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Published: Thursday, July 14 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Ogden, UT

I just love the suggestion that these "caring" teachers strike, sick in, or whatever you want to call it...that really demonstrates what this is about... the teachers not the kids.

No one is forcing these teachers to sign the contract. They do not have to sign. They are free to go elsewhere and teach.

Each has retained their agency to choose. The problem is they want to remove the agency of the district to regulate its own affairs, set salaries and benefits, and do what they think is best for the district. The only group trying to exercise compulsion is the OEA and its teachers.

Make no mistake, this will not change and there is a line of teachers already applying for the positions that will be open. They will exercise their agency to willingly take the positions the current teachers have abondoned.

Good luck and good riddance OEA!!

ogden, ut

Mr. Grilz middle school principal in Weber School District $130,479.00...Really?

Don't tell me Educators don't make any money. Really?

Snowflake, AZ

Braxton - There are NO teachers in Utah that make 6 figures. There may be some back east that do, but that is only because their pay is adjusted to their living situation (They get paid more because it costs more to live in New York City).

Teachers work more hours, on the average, during the 10 months that they are working than most workers that work for 40 hr/week, 12 mos a year. Most teachers have to do their preparation and grading during hours they are not under contract.

But I do agree with one thing you said, police are paid far too little, but don't begrudge teachers their pay, because in all reality, good education improves peoples lives, which leads to better living conditions, which decreases crime.

Snowflake, AZ

Braxton, no TEACHERS make 6 figures. Principals work year round. Principals are like the Chief of Police. Compare those salaries, not Principals and police.

runwasatch, no teachers are not free to just pick up and take their teaching ability somewhere else anymore than you could do the same with whatever you do. There are not unlimited jobs, and if you haven't heard, we are in a recession and many teachers have been laid off. There are a lot more teachers, believe it or not, than there are jobs! Teachers have families that they need to support and they have.

Besides, if teachers do leave their district, they lose most of their teaching years experience. They take a cut in pay, and have to start over in seniority.

ogden, ut


Know your facts. Let me give you at least 5 in the Weber School District, there are many more. Just look them up.

Jo Egelund 106,617 Teacher
David Green 106,580 Teacher
Val Parrish 105,299 Teacher
Michael Kersey 105,093 Teacher
Jody Warren 104,348 Teacher

Layton, UT

As long as teachers belong to a union then I will never stand behind them and this is coming from someone whose parents were both school teachers and members of a state teachers association. I am ashamed. Unions must be crushed. They represent all that is wrong with this country, look at who they support..the worst President in the history of this country, Barack Obama.

Lafayette, IN

Teachers have unions because historically teachers were fiscally abused. And if people teach only because of the love of teaching, then we are in trouble because there is a serious shortage of saints among homo sapiens. We need to get the scientists busy producing the collections of clones that are needed to fairly evaluate the efficacy of one teacher against another. Because if the students are different between classes, how can we actually do performance comparisons?

West Jordan, 84084

DN - how about some good old-fashioned investigative reporting here. Does Fred44 speak the truth?

OSB - when was the last time you actually went out to a school and spent time in the classroom? I'm a teacher for Granite School District and my school board member visits our school several times a year. You also may want to ask how GSD is able to work with GEA rather than holding them in contempt. Teachers who feel valued will out perform those who have to work under threats and duress.

J. Adams
Sandy, UT

Typical teacher mentality. I've heard this whinning from them for so many years; I can't have any sympathy for them. If they are so abused, quit teaching and get a job where they can have happiness.

Salt Lake City, Utah

In Utah if an employee doesn't like the benefits he/she is getting they are free to seek employment elsewhere and that applies to plumbers, teachers or peace officers. In New York teachers are rewarded for failure and firing one of them is next to impossible.

When times are hard and our country is headed towards bankruptcy teachers might want to reconsider how lucky they are to have jobs at all.

Taylorsville, UT

In response to the comment that said that NO TEACHERS in Utah make more a 6 figure income. A quick search on Utah's Right to Know website, I found 54 teachers that make more that $100,000 with Steven Webb making $204,750. Based on these results, if I were a teacher I would want to be teaching in Cache Valley!

Farmington, UT

People become teachers because they are passionate about education. No teacher has ever said they went into teaching for the money.

Teachers are invested in their communities and their school. It's easy for somebody sitting at a computer to say, "if you don't like it, you can leave." But the truth is, most teachers are working their tails off to improve their community!

The Ogden School Board is simply being unreasonable. If the teachers didn't care, they would have walked off the job and looked elsewhere last year, when they didn't have contracts. But, these teachers care. Many of these teachers want to stay in the Ogden School District, and at this point, the Ogden School District really needs to listen and understand the teachers who want to be on the front line.

Taylorsville, ut

Shame on KSL and the DN for reporting that the teachers are upset about merit pay. That is a blatant misrepresentation. The only undisputed fact is that the Ogden Board of Education did not negotiate with the teachers on their 2011-2012 contract. That is why the teachers are upset.

It is extremely frustrating when the news media continually make this about pay-it is not. The UEA has collaborated on many models of alternative compensation throughout this state. There are those out there who do not want this to become public.

With all due respect to our news folks, please report the facts. Thank you.

Taylorsville, ut

Let's learn from history-Last time unions and collective bargaining were eliminated wat in 1933-Hitler's Germany; which gave rise to facism. More than scary.

Ms Molli
Bountiful, Utah

I really could care less how upset the teachers are. They should be happy they have employment, just like the rest of us are.

Clearfield, UT

I will have to walk away from the computer after I post this, as my blood pressure is rising reading some of these comments, but first I must respond to the haters:
The School Board does not negotiate in good faith. They misrepresent to the press. Our refusal to accept their ultimatum last August led to impasse. Don't believe every thing the School Board says to the press. None on the Board have taught, but those of us who need our jobs were forced to sign a contract when we do not know what all the terms are. Would you feel secure in my situation? I don't.

Sugar City, ID

One solution would be to have a voucher system. Then, the individual schools, their administration and teachers all have a vested interest in improving the quality of education in that school because their jobs and pay depend on it. There would be a cooperative, not antagonistic relationship between the administration and teachers. Poor schools (pubic or private) would loose students and dollars, good schools would gain students and dollars. And, if a teacher isn't performing well, every teacher in the school, not just the principal, would be putting pressure on the poor teacher to improve or leave. It's a win/win.

Ms Molli
Bountiful, Utah

@formersaltlaker, why do you think teachers should have the right to feel secure? Most employee people these days don't feel all that secure about their jobs. Its just part of like. Teachers need to feel a little dose of reality just like the rest of us have been experiencing the last few years in my opinion.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: formersaltlaker | 8:38 a.m. July 15, 2011

In today's economy and with Obama at the helm nobody should feel secure. Obama is steering us full speed ahead through an ice field and there aren't enough life boats to go around. If teachers have a job they'd better hold on to them.

Farmington, UT

Paying teachers by job performance---what a joke---who decides? My sister taught in a nice district with helpful parents who encouraged and assisted their children who received good test scores. She also taught for several in downtown Watts in inner-city Los Angeles where parents of her students were drug addicts, alcoholics, illiterate, and one even committed suicide in front of her child on the way to school; obviously no matter how good of a teacher my sister is, she could not help these kids achieve the same testing results for the district. Should she take a pay cut when teaching these challenged kids and a pay raise when teaching the privileged kids- she was the same teacher with the same skills- this is ridiculous. There are too many variables in each classroom to fairly and equally determine across the board which teachers are 'better' teachers. We seriously need to get real about being willing to pay for good educators to teach and inspire our kids. My massage therapist makes more an hour than teachers do.

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