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Published: Thursday, July 21 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Pleasant View, Utah

Congrats to Travis Wilson for most likely cementing his place in the final 11. I read a report that had him listed at #5 after today. It's pretty remarkable that 2 of the top 11 QB's in the nation will be playing in the state of Utah.

sports fan
Provo, UT

IIt is exciting to be a college football fan in the state of Utah! Can't wait for the season to start! Go utes!

El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID

Tanner Magnum was rated as the #2 QB in the camp after today... just sayin!

And Tanner Magnum is a cooler name that Travis Wilson...

Tanner Magnum could throw a football over them mountains!


El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID

In all seriousness, it appears that both schools are getting a couple phenomenal QB's! I read that Boise State also has a QB at the camp.

It'll be fun to root for these three programs in the upcoming years.

Springville, UT

Wow, a Ute football story after a long drought. Utes are relevant again... ho hum.

Classless Ute Fan
Magna, UT


The number of stories about a team on a particular newspaper website is not what I would consider making them relevant. I've seen articles posted daily on ESPN about the Utes football. Maybe if they got more Utah dedicated writers on this site, you would see more information. But since the church is affiliated with this newspaper/website, you would expect to see more information on the team that they really sponsor.

So, I'd rather see my team with daily articles on ESPN instead of some local news outlet. But thanks for trying.

Can't wait for the season to begin. It is going to be an exciting season. It will be great to see Travis lighting up the competition in a red/white uniform.

Go Utes!!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Good for Wilson. Seems like a nice kid.

I can't see the Utes NOT being successful with Whitt at the helm. Great defensive coordinator, and gets smarter as a head coach all the time. Yeah, the Wyoming onside kick was weenie, but that was a long time ago, and he was new as the HC.

Hiring Chow was a great move. Chow didn't prosper in Tennessee, and not so much in UCLA, either, but he had a great career at USC and BYU. Obviously he is a great draw as a recruiter, he has connections in Hawaii, and he knows the PAC. Smart, smart move by Whitt.

Of course, you have to wonder how long Chow will be able to coach. He is older than the average coach. He went to the U when it was the University of Deseret, so he knows the history and tradition. In fact, I think he was the ball boy on the '44 NCAA basketball team.

Fort Hood, TX

This guy makes my insides tingle. We're gonna have a hard time picking out QBs in a few years. I almost want to move this kid to defensive line, much like Kruger, and let him chase down QBs and swat balls out of the air. With his size, opposing QBs wouldn't be able to through to half the field.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Great get for Utah. Big and athletic. I wish him luck.
The best thing about both Utah schools having QB's in the Elite ll is that it eliminates a lot of the chest thumping that those with low IQ's like to post about the recruiting success of their school.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

@ rational

Norm Chow was born in 1946.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

This is great for the future of our program. It will be a lot easier to compete in the PAC-12 with a QB like Travis Wilson.

Saint George, UT

I hope the Utes do well in the Pac 12 and prove that the State of Utah has some great Football talent to recon with. Travis is a great recruit for the Utes. I love the coaching staff at the U and wish them well this year. I'll cheer on the Utes in every game except the one on September 17.

Go Cougs, Go Utes.

South Jordan, UT

This is such a good get for the Utes. I'm actually really excited about this one. I sure hope he grows up very fast because they are going to need him ASAP. They don't have anyone else that is even close to making them successful in the PAC. BYU is in great shape, and Utah State is actually in great shape at the QB position as well. It's great to live in Utah and have so much talent in the pipe line just waiting for their chance. Great get Utah.

Go Aggies, Go BYU and Go Utes!

Murray, UT

There is a castle, and there is the moat
When we win we will always gloat
If you're not on board, get off the boat
Even when it's cold I wont wear a coat

go utes

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

@ sammyg | 11:30 p.m. July 21, 2011
Springville, UT

Only in Springville does the amount of stories in the Deseret News determine a team's relevance.

Meridian, ID

Travis looks like a great recruit for the U

Hope he and Shreve push Wynn to a higher level of performance

Sunnyvale, CA


You really want to take one of the top QB in the nation and move him to defense? I agree his size might make that look like a good move, but I don't think so unless we get an even better QB prospect on board. Just one Ute's opinion.

How many days 'til the first game? I can't wait.

Moab, UT

41 more days


"hes performed very well and is expected to be ranked within the top 11 at weeks end."


Now that Tanner Mangum kid, he's something ; )

Idaho Falls, ID

Wilson was good at the camp but noy elite! Just like his utes. Now Mangum, well another Elite11 MVP for the Cougars!!!

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