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Published: Friday, July 22 2011 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Irvine, CA

...the 6-foot-6 quarterback has all the tools to make it at the next level...

Who can help him to that next level? Norm Chow.
Who is better than Norm Chow to do that? No one exists yet.

What have I done to deserve this--a great So Cal kid being turned into a great QB for a great team playing in a greate conference.
All are just great.

I can't wait to see the Utes...and I will be able to see more Utes in action now in So Cal.

Irvine, CA

Allow me to answer the Cougars' assumptions above...

Grade "A" student + Grade "B-" teacher/mentor --> Grade "B+" student
(Mangum + Dorman)

Grade "A" student + Grade "A+" teacher/mentor --> Grade "A+" student
(Wilson + Chow)

Enough said.

Lehi, UT

Tanner and Travis became friendly rivals at the Elite 11. They probably even cheered for one another. Maybe we should emulate their fine example. Besides, we only have to see each other once a year for football unless. The loser has no chance at a NC game and the winner probably doesn't have a chance either. "Row, row,
row your boat gently down the stream" doesn't apply to either team this year. I'd say it is more like white water rafting for both.
Everybody stay safe for the rest of the Summer. Stay cool.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

PAC-12 foes take note!

As a life long Utah fan I doubt if Utah has ever had a quarterack ranked this high out of high school. Certainly not in recent history. You would have to go back to the early 1980's and Scott Mitchell to even come close. But how have the Utes done without such a quarterback? Try two undefeated season in the past 10 years. Try two BCS wins. Try winning the highest percentage of bowl wins (among all with 10 bowl games or more. Try the second longest winning streak in bowl games all time. Try earning an invitation to one of the premier sports conferences in the nation.

Now look to the possible future. With a head coach that was ranked first in the nation in development of his players. With a new quarterback coach, Norm Chow, credited with developing three Heisman Trophy winners. With a new conference where team play on the field will be acknowledged for what it is - not with the questions about the level of opponents, etc. Put these together with a quarterback invited to the Elete Eleven competition and the future looks incredibly bright.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Come, now, cougar faithful! Let us not be churlish or arrogant.

Just because our little brothers (some) repeated incessantly the chant that no can come out of Idaho, ever, and that not only is southern California the center of the HS football recruiting universe, it IS the universe...

...doesn't mean we have rub it in while savoring the moment. Really.

Just because the relations to the north consistently belittle, bemoan, decry and deflate every one of our accomplishments as outdated, overstated, inflated and irrelevant - now, when they are left with absolutely nothing to say, the best thing to say is...


Which is why I couldn't do it. Way to go, Tanner and Travis! You both have represented well! Now get back to work, this isn't the end of the race.

West Jordan, UT


Your grades seem a bit arbitrary. I see things a bit differently. Consider:

Grade "A+" student + Grade "B+" teacher/mentor --> Grade "A" student
(Mangum + Dorman)

Grade "A" student + Grade "A" teacher/mentor (25-yrs ago) --> Grade "?" student
(Wilson + Chow)

My concern, and I think it is valid is that Chow has effectively been fired from his last two jobs and hasn't held a steady coaching position since he left BYU. He may be great, but then Ute fans say the BYU team in 1984 didn't face the same competition as teams today. Is Chow really an "A" coach or a "C" coach that got lucky with a couple BYU QBs 25 yrs ago? Honest question.

Captain L
Provo, UT

chicagoborn: As a BYU fan, I don't appreciate your mud slinging, negative, degrading comments. That is exactly what I hate about so many of the ute fans/trolls that post, negative, degrading comments with no basis and no truth. It shows no character, we all need to be above that kind of thing. There is no reason not to congratulate Wilson and wish him the best. Go Cougs.

Captain L
Provo, UT

SoCalUtahFan: You have no basis for your slam on Doman(it is totally unnecessary) and although Norm has had a great career as a coach he seems to be on the down hill slide, I wouldn't degrade Doman if I were you, it will probably come back to bite you.

Idaho Coug
Meridian, Idaho

Real BYU fans want to see Utah do well. I will be rooting for the Utes to win the Pac 12 and it is good to see they are bringing on a top QB in Wilson. I would rather beat a 10-2 Utah than a 6-6 Utah any day.

It is great to see a BYU recruit win another Elite 11 MVP award. But with BYU recruits the long layoff always makes things a crapshoot. Hopefully the timing is right with Mangum and he doesn't follow the timing of Lark and Munns who likely will not see any quality playing time due to when they returned from their missions.

Salt Lake City, UT

Heaps > Wynn

Mangum > Wilson

One school is known for producing great quarterbacks like Jim McMahon, Steve Young, and Ty Detmer.

One school is known for Alex Smith.

Doman is an exciting, rising star in college coaching.

Chow had a great run at BYU, but is nearing retirement and is being paid a half-million this year NOT to coach at UCLA.

BYU fans are genuinely excited about the prospects of Heaps having a breakout season.

Utah fans are silently crossing their fingers hoping that Wynn won't be a disaster.

Utah fans can spin all they want to, but we all know they'd trade Wynn and Wilson for Heaps and Mangum in a heartbeat.

Orem, UT

"Tanner Mangum continues to define himself as one of America's best QBs. Red-hot performances. Ice-cold nerves. Extremely talented!"

"No one else had a performance that was in the same stratosphere as Mangum on Thursday. While many prospects were dragging, struggling with their reads and physically lethargic, Mangum stepped under center and immediately brought energy, confidence and excitement to the huddle."

Heaps is just getting started and the BYU quarterback factory is already working on the next edition of great BYU quarterbacks.

Ann Arbor, MI

"One school is known for producing great quarterbacks like Jim McMahon, Steve Young, and Ty Detmer."


That's like saying Navy is known for producing roger Stauback....hmm, try to keep it in this Century.

Let's update..k?

One school is known for producing great quarterbacks like John Beck and Max Hall.

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT


Why would we trade Wynn and Wilson for Heaps and Mangum? Explain the reasoning behind that profetic comment. Heaps may in fact become a great QB in his time in Provostan, but other than the game against crappy Utep, he has not had a QB rating over 125. If he was playing in the NFL that would be the great, but he played against pathetic teams at the end of the year, & still had a bad QB rating. I wish him all the best, but he has proved nothing so far. As of right now I would trade Wynn for Andrew Luck, but definitely not Heaps and Mangum.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT


last century, this century, any century, one school is known for producing ZERO great quarterbacks

Gilbert, AZ

Papa Smurf UTE

"Why would we trade Wynn and Wilson for Heaps and Mangum? Explain the reasoning behind that profetic comment."

The reasoning will become crystal clear this year and next year for Heaps vs Wynn; Mangum vs Wilson remains to be seen.

scenic view
Baltimore, MD

Papa Smurf

"other than the game against crappy Utep, he has not had a QB rating over 125."

This is why Utah fans should stick to evaluating defensive linemen; they know nothing about evaluating QBs.

Heaps averaged 152.19 the final six games of his Freshman year, including ratings of 162.25, 242.64, 137.1, and 171.69.

Wynn averaged 130.75 as a Freshman and 139.85 as a Sophomore.

Heaps threw 14 TDs the final six games of his Freshman year.
Wynn threw 17 TDs during his entire Sophomore year.

And lets not forget, Wynn was surrounded by experienced skill position players.

Heaps not only had to deal with the two-headed QB monster, but was also surrounded by a completely new set of skill position players, most of whom were Freshmen.

Heaps' footwork, poise, and reads, even as a Freshman, were light years ahead of Wynn as a Sophomore.

Utah fans comparing Heaps to Wynn are going to look as foolish as Utah fans who were comparing Jimmer to Henderson a year ago.

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