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Published: Thursday, July 14 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Talk of BYU going undefeated this year speaks to a weak schedule. Three of the "name" schools didn't earn a bowl game last year. If they are going to make an impression, they'll have to do it early. In November when national attention turns to conference races and BCS standings, wins against the WAC aren't going to impress.

Frisco, TX

Graham's comments make no sense to me. Maybe that's why he's a writer, and not a coach.

What's the coach suppose to say, "Come on guys we're going for an 8-4 season! If we get to 8-4, we'll consider it a successful year."

My organization strives for perfection every day. Seldom do we hit it, but we keep striving.

Ann Arbor, MI

What the blogger doesn't understand is that reality is not part of the bYu mindset....never has been.

6 years from now, and having never sniffed a BCS bowl game, kewgars will still be predicting National Championships.

It's almost like if you pray hard enough it will come true.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

No bcs in past

No bcs in future

The future of football in utah, is utah

Boise, ID

Does any team not hope to go undefeated? In the end, I will be watching every game. I would watch an 0-10 BYU team play Hawaii. Chances are they will lose a couple of games or more but I hope they win them all. I'm sure no one predicted a consensus National Championship in 1984. If BYU wins and everyone else loses, they could easily make it to the big game (NC).

Mesa, AZ


Have you played in organized sports....ever?

6 years from now, BYU could have played in two BCS games, you haven't got a clue.

In 2000, no one thought Utah would ever play in a BCS game.

It amazes me that you think BYU looking for a national championship makes BYU fans delusional.

The Miami fans, the LSU fans, the TCU fans, the Boise State fans, etc, etc, who all want to win national championships, is that reality not part of their mindset too?

For most teams, the undefeated season, the chance to play for a championship, is the goal, it is the mindset, it is delusional by nature.

You don't have a clue what will happen in the next 6 years.

What you don't understand is that BYU, like ANY other school in the nation, wants the chance to play for a national championship, the BCS keeps that from happening. Not because BYU couldn't win it, but because BYU and all the other schools outside of the BCS aren't allowed to play in a playoff.

Just for kicks, where will your utes be in 6 years? Let's see you make a bold prediction that holds any truth.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Wins or no wins, BYU's future can be summed up in one word:


Frisco, TX

"Talk of BYU going undefeated this year speaks to a weak schedule."

Texas in Austin (Predicted to finish #2 in Big 12. This is not 2010, this is 2011.)
TCU in Dallas (Predicted to battle BSU for MWC and auto non AQ bid)
Ole Miss in Oxford (Predicted to finish in the middle of the SEC)
Oregon State in Corvallis (Predicted to finish 3rd in North, and fourth overall in PAC12)
Hawaii in Hawaii (predicted to win WAC w/ QB will will be in Heisman conversation)
UCF at home (predicted to win conference)
Utah at home (predicted to lose to BYU)
Utah State (be careful what U say. U have them on your schedule the next two years.)

Help me understand what's weak about this schedule? It's a far tougher schedule than any non AQ has had who has made it to a BCS bowl. It's a tougher schedule than Utah has this year. I agree that it's not in the same discussion as an SEC or Notre Dame schedule, but to call it weak demonstrates a poor understanding of college football.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

People fail if they don't aim high, and why not aim for the National Championship? If I aim for mediocrity at work then I'm destined to be mediocre. You can't tell me that any other school isn't aimed at the same thing. BYU's different now that they don't have a conference championship to aim for, but it's all the same even still. All teams want to succeed and success means aiming high.

Mesa, AZ

Chris B

If the future of Utah football is Utah...

How come it's not going to be on TV?

Ann Arbor, MI

"What you don't understand is that BYU, like ANY other school in the nation, wants the chance to play for a national championship, the BCS keeps that from happening."

Star fairy,

Yes, Idaho St. players and fans "dream" on NC's... but guess what? the keep it to themselves.

The most winning College football teams resides only a few blocks from me. Guess what, the NEVEr mention the words "National Championship"... instead, it's "win the BIG 10."

First rule of sales: budget conservative - then over deliver.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Well, yes, as a people we aspire to perfection, why wouldn't we do so for our team as well?

The reality that others, from legitimate sports writers to wedge, chris and others, can't seem to fathom is that we "quest for perfection," yet our world doesn't fall apart over the tiniest stumble. Not sure if the atonement applies to sports, but it teaches us some lessons that are useful in other areas.

Mesa, AZ


First rule of failure = Not to believe you can do something.

Followed only closely by, Allowing others to define your goals.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Utah fans spoke of a NC last year alone more than BYU fans did the past 5 years. Were the Ute fans delusional? I am pretty sure it will work out better for BYU this year than it did for Utah last year.

Mendenhall, Heaps and others said that the only championship to play for was a national championship since there was not a conference championship to play for now. BYU's goal is to win every game, then see where they chips fall.

So you've heard everyone associated with Idaho never say they wanted to win a national championship. It must have taken you thousands of hours to listen to and read all of the newspaper and news conference archives to come to that conclusion.

Please answer starfarers question. It is a good one.

sir robin;
BYU's national and local relevence is proven by ESPN alone to be 10 times what your schools is.

10 games on ESPN this year at 1-2 million per.
At least 8 games on ESPN next year.

You can't even compare the two schools BYU is so far ahead. It wouldn't be fair.

Your dream is BYU's reality.

Mesa, AZ

Brave Sir Robin

ESPN disagrees with you and since they make a ton of money putting relevance on TV....

I would say that your comment is irrelevant.

Highland, UT

Ignore the ute trolls like cowardly robin and wedgie. Pretending that BYU, or its fans, are predicting a National Championship is simply a lie they use to try and instigate things. But as far as BYU and its fans aspiring to win ANOTHER national Cham,pionship, well, of course we all do. You see BYU has actually won one, it isn't pie in the sky, never been there, never even been considered for it, no chance it will ever happen, impossible and never in a million years, like it is for utah. It has already happened and it could happen again if things went just right.

I like it as a goal. I like it as something to aspire to. Reach for the top. Ignore the loser trolls as they have never come close and even in their teams best years they were never even a consideration for the National Championship. Actually they were denied even consideration for it with an amused scorn by those who actually cast votes.


metamora, IL


In the past decade, michigan has won the Big 10 only twice (2003 and shared with Iowa in 2004) and the past 3 years they haven't even sniffed at the championship. They may be budgeting conservatively, but they certainly are not over delivering.

Salt Lake City, UT

What is completely lost on those who myopically focus on the BCS is that the AP National Championship isn't in anyway associated with the BCS. There is no requirement to jump through any artificial BCS hoops. The only requirement for winning the AP National Championship is to finish #1 in the Final AP Poll.

That's it.

--no requirement to play in the BCS championship game
--no requirement to even play in a BCS bowl

Simply impress enough AP voters that you're the most deserving team to be ranked #1 at the end of the season.

BYU did that in 1984.

And, BYU has the schedule to do that again in 2011.

Not saying it will happen.

But, unlike our short-sighted blogger believes, it's not at all "unrealistic" to believe that it could happen.

fan in orem
Orem, Utah

"We are going to lose a few games, but that's okay, because we are in the PAC-12 and we are amazing no matter what happens. We can still get in the Rose Bowl with three losses, and that is what our fans are most interested in. They think getting in and winning a BCS Bowl is better than a National Championship, so by golly, that's what we'll give them." - K Whittingham

Hedge, Michigan can worry about the Big 10 only, because there's no chance they will lose to those 3 or 4 crappy teams in the pre-season, right? Like Appalachian State?

Alpine, UT


Stop thinking outside the box!

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