think he is hyped up, just like how the BYU Cougars fanbase claimed their 25th or so preseason national championship title.

Hypes had no big key wins, just barely making his team bowl eligible last season.

I'm not bashin on the kid, but I'm saying he is way over-hyped.

Farid @ Pocatello
Pocatello, ID

I have been a BYU fan since I joined the Church in 1978. I have watched/listened to every game since the following season. In all those years, I can't recall any true freshman who played a significant amount of time. Kevin Feterik was 5-8 for 26 yards as a freshman. Ty Detmer was a red-shirt freshman--and 21 years old--when he threw for 1252 yards and 13 TD's.

Heaps was 18--a true freshman, barely out of high school--last year, completing 57% of his passes for 2,316 yards and 15 touchdowns.

To the reader who said that Heaps hadn't showed him much last year, all he did was outdo every other true-frosh in BYU's history. How much more can he do?

By the way, as a freshman, Jordan Wynn threw for 1,329 yards and 8 TD's.

Heaps may not be the best QB ever to play at BYU, but he sure has the chance to be.

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT

I assume that Dick just forgot to mention that Mangum was the CO MVP with two other QB's at the camp. Mangum did not have the hionors all to himself. That is to take nothing away from him. Wilson did not even make the top 11, so that shows how much better Mangum is right now. Like I have said many times before, please, let us wait until they actually play a game before we post judgement on these young QB's. They could both be great, or they could be busts. We do not know.

Heaps could also become one of the best QB's ever in the Y's history, but basing on what he did the last half of the season against pathetic competition is not a good indicator of what may happen in the future. Other than the UTEP game, Heaps I don't think had a QB rating of over 125. In college that is terrible. I should look that stat up, but I remember someone sayng that. I hope for both their sakes, that Wilson and Mangum both turn out to be great QB's, & have a friendly rivalry here in the future.

Salt Lake City, UT


Can you quote even one comment from any real BYU fan on ANY comment board proclaiming that BYU was going to win the National Championship in 2010? or 2009? or 2008? etc., ad nauseum.

Gilbert, AZ

Papa Smurf UTE

"Other than the UTEP game, Heaps I don't think had a QB rating of over 125."

Heaps averaged 152.19 the final six games of his Freshman year, including ratings of:


Doing the math, I think you discover that's FOUR games significantly over your lowball 125 rating.

btw, Wynn averaged 130.75 as a Freshman and 139.85 as a Sophomore.

Heaps threw 14 TDs in his final six games as a true Freshman year surrounded by a completely new set of skill position players, most of whom were Freshmen.

Wynn threw 17 TDs during his entire Sophomore year surrounded by experienced skill position players.

Trying to attribute Heaps' vast improvement the 2nd of the season strictly to weaker competition simply proves how little you actually paid attention to the actual footwork, poise, reads, arm strength, accuracy, and timing Heaps exhibited when he was finally given full-time starter reps in practice.

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