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Published: Monday, July 25 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Beverly Hills, CA

Is that a a picture of Hebert waving to the company that Utah paid 13 million $ to for constructing absolutely nothing?

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Congratulations to the U of U. Their float represented excitement, fun, and a bright future. No wonder I am proud to be a Utah Man.


Disappointing parade and event to say the least. Not worth the effort.

Salt Lake City, UT


Sandy, UT

Waiting for the parade we were sitting right in front of a gang house, they were yelling at people they were trying to pick fights, some of the guys were high on drugs and walking around the crowd. Some other gang members walked by the house and that nearly caused a big fight until the police came for the second time. Some people got up and had to move to another spot because they were afraid for their families. Something needs to be done before next year, things could have really gotten bad.

Roy, UT

If your not proud to be a Pioneer or your MORMON HERITAGE, then don't bother going if you want to complain about it, nobody is pointing a gun to your head and giving you a full days wage for having a day off, we just are proud of our great heritage! Go to work and sit in the parking lot for 8 hours so you feel like you aren't a part, that will make you feel better! It's people like a couple of these commentors that drove us here to begin with! It's more of a celebration of RELIGIOUS FREEDOM and "The Desert Blossoming as a Rose" along with the sacrafices of those that made Utah the great state it is, and not a bunch a whining drunks and druggies who cry they aren't getting enough free government subsidies and freebies! It's about a people who love this country and what it is supposed to represent, and it is about a people who worked hard to give us, the citizens of Utah the great state that it has become! If you don't like it, California and New York will give you everything for free, MOVE ON!!!

David H
Layton, UT

Looks like I missed a really good parade. My only critique would be if it's called the days of '47, then there should be oxen pulling covered wagons. To my knowledge there were very few pioneers pulling handcarts in 1847. The Marin and Willey handcart companies arrived in 1857. If I were an 1847 pioneer and saw all the handcarts and no oxen pulling wagons, I probably wouldn't like it because that's not how it really was.

Bill Shakespeare
Salt Lake City, UT

This heritage fills me with joy. I'm thrilled we can celebrate it. I hope everyone can press on in their daily lives, with faith in their footsteps.

Mom of 2
Eagle Mountain, UT

Sounds fun. Too bad my company doesn't recognize it as a holiday! I never get Pioneer Day off.

West Jordan, UT

Well done, just a bit homogeneous. Nice crowd and well organized. To bad it only represents a portion of Utah, but that is their choice. But what else would you expect for Utah's annual "Mormon Pride Day".

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