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Published: Monday, July 11 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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What a great time to be a Cougar! Bronco and staff continue to impress and will represent themselves proudly come seasoon time when they get so much exposure! ESPN!!! Yea Buddy!

Rexburg, ID

Quarterback U is on track!

Sandy, UT

I'm a Utah fan and really don't care for BYU. With that being said, Mangum is legit. He looked like the best QB to me in 7on tourney. BYU has a good find. I can only imagine the attention he will be getting now though.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah

SportsIllustrated - Friday July 8, 2011

Tanner Mangum will be a national name at BYU

"Unless you're a BYU fan or a native of Eagle, Idaho, you probably haven't heard of Tanner Mangum. The quarterback prospect is an early commit to BYU and one of the most anonymous four-stars you'll ever find. His anonymity will end when he hits the campus in Provo, Utah, though. In fact, it may end long before that.

This week at The Opening, Mangum has made an early impression as one of the best quarterbacks in attendance. With good size and athleticism and a good presence about him, I'm predicting Mangum puts up some huge numbers in his career at BYU. In the end, there won't be many football fans who don't know his name."

The BYU Quarterback factory is alive and well. Can't wait until September 3rd when Jake Heaps starts lighting up opposing defenses.

Bloomington, IN

Mangum is a star in the making. Welcome to Cougar nation!

Omaha, NE

Where on earth did you find that blog from a random person? I'm a BYU fan but no way do they go undefeated next year. People like this make these predictions all the time, but usually for their own team. I'm not sure why it was deemed to be worthy to make any newspaper.

Nebraska is going to be dang good this year. Their biggest hickup might be Wisconsin. If they can not let Martinez take so much onto himself, their offense will be near unstoppable. They made some great coaching changes. This will be a great year for them. Here's hoping they stomp a depleted OSU team!

Eagle Mountain, UT

This is great news for BYU. His film looked solid but you never know until they compete against the best. How lucky can you get? To be able to throw a pass to Jerry Rice. Maybe Mangum will sway a few other top athletes to come BYU's way with all the attention he is getting. It will probably be a few years until he starts but I am looking forward to some good years of BYU football.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

I believe . . .

Clearfield, UT

Kudos to Tanner for his performance at the camp and good luck to him and his team this season.

South Jordan, UT

Mangum I heard is also doing a little recruiting on the side. Look for BYU to be getting alot more top rated Recruits. The best skill players want to play with the top QB!

BYU is entering a whole new era of AWESOMENESS!!

Corona, CA

Re: TJ

How many national rop recruits who are not LDS have BYU in their top 50? Mangum isn't bringing other top players to BYU.YOu guys just don't get it your completely aiming for something out of your reach. Your recruitng pool is small and it shouldn't be surprising to get top LDS players whether they be in state or out.

Broom Hockey Champ
Alpine, UT

It sounds like this Mangum guy can spin it. It was fortuitous that he was able to participate. He was an alternate, not one of the original invites. How cool to be able to throw to Rice? He sounds like a good one.

As for the blogs, listed in this article.... How did these get posted, DNews? Really? Anyone can blog and you're going to post it if it has BYU in the blog entry. Did you read the thread on the blog? The guy predicting that BYU was going undefeated proved to know very little about college football.

Draper, UT

If this kid is that good, good chance he ends up at a Pac 12 school eventually. Why settle for the Y if you don't have to?


........by the way, the Mangum kid is the "mack daddy!" He could be NFL material if he can produce in college.

Corona, CA

With that being said he has a good arm.

Syracuse, UT

crowntown1 | 3:17 p.m. July 11, 2011
Corona, CA
Heaps brought at least 2 non lds top recruits, you know Quezada was one, who was recruited by Texas, choose BYU.


Is the Mangum boy LDS?

PAC man
Anaheim, CA


"How many national rop recruits who are not LDS have BYU in their top 50?"

Lots of qualifiers in that little question, especially coming from a blogger who was claiming just a few months ago that Mangum couldn't be any good because he played high school football in Idaho.

Maybe you should just hold off on anymore pronouncements for awhile; it'll be less painful than to be proven wrong again and again and again.

Iowa City, IA

He, "performed well" over the weekend? Thanks for the understatement. The kid was on fire!

Salt Lake City, UT

No way, he can't be good. Only players that commit to the U are good. Even if the U recruits them, if they decide on BYU, then right then and there it proves that they are not talented.

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