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Published: Wednesday, July 20 2011 5:00 a.m. MDT

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Morgan, UT

There is hope for the future in young men with this sense of self, character and realizing there are greater things in life than sports. I am proud of each of these men and all the others who follow in the same shadow.

Provo, UT

Bad choice, Dallen. I made the same mistake and lived to regret it. If Jimmer can be a better missionary on the court than off, the same is true for you on the field. God gave you those gifts for a reason, and it was not to turn your back on them and lower yourself to the mediocrity of common missionary work that anybody could do.

I'm just sayin'.

Snowflake, AZ

We can only hope that he will give BYU some consideration!

Deep Space 9, Ut

TO "I M LDS 2 | 9:33 a.m." so what you are saying is that it is better to go against the word of the Prophets than it is to obey it. Wow, your screen name would indicate that you are LDS, but are you LDS in name only?

Salt Lake City, UT

Right choice, Dallen. The people of Chile will be greatly blessed by your decison to serve. The talents and gifts that you have been bestowed with will allow you to alter and bless the lives of countless Chilean members and investigators. There is nothing common or mediocre about missionary work. Anyone that thinks an LDS athletes on-court performance trumps full-time missionary service has not been tuning into the last couple of Gen Conf's. Until I see some concrete numbers that show how many BofM's have been requested/placed, or discussions taught, and convert baptisms recorded due to Jimmer's on-court performance, then I will continue to hold fast to the Brethren's counsel that all worthy young men should serve, regardless of athletic prowess. I'm sure they're a lot of Uncle Rico's out there that think their 2 years of service destroyed their Big League dreams. A great example to look at is Brian Banks. A RM of the Seattle, WA Mission, BYU grad, and World Series Champion with the 2003 Florida Marlins.

Redwood Valley, CA

I hope Parker is on BYU's radar and they're heavily recruiting him.

Eagle Mountain, UT

iamlds 2;
No; buddy your not LDS. You may be a baptized member but your not in your heart. If you served a mission and still say what you did, you have some other problems you need to deal with. If you consider the salvation of souls and bringing people to the knowledge of Christ and the Atonement "mediocre" missionary work then you have serious issues. Going on a mission is 1. for the missionary and it prepares a missionary for life much better than sports or college. and 2. for the people who will be taught.

Layton, UT

There is nothing "common" about any missionary service. Honorable service to our fellow man is uncommon today. If someone regrets his service, he probably did it for the wrong reason. Service costs time, talents, and abilities. If someone does it to receive anything other than the pleasure of serving others, he will always regret the service.

Everyone should serve as he or she is able. If we aren't in the young man's family or church leadership, we shouldn't pass judgement.

LV Ute Fan
Las Vegas, NV

Good choice Dallen. Plus, in my opinion, you're going to the best mission in the church. "La Luz del Este." Enjoy Santiago, you will love it!

Idaho Falls, ID

I can't think of a situation in which going on a mission is a "bad choice."
Either IAMLDS2 is trying to get a rise out of people or he's got some serious issues against the Church.

"lower(ing) yourself to the mediocrity of common missionary work that anybody could do" is utter nonsense and arrogance, and in your mind characterizes the gifted athlete as better and above everyone else.

I don't care if you are NBA caliber, the best thing you can do for your own growth and character is to humble yourself and spend 2 years proclaiming the gospel. It IS hard work and NO, not anyone can do it.

IAMLDS2, I think you are really, really off target here. Perhaps you're just being provocative?

Maricopa, AZ

@i'mlds2,(yeah right), if you weren't so predictable you'd be clever.
It's good to see with the new life you've chosen that you now are a happier and better member of society.
Not everyone is a Jimmer, or an Osmond. Each person choses. But unless I'm sure I can have the same positive influence from my "career choice" that these people and many others have had, and have it last over a life time, then a mission is always going to be the right decision.
Bottom line, I was happy to "lower myself" to do missionary work, and it continues to bless my life 35 years later....just sayin'


Some faithful young LDS men play professional sports on Sunday. Some do not. Some faithful young LDS men who are qualified in every way choose to go on a mission. Some do not. When they are faithful, qualified, and prayerful their choice is theirs to make and is between them and God. It is foolish for me to substitute my view for theirs. Paul reminded us we are all the Lord's servants, and therefore it is between the servant and his Lord alone for any judgment to be made. (Romans 14: 1-10.) I like Paul's recommendation that we all get "persuaded in our own mind" of what we decide to do, but stop short of "despising him that" chooses differently. I trust any prayerful decision is right for the person involved, whether I would have made the same decision or not.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

I M LDS 2 is right.

Layton, UT

Why are people saying that someone isn't LDS just because he had a bad experience on a mission?

That isn't correct. Your thinking reminds me of all the uneducated individuals that say that "Mormons aren't Christians." We are not very tolerant when the shoe is on the other foot, and we disagree with someone else.

Let's be a church or party of one. If we disagree with someone, we kick them out of the party or church. I don't agree with anyone on everything. Do you?

hymn to the silent
Holladay, UT

Let's not forget that Steve Young's mission was to play football...as is Jake Heaps...to each his own.

Denver, CO

I M LDS 2 and Earnest T. Bass are so far off base that they really do not know where they are; or where they are going. Just sayin' . . .

Deep Space 9, Ut

To "majmajor | 2:50 p.m." it isn't that "I M LDS 2" had a bad experience. It is the fact that he is encouraging somebody else to not serve a mission because of a bad experience.

You really should read your scriptures more. Jesus said that the Gospel is not for the perfect, but for the imperfect. If "I M LDS 2" is imperfect, then what better place to learn is there than God's Church on the Earth?

Layton, UT

Redshirt1701 | 12:44 p.m. July 20, 2011
Deep Space 9, Ut
"TO "I M LDS 2 | 9:33 a.m." so what you are saying is that it is better to go against the word of the Prophets than it is to obey it. Wow, your screen name would indicate that you are LDS, but are you LDS in name only?"

Hummm. Maybe you should realize that someone is pushing your buttons. I think the other guy "has your goat." Laugh a little.

Snowflake, AZ

I agree with Denver 2:38 p.m. Please don't impose your feelings on anyone else. I personally would choose the mission. But I won't speak as one that pretends to know what God wants him to do. I had a good friend, Peter Vidmar, the Olympic gymnastic champion, that chose not to go on a mission. I discussed it with him at the time that he was deciding if he would go on a mission. I know that he sincerely prayed about his decision, and he discussed his decision with his leaders, local and General Authorities, and I believe he chose what he felt his Father in Heaven would want him to do.

I know there are some people out there saying, "But the prophet said, 'every worthy young man should go on a mission'". Does God give "exemptions" from commandments to particular individuals in extraordinary situations? Well, I believe that Nephi was definitely given an exception when he was commanded to slay Laban. Otherwise, we wouldn't have the book of Mormon. Would any of us have chastised him after he took off his head? Would you say, "Nephi, you know 'Thou shalt not kill', how could you?"

Salt Lake City, UT

Anyone equating the decision that a LDS athlete has to make in regard to missionary service to the decision that Nephi had to make in regard to Laban needs to check themselves.

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