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Published: Thursday, July 14 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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There seems to be some discrepancy. Some of you think teachers get paid for their summer vacations and others imply that the low pay is because of the vacation time. seeswater, you can't have it both ways. Have you ever tried to live on your child's teacher's salary for a month? Try it, it will open your eyes! And deltafoxtrot, yes we teach for the love of it, but we also must provide for our families. I work extra on weekends and in the summer to try to make ends meet. I'm not asking for a raise, but it would be nice if a little consideration was given to the fact that we are professionals that deserve respect, not backtalk. Yes there are some bums in the profession. I had some as teachers in school myself. BY all means give them the respect they "deserve" as well(not much) My question is why teachers are considered first on the chopping block instead of politicians when belt tightening is on the docket. Congress needs their wages slashed and their benefits cut FIRST Who's with me!


As a teacher I find it hilarious that politicians, most of whom have never taught, try to mandate what, how, and when something should be taught. I wouldn't try to tell a lawyer how to try a case, I would never tell a surgeon where to make an incision, so why can some idiot in the government tell me how to teach? I fell that is something that's between me and the parents of the children I teach.
AS far as merit pay, I don't mind being graded for my pay but I respectfully ask, "By what criteria are you going to grade me?" Interviews with Principal? (what happens if I don't get along with a future principal? Will my pay go down? How about test scores?(what about teachers valiantly striving in title one schools that by nature struggle with test scores? Will their pay drop? Maybe parent surveys? I'm all ears, but it is not so simple.

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