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Published: Thursday, July 21 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Murray, UT

Why didn't they move the clinic deeper into Mexico (which has fine facilities away from the border?)

Mexico has a private and public health care system that is on par with the US. Many American doctors train there, and many Mexican doctors train here. "Public health care is provided to all Mexican citizens as guaranteed via Article 4 of their Constitution." (Wikipedia, Mexico's health care system)

I think it's great what the Shriners do, but I would hope they think about moving to countries that don't have the health care that Mexico has(Nicaragua, Honduras?)

Kearns, UT

Why don't the foreign nationals use their own health care services in Mexico? Health care in the United States is not free either, and its time they learn how to pay for some of their responsibilty.

It's about time the border is showing some security. If the shiners wanted illegal foreign nationals in their hospitals, they would go get them. The shiners is a US organization, not an international free care clinic. The only reason the Shriners does see them when they are here is because they do it through the emergency rooms to make American taxpayers pay their bills.

We cannot have any more sympathy laws in the US, they are killing the economy.

M. Matchette
Syracuse, Utah

Good points RichardB, and may I add that maybe the US DOJ and the ATF ought not to be colluding together and shipping arms to the drug lords and blaming it on the US 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.

Murray, UT

There is a Shriners hospital in Mexico city.

Santa Clara, UT

I have a friend who is retired and living in Lake Chapala area just outside of Guadalajara. He says his expatriate health care premium is $18 per month and that the care is quite good, in fact excellent. One thing that might help is for Mexico to lower its passport fees and subsidise visa costs. $600 is outrages. Seems to me that Mexico could do more for their citizens who have problems such as told in this story. Mexico is blessed with vast amounts of oil and certainly could do so if the will/desire was there to do it.

Ms Molli
Bountiful, Utah

Treat them in Mexico.

Ogden, UT

@tenx Mexico is blessed with vast amounts of oil and certainly could do so if the will/desire was there to do it.

That sums up Mexico no will including corrupt officials. The Mexican people have plenty of will when it comes to going north and sucking the life blood out of America but when it comes to doing what it takes to change their own country they do nothing. Gutty americans revolted against tyrany but the mexicans do nothing.

Flagstaff, AZ

Not to sound heartless.... especially when little kids are involved... but isn't it about time that
the Mexican government take some responsibility for its own citizens. If indeed they don't have
the facilities in Mexico to tend to the special needs of these children then they should at least be
agreeable to being billed for these services provided by us or any other country. This attitude that
everything is free in the United States has to be curbed. Nothing is free, someone always has to pay
the bill, either directly or indirectly. They encourage their citizens to break our immigration laws.
Why? Because they know when they get here and get jobs they will literally send billions of dollars
back to Mexico. It's a giant source of revenue for Mexico, why would they not encourage it. Yet I
never hear any of our elected officials or illegal immigrant sympathizers get on Mexico's government
to do right by its citizens. We're the bad guys for trying to enforce our immigration laws. They'll
protest up here against our government when they should be protesting down there against their
government, Sorry, a little off topic but related.

Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

Oh my, another pull at the heartstrings article from the DN in support of illegal immigration. The family in the article did not sneak in across the border whIch is good. The answer is for private individuals/entities to voluntarily pay the visa, travel, and medical costs. Taxpayers are already paying too much in services for illegals.

Kearns, UT

Most people think of Mexico as not having the ability to help it's people, so they need to come to America for the American people to save them. The news outlets also support this idea. It is refreshing to read comments from people who are willing to speak out with knowledgeable info. We, in America are being lied to and scammed by businesses, news outlets and charities who make a living off of naive, uneducated American citizens.


NO to universal health care. But please provide it for the south americans and cut medicaid and medicare to trim the deficit. How stupid is this?

BYU Papa
Cedar Hills, ut

It would be nice if our governments could cooperate for the benefit of the people of Mexico and here in the United States. Through cooperative effort hospitals could be built on both sides of the boarder. US citizens would spend money and buy homes for vacations in Mexico. People in Mexico are needed here for various forms of employment where they perform valuable service.

It should not be difficult to work things out. Mexican Officials need to recognize that people need income to help their society prosper. Maintain friendly boarders, Stop drug trafficing, Be fair to American buyers.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

6 hospitals in the L.A. area have had to close their doors due to all the free emergency room care they've had to provide to illegal immigrants. They're SUPPOSED to be reimbursed by the feds but they rarely are.

Henderson, NV

I sure hope that little girl got her hip fixed.

goochland, va

The Shriners are performing a humanitarian and compassionate service. These children and accompanying family members are coming here legally, I repeat legally. They are following all of the rules. Their only complaint is the increased fees to obtain a US visa.

Instead of pointing out the positive, the posts descend into complaints as to why these children didn't stay in Mexico or why they are getting free services and comparing them to undocumented individuals.

This child is not undocumented and neither are the parents. They return to Mexico after the procedures. They are not getting services that taxpayers are funding. This is purely a compassionate service where everyone obeys all the rules. Their only complaint is in the increase in fees for US visas and not for Mexican visas.

Great story on the compassion people still have.

Murray, UT


If it costs so much to come here, why not move the clinic into Mexico, or use the Shriners hospital in Mexico city. Wouldn't it be cheaper?

Why does the article complain about the fees, if there is a cheaper alternative for them?


Shriners provides services to children regardless of their nationality or financial resources, including children in the US who cannot afford care or whose local hospitals are not equipped with the expertise or facilities to provide complex orthopedic surgeries. I suppose many of the posters will be deriding these acts of service as well if their parents are gang members, on well fare, or drug users. I can tell you that many similarly bigoted people think that someone who is overweight and has diabetes, high blood pressure, or who doesn't exercise should be left to their own devices and doesn't deserve time or assistance, much less health care dollars spent on preventable illnesses. I'm sure a lot of posters would fall into that category, especially from what I've seen in Utah. Also, how many posters come from "illegals" who stole native american land and then overlooked genocide to get the wealth that now allows such xenophobic ideas to be put into policy? Unless you're American Indian, you're an illegal, we'd all do well to remember that.

Hispanic in St George
Saint George, UT

It is hard to believe that the DN is running yet another article in support of the Mexican people's abuse of our institutions, in the name of "compassion". A dislocated hip is not that unusual of a procedure that has to be done in the US. Mexico has good health care, but of course, it is easier to take advantage of the free services that should be used for our own people. There are also many under developed countries all over the world that could use this help. I am glad that I don't subscribe to the DN any longer. I think I ought to stop reading their e-page also... it is nothing but an aggravations!

Santa Clara, UT

DMN - How about a story on a family in southern Sudan who has no hospital to go to and if they do make it to a border of Chad, CAR, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Uganda or other, there are no hospitals there either. Those are the people I feel compassion for. Please folks, send some donations to a relief agency of your choice. Maybe even the DMN could lead the way.

Kearns, UT

From reading some of these comments, I am to understand Shriners does not take any federal aid like medicaid? It is all total charity based? Who has that much money to donate? I do understand it is a tax write off to donate, but I would be surprised if they do not take advantage of available tax dollars.

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