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Published: Monday, July 18 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Mesa, AZ

Welcome home Uona. Welcome Home.

We look forward to you hitting hard, making god decisions, and playing your best.

Provo, UT

Looking forward to watching Kaveinga excel on and off the field!

Go Cougars!

Las Vegas, NV

Now i feel even better about the defense.

Go Cougars!

Layton, UT

Great write up. I'm really looking forward to watching Uona crack some heads, starting in about 47 days' time. Shades of Cameron Jensen's senior season, I hope!

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Someone should forward this article to Manti Teo.

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

Awesome! Glad to see him in Cougar blue.

But wait! I thought Utes 'fans' said that stuff like this would never happen at BYU... a Pac 10.2 football player coming to BYU? I'm just confused because they said stuff like this would never happen...


Ann Arbor, MI


It would help your creditablity if you told the "story" from all sides. One could easly have written the story as a player stuck so deep down on the depth chart at USC (BCS team) that he started looking at programs he could find playing time.

I have no quesion Uono will be the best player on the ByU defense.

Mesa, AZ

Oh hedgie,

Just couldn't stay away could you.

So this time it's he's no good, too far down on the depth chart and went somewhere to play, is it?

It is so funny that you want objectivity from the writer, yet can offer none of your own.

How about this novel concept. You find something you like about BYU and you comment on that. No hyperbole, no sarcasm, you try to give us something that shows you can write objectively.

Wanna play?

Chris Bryant

HH commented.

I predict that BYU "fans" will not be able to leave him alone. They will feed the troll and this discussion will instantly sidetrack into a back and forth chest thumping contest...........

West Jordan, UT

Cant wait to see how many times Uona, JP and KVN get ahold of Jordan Wynn on the 17th.

Since Utah has no run game, JW will be dropping back for the pass quite regularly and quite regularly he will be getting dropped for a loss. Its going to be a very frustrating day for Norm Chow and the Utah offense.

No way the Utes put up more than 10 points on BYU.

Mark. It. Down.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Stud! Can't wait to see this guy all over the field with reckless abandon, like the rest of Bronco's defenses have done with The Coach at the helm!

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

Thank you Mr Gurney. I have been using the phrase "chomping" at the bit incorrectly and never had occasion to research the proper phrase.

I researched Uona when he transferred. He was on track to take over the starting spot at USC. As a senior he would have started at either university. He would have had more playing time as an underclassman at BYU, but as a senior he was starting in either program. Great to see this kid committed to the program. I would have hated to see him run into problems as an underclassman because he came to BYU to please his parents. Look forward to watching him beat up some quartebacks this year.

Ann Arbor, MI

Chris Bryant,

Me thinks you're a kewg in Ute's clothing. I suspect you have a "quest" T-shirt and secretly think Maxie was right. Do all the Ute fans a favor and get off the fence.

Cedar Hills, UT

Remind me how many years does he have with the Cougars?

Mcallen, TX


"I have no quesion Uono will be the best player on the ByU defense"

If this statements true, he'd be the best defensive player in the state of Utah.--The next ten best will also come from BYU.


Thanks for the article BCG.
May the transfers to bYu continue. Play your 1st 2 years @ the University that is "Bush(Reggie)League". Transfer to a football school for your Undergraduate Degree.

Ann Arbor, MI

"If this statements true, he'd be the best defensive player in the state of Utah.--The next ten best will also come from BYU"


Don't tell me, tell the NFL. For Whatever reason the beg to differ.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Harvey played mostly special teams as a Freshman. He did get in a few downs making one 3 tackles, one for a 4 yd loss. He was projected as 2nd string middle linebacker his sophmore year. Don't know if he would have started his Jr. or Sr. year. Nobody on these posts knows. To claim that you do pegs you as a Yner with no credibility.

He should be an excellent player for BYU. I can't wait to see all the linebackers this Fall. They should be very good.

Frisco, TX

I think this group has the potential to be the best LB corp in the history of BYU. Not one of the best - but the best.

We've had some great LB performers in the past, but when you look at the starters and the two deep roster; I don't think we've ever had eight LBs of this quality.

Lehi, UT

Yep, Kaveinga was stuck at fourth on the linebackers depth chart behind Ray Maualuga, Brian Cushing, and Clay Matthews. All three of those guys are now All-Pro linebackers in the NFL. Kaveinga must be terrible if he can't step in and start as a freshman over the senior starter and All-American, future NFL star, Maualuga. (rolling eyes)

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