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Published: Tuesday, July 23 2013 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Rugeley, Staffs

What a wonderful reminder that we are Pioneers right now. Each of us has a load to carry, and a price to pay to further the Work of the Lord. Those wonderful ancestors, who left so much behind, and gave so much more, are a beacon to us, and a valuable guide to what can be achieved when faithful men and women unite in a mighty cause. The torch has been passed, though, and we must unite in that same cause in OUR day, and leave our own beacon to those that will follow us.

I am a convert, and am the start (pioneer) within my own family. I trust that my descendants will view my offering as worthwhile, and worthy to be followed.


Wow. How wonderful to hear and read the words of J. Reuben Clark, Jr. How wonderful to remember the great men and women of his generation with their soaring thoughts and testimonies that opened the way for the Church's entry into the modern era.

"Doc" Cleland

Even though I have been a trail historian for years, I've never heard this talk... well worth listening to. I was the first person is history to recreate the 1856 first handcart company by pulling a 217 pound cart, by myself, from Iowa City to SLC in 2009. I did so in honor of Sarah Goode Marshall, my great grandmother, who as Pres. Clark was referring to, was also the last in line of that first company. His perspective on the emotional differences from the front of the line to the back of the line are poignant indeed.

I've walked the walked and am intimately aware of the transformation that takes place by giving everything you have to accomplish this goal... to follow their/our prophet. When I first began my trek, I thought that I was recreating history... as it turns out... history was recreating me.

Allen, TX

I am always surprised, and somewhat dismayed when I see some members of the Church wear their pioneer heritage as a badge of honor, as if it set them in a class superior to other members of the Church; as if their calling and election were made sure because their ancestors came across the plains.

I am 7th generation LDS, with ancestors, the Oakeys, who came across in the Willie company.
My wife is the first in her family to join the Church. I hope one day to be the Latter-day Saint that she is.

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