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Published: Wednesday, July 13 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Bloomington, IN

I'm amazed by how much attention the BYU honor code has been given by the national media in the last six months. BYU is really separating itself from the pack through increased national exposure for doing the right things and having success on the field (and court)... which all contributes to the national brand.
It was cool to hear Bronco yesterday talk of the non-LDS player who, after his visit to the Y, started asking other elite BCS teams about their honor codes. He ultimately signed with BYU partly because no other school had a code of conduct that they held their players accountable to. Which goes to show that we CAN recruit top talent, even non-lds talent, because student-athletes want the BYU experience (and because they know their family and friends can watch them on t.v.). Go Cougs!

Mesa, AZ


Seems like the country paid about as much attention to BYU's media day as they do about any media day from any school, but let's wait for the ute troll opinion before we can truly assess whether it was a success or not. After all, they know so much...

I live in PAC 10.2 ASU territory and love to hear what the ASU fans think of the utes. They, nor the rest of the PAC 10.2, have any respect for them. ute fans always trash BYU about being hated, well, I got news for you. Welcome to being hated by the rest of your conference.

I can't wait to go with my buddy, in a year or so, to watch the Sun Devils trash the utes. I might even turn into a semi ASU fan on those days. Heck, I got another buddy who is a UofA fan, and he's invited me to that beat down too.

Never wanted anything to do with the utes, but now I just might have a reason, on the other side...

Tempe, AZ

Kudos to BYU for making the most of this opportunity. Even though I'm a diehard Ute, I am interested to see how it plays out.

To all those who insisted that a Big East invite occurred despite ANY concrete evidence, you can now eat crow. Holmoe, himself, disclosed that the runmors were utterly false.

Chris Bryant


wow. you need to take a break from the rivalry. You are becoming just as consumed in bitterness as hedgehog is. Your bitterness only hurts you. just let it go and enjoy BYU's success.

Salt Lake City, UT

FYI, I've heard Coach Whittingham talk about the code of conduct for his players. Regardless of anyone's opinion of some, not the majority of, Ute fans, Coach Whitt is a class act.

Tempe, AZ

Star Fairy-

I also live in PAC-12 country and am hearing the exact opposite of you as far as the Utes go. ASU fans are taking them serious. I attended both Utah and ASU and have many contacts at both schools. You need to lighten up and quit mentioning Utah in your posts, especially since you claim that you no longer care about them in diatribe after diatribe.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Maybe it's time for a fan honor code.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Go Cougs, time to shine



You seem like a really reputable source and I am sure you speak for entire PAC 12 when you say that the rest of the PAC 12 doesn't like the University of Utah. After all you are just some random person living in Arizona that happens to know what everyone else is saying so I'm sure you know what you're talking about. All I know is that I can't wait for the college football season to start. Good luck to BYU and Utah. (And Michigan)

Mesa, AZ

Didn't have anything better to do last hour as I was waiting for some business to come in...

Interesting, when I make broad assumptions people correct me, lets see if that same correction happens when other broad assumptions are made. Let's see if that knife is sharp on both sides shall we?

I can't wait for football!

Eagle Mountain, UT

My crow was a bit stringy but tasted ok with a lot of barbecue sauce. I read, and believed that BYU had spoken with the Big East.
On another note. In spite of the rumors that the rest of the PAC hates or takes the Utes lightly, I have to say BS. Before they joined I'm betting it was more indifference. The Utes are now the enemy and they have beaten the PAC teams enough to have their respect. I am sure that, like me, most posters know a few Ute and BYU fans but to say that all the U of A or ASU fans hate the Utes is ridiculous.

Coach Whittingham is a class act and has his own personal standards which are, I'm sure, very similar to BYU's. Many of the players have the same "self imposed" honor code because of their personal values or religious convictions. They are not held to them to the level BYU players are by the school or the coaches, but they have them just the same.

West Jordan, UT

I never bought into the Big East rumor. There is only one "journalist" who reported it and he is really nothing more than a glorified blogger, and he offered no evidence other than telling readers to "connect the dots".

Gilbert, AZ


Just a suggestion; wait until after the usual suspects post one of their inane comments before lashing out at them. Then rebut their feeble smack with facts and subtle jabs. Don't give them the satisfaction of giving them more attention than they deserve.

BYU Media Day, imho, was a huge success in setting the stage for the unique challenges and endless possibilities created for BYU by going independent.

10 games on ESPN is more than even the most die-hard BYU fan imagined last fall when BYU announced its partnership with ESPN. Most importantly, The BYU/ESPN/BYUtv partnership is giving BYU fans worldwide unprecendented access to BYU sports, not to mention, better media attention than BYU has ever had.

Beverly Hills, CA

BYU still whining about losing is typical of their ongoing good but not great that has them going independent instead of to a BCS conference.

Park City, UT

The Big East rumor was simply an inquiry from the Big East about whether BYU would be interested in joining the Big East as a football-only member. No official offer was ever made by the Big East, so no official rejection of an offer was ever given by BYU. No official announcement was ever made, because an inquiry, by definition, is simply part of the information gathering stage of a business arrangement.

Murray, UT


That non LDS kid you referred to must not have talked to Kyle Whittingham. He has an honor code for his team and he runs a tight ship.


I could literally feel the hate in your comment. OK, we Ute fans get it. You don't like Utah and never will. You seem obsessed with posting this stuff every day. Wow, and you must be proud of yourself because as of right now you have five recommendations from other Utah haters.

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA


Whining about playing on ESPN 10 times this season, instead of only once for that mighty BCS school? Hardly!

Iowa City, IA

Big success yesterday and a lot of fun. They'll just get better each year.

Funny to watch utah fans react. I thought being in the PAC 12 would elevate them so high that they'd be pretty laid back towards BYU. Wow, I guess not, jealousy is a tough habit to break.

Maricopa, AZ

As a devout ASU fan, I'd say we and UofA had better check our win/loss record from the past few years before we take Utah lightly.
Although, ASU should be a pretty good team this year.
Personally, I'm hoping Utah comes to the PAC12 with another one of their bruising defensive teams to earn some quick respect.
Is anybody else ready for some college football???

Salt Lake City, UT


Let it go, you'll feel a lot better inside. It's just a game, it's meant to be fun. I've read your posts for quite a while and they always make me laugh. If you really hate a bunch of buildings and the people that reside in them, then I feel sorry for you. I love the rivalry and enjoy the banter, but I do respect BYU, it's a fine institution. I realize that fans (like you) don't represent the university so I'm willing to look beyond your post.

Although the honor code seems 'weird', I'm glad someone sticks up for what they believe in nowadays. The honor code is meant to keep young men and women strong and healthy spiritually/physically/mentally, how is that a bad thing?

There's my pro-BYU post for the month.


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