Comments about ‘Ex-BYU football player Reno Mahe, 4 others face felony theft charges in gasoline case’

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Published: Thursday, July 14 2011 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Murray, UT

More exposure. Let the Justice System run its course, but this is not good.

Orem, UT

Yeah, because I've been caught, I'll man-up and pay for what I've stolen. Somehow that's justifiable honor.

Moab, UT

Couldn't find a Ute to pump your gas for yous?

Beverly Hills, CA

Gooooooooo Cougars!

Beverly Hills, CA

carabaoU | 4:32 p.m. July 14, 2011
Moab, UT
Couldn't find a Ute to pump your yous?

First of all, your grammar definitely shows you went to BYU.

Secondly, why did Mahe's BYU education result in felony charges?

Salt Lake City, UT

"I don't need gas" but he'll take whatever is given huh? How many of us would fill up our tanks without paying for it and never worry about the repercussions?

South Jordan, UT

That's too bad. Sigh...

Realistic Goggles
Alpine, UT

Please remember the presumption of innocence in a case like this. None of us really knows what happened, so let's hold off on judgment until this thing plays out.

Ann Arbor, MI

Will this be on ESPN and replayed on bYutv?.....( in HD!)

Ogden, Utah

"As a man, you pay back your debts."...ummm...as a man, you don't steal

Springville, UT

Who cares? Now if we could find some DUI dirt up north, would that be 'news'?

Big Rock
Salt Lake City, UT

Do you have to commit a felony to speak at mission farewells these days?

Kaysville, UT

I care sammyg, springville, 7:10....

Theft is a crime. Do the crime, do the time.

"Thou shalt not steal"

Go Utes

Pleasant Grove, UT

This is unbelievably out of character for Reno. You'll never catch that guy without a huge smile on his face. And he's a millionaire ($2.2M in career earnings.) What was he thinking? Maybe he was just numbed to freebies from five years of NFL schwag to ask the obvious: "Who's paying for this?"

Murray, UT

If one of my friends said that I could have free gas I might not give a second thought. might....

We don't know the circumstances here. Let's not throw any stones.... (he would probably catch them anyway - he was a pro receiver)

South Jordan, Utah

Wow, lots of judging and presumed guilt here without knowing all the information. Can't help but think now that race may be an issue. Here's some inside scoop for those working blind.
Mr. Evers went to high school with Mahe and were friends. He convinces the Mahe and friends that he's a big boss at A-Core and that one of his perks is free gas and his monthly allotment is way more than he needs so he offers it to them. In return, they gave him tickets to quite a few sporting events as well as free gear which are some perks they get as athletes and former players. Unfortunately fthey take his word for it, especially when he has them come to company grounds as well as deliver gas to their homes! Call naive or whatever you want, but Polynesians are trusting friends.
$2800 really wouldn't hurt neither men at all financially. They just provided a free football clinic for over 500 boys at Alta High School that included lunch and dinner for 2 days with Money out of their pockets along with Fahu Tahi and Gabe Reed.
Does that sound like something criminals would do?

Dietrich, ID

I thought they did away with farewells. At least not supposed to be a big program with speakers. Any case he defintly can afford his gas.

JP Skillet

@Realistic Goggles, huggyface, Bulldog1995 - these men knew what they were doing was wrong. I have 3 specific, separate sources with information about the situation, one within the company, one on the legal side and anther related to the "boss" who was "authorizing" the stolen gas. What's interesting is that they were caught on tape late at night filling up their cars, sneaking around, and when other trucks would pull up, they would scatter and hide. They've even admitted it. They'll try to take a plea for less charges for cooperating but the A-Core group will prosecute to the full extent of the law and these guys deserve what they get.

The comments about pumping gas are pretty funny! I wonder what Larry Gomes is up to these days...

Salt Lake City, UT

First, how does one think they can 'get away' with stealing gas when the history of transactions is traceable.

That being said, I feel this is just a poor decision by a great guy. "Let he who has no sin cast the first stone."

the cost of freedom
salt lake city, ut

ah yes , they rob graves don't they? oh but its all apart of the culture thing right...whats the difference..just because you can makes it right? And that man up thing was used before..similarities and the other guy gets to go on teaching the very culture he stole from...dont make sense.

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