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Published: Monday, July 11 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Layton, UT

Keep this MUM! They announced the winners of the Directors Cup and the best team: Stanford. Best Conference: PAC 12 with 9 championships. It could burst a few bubbles down south.

Classless Ute Fan
Magna, UT


***Every BYU fan who watched Heaps' dramatic improvement during the 2nd half of the season is excited to see Jake leading the Cougars into their first year of Independence.***

You call BYU beating a couple of "cream puffs" to get to .500 a dramatic improvement? Isn't that what BYU fans called those teams when Utah destroyed them?

***Any Utah fan who watched the dismantling of the Utah offense during the second half of last season and how inept their starting QB was, should be worried about the potential disaster awaiting the Utes relying on wounded Wynn leading the Utes into their first year in the PAC 12.***

I was worried/concerned about what was going on with the team, and then we found out at the end of the season that Wynn was playing injured since the Iowa St game. With surgery, problem fixed. But how will your team fix their problems? Even with the "greatest QB recruit in the nation", they couldn't even beat a hobbling injured Wynn nor USU. Whatcha gonna do when Wynn's playing healthy?

If you don't think that Utah has the athletes to win, you should look at their awesome roster.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT


"I am amused by Utah fans' excitement over the hiring of Norm Chow, who left UCLA rather than be demoted. Yes, he had a long successful run as offensive coordinator at BYU, but he was also the offensive coordinator at UCLA when BYU smacked them 59-0."

You misinterpret our excitement.

We replaced the inexperienced Dave Schramm with offensive vet Norm Chow... which, no matter how you cut it, is a big improvement. In addition to his experience, Chow also brings a wealth of knowledge about the Pac-12... something we figure is gonna be pretty valuable.

Exactly what part of that is amusing to you?

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT


"Considering that that true Freshman QB was surrounded by new skill position players, but threw almost as many TDs in the final 6 games of Freshman season as your seasoned QB threw during his entire Sophomore season, 14 vs 17, I'd be much more worried about the impending implosion of the Utah offense, especially since Wynn has absolutely no experienced skill players surrounding him this season."

DeVonte Christopher (WR)
Reggie Dunn (WR)
John White IV (RB)
John Cullen (LT)
Tony Bergstrom (RT)
Kendrick Moeai (TE)

Exactly where are these inexperienced skill players you speak of?

Classless Ute Fan
Magna, UT


Is BYU being ranked 40th a couple of weeks better than the Utes 48th this week?
Wow! Mangum at 19th, 4 stars, and the U's stock is falling!

The "Pre-season" 48th team in 1 magazine is mainly the outlier not the norm. I'm not sure what you are reading but I read on ESPN college football homepage that Utah is being voted by the fans as the likely favorite to win the PAC 12 South division by nearly 10% higher than the next team. If you think that all of the votes are coming from just Utah, look at the map and see how much of it is in favor of the UTES. Maybe those BCS victories did put us on the map, literally.

On another article on rivals that talks about the 10 best teams in winning percentage not in the top 25 of recruiting over the last 10 years.
First, Boise St., TCU, and Utah just 3rd.

Could you run down to the ticket office and buy me season tickets to the Utah games? Oh right, they've been long sold out.

Seems your U's stock is falling statement a little erroneous.

Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

When you look at Athlon's writeup of Utah they say 4th in the South for the Utes, but then you look at there season conference prediction and they have the Utes at third in the South. So, third it is.

Moab, UT

I find it quite ironic how many BYU fans prophesy about how the UTES first season in PAC-12 will go. BYU fans have stewardship over BYU, not UTAH. The same can be said for some UTAH fans.

Please clarify if you are giving us your opinion by using such words as "I think...", "In my opinoin...", "I predict...", etc. By saying "UTAH/BYU will..." is communicated as prophecy.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Utah ceiling is USC

Highland, UT


Keep this MUM! They announced the winners of the Directors Cup and the best team: Stanford. Best Conference: PAC 12 with 9 championships."

Well I am glad you are making the adjustment to cheering for the conference your school is in rather than your school itself because if you want something to celebrate in the future it is going to have to be celebrating for schools like Stanford and the conference as a whole.


Santa Monica, CA

Tomahawk Re--I feel your passion, buddy---but offensive line positions are not skill positions (although those you mentioned are great players) and Reggie Dunn and John White aren't really experienced players. It's a fair critique of the Utes to say that Jordan Wynn has few experienced skill players surrounding him. I would hope that Luke Matthews and Griff McNabb would come through and that Harvey Langi becomes the surprise of the season.

Layton, UT

Sorry duckhunter, but not a Ute fan, I just like laughing at hilarious comments and predictions out of utah. And most come from the Y. Sometimes the U as well, But at least they have backed up a few.

Iowa City, IA


OU812 has shown to not be a Ute fan. However, I am one. In the past I have "cheered" for teams in the MWC to beat teams from other conferences to improve the conference ratings. For example, previously I would "cheer" Colorado St. to beat Colorado. Now, I'll do the opposite. I think that conference power rankings helped Utah get the nod over Boise St. in the BCS for both 2004 and 2008. Doesn't change the fact I truly cheer for Utah.

Of course you won't cheer for any conference teams since the Y is now independent. But somehow, I believe, many Y fans will be "cheering" for the likes of Ole Miss and Texas to do well-since it makes the Cougars schedule look better. Don't believe me? Wait for the posts...


I dont want to rain on anybody's parade, but the reference to Jordan Wynn's surgury as"problem fixed", tells me that all the info you are getting is from reading the comments or the local papers. You havn't been to the"U" and watched the summer work outs. I can tell you this as absolute fact. The problem is"not" fixed. No zip and no distance. You can take that to the bank!

Saint George, UT

Utahfantstic or what:

Third in south is because SC can't win and offically can't finish above u.

Bluffdale, UT

No crystal ball here. But look at the guarantees. If Utah has a losing season they are still in the PAC-12. If BYU has a losing season it will be on national television.
If Utah has a winning season they can slip into the PAC-12 national TV exposure and possible Rose Bowl.
If BYU has a winning season it will be on national television.

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