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Published: Monday, July 11 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Marky boy

You didn't write about the RMFL championship, that's OK, it's on the dixiesunlink site.


In other news, Salt Lake City gets the bid for the 2002 winter olympics

Saint George, UT

Predictions mean little. Let the utes play it out.

However, the disrespect is entertaining.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

The Utes may surprise some in the down PAC12 South but have a long road to constant top tier competition.

Utesville, CA

1)...the best way to reach the BCS and/or the national championship is to play in an AQ conference, which gives Utah a significant edge...

2)...Whittingham has a slightly more established staff, highlighted by new offensive coordinator Norm Chow...

3)...until the day BYU either gains AQ-conference affiliation or the sport's postseason model undergoes a radical restructuring, it will always face a ceiling that no longer besets Utah...

4)...also expect Utah to reap the benefits of Pac-12 membership in recruiting...

5)...Whittingham had the bigger achievement of the two (2008's undefeated Sugar Bowl season) and more recent success (three straight seasons with 10 or more wins)...

All positives. All make sense.

Good job, Chris Hill.

Good job, Kyle.

Olympus Cove, Utah


"All positives. All make sense."

and all comparisons to your big brother down south...

such is the reality of the fanbase that supposedly moved on a year ago.

btw, you forgot to mention how much all of those "positives" meant to ESPN when they were deciding which team they wanted to see the most on the worldwide leader this coming season.

Draper, UT


Ute-Hater. Root for your own team and quit trolling on Ute stories.

Utesville, CA


All are just comments/opinions from an independent source outside of Utah.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Athlon got it right, no RB's w/ any D-1 experience returning, a shaky QB w/ a arm that is still healing (and a "deer-in-the-headlights" mentality when under pressure), and one big-mouthed WR returning, the Utes should fit quite nicely in that 3rd or 4th position in the PAC10.2 South that most publications have placed them...after a 1-2 start, and the likelihood of a 6-6 finish are about right. Anything better than that is a stretch of anyones imagination.

Good luck Utes, yar gonna need it...

Clearfield, UT

MenaceToSociety wrote:

MenaceToSociety | 3:35 p.m. July 11, 2011
Draper, UT

Ute-Hater. Root for your own team and quit trolling on Ute stories.

"root for your own team" says the guy who just 6 mins ago trolled a BYU story about Tanner Magnum:

MenaceToSociety | 3:29 p.m. July 11, 2011
Draper, UT
If this kid is that good, good chance he ends up at a Pac 12 school eventually. Why settle for the Y if you don't have to?

Kearns, UT


All the wishful thinking of Cougar fans for the Utes to implode doesn't change one fact.


Considering you're Heisman hopeful has 1 win over a team who finished above .500, and that win extremely tainted per the MWC, I'll take my chances with the team Utah will field.

It will be very challenging for Utah, no doubt. Their schedule is much more difficult than the Cougs. Ole Miss would be 0-9 in the Pac-12. Texas is a mess. Catching TCU after Dalton leaves. Plus the WAC! Schedule sets up nicely for BYU. But that's been said before, and they still couldn't close the deal and do what Utah's already done.

San Diego, CA

Response to SoCalUtahFan's comment re "2)...Whittingham has a slightly more established staff, highlighted by new offensive coordinator Norm Chow..."
I am amused by Utah fans' excitement over the hiring of Norm Chow, who left UCLA rather than be demoted. Yes, he had a long successful run as offensive coordinator at BYU, but he was also the offensive coordinator at UCLA when BYU smacked them 59-0.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Considering that that true Freshman QB was surrounded by new skill position players, but threw almost as many TDs in the final 6 games of Freshman season as your seasoned QB threw during his entire Sophomore season, 14 vs 17, I'd be much more worried about the impending implosion of the Utah offense, especially since Wynn has absolutely no experienced skill players surrounding him this season.

Utah will be holding its collective breath to see how Wynn responds the first time a blitzing Trojan linebacker flattens him. If Jordan responds with his typical deer in the headlights, happy feet, throwing off the wrong foot response, Utah is in serious trouble.

You may want to hold off on resorting to the more difficult schedule spin so early, because it's going to sound like a broken record by season's end when Heaps is lighting up scoreboards and Utah is struggling to score a single FG.

Bluffdale, UT

Further, Utah is replacing all four starters from a secondary that ranked 88th in the nation in pass efficiency defense -- or ninth in the Pac-10. (Lindley completed 36 of 54 passes for a career-high 528 yards and four touchdowns in a 38-34 defeat to the Utes; Dalton completed 21 of 26 for 355 yards and three TDs in a 47-7 win; Moore was 28 of 38 for 339 yards and two TDs in a 26-3 win). The preliminary returns on the secondary from spring practices were hopeful: There's nice young talent across the board. But if you're looking for an area where the Utes will most feel an uptick in competition in the Pac-12, it's defending sophisticated passing games led by future NFL quarterbacks on a week-to-week basis.- Ted Miller

He may have given a somewhat positive review of the d-ends, but he was none to nice to Utah's secondary. I happen to think that the offensive line is the key for Utah. They get them in sync and they will do just fine.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


Thanks for bring that score up, because that will be the minimum span that BYU will win over your might green utes. My bet, will be 38-17 BYU over Utah on September 17th. Jordan Wynn will be counting stars in the heavens that night after at least 3 sacks and many more TFL's once BYU's LB corp get thru with him.

Watch out for Montana State, their ranked 5th in their division (pre-season) nationally. I smell another Houston Baptist moment coming...


Vegas would be shocked if the Utes were not battling for a South division title in year 1...professionals at LVSC have Utah at the top of the South.

There isn't a prop or line for the Independent conference. Not sure why the BYU folks bother saying anything when they won't have anything to play for after losing two of their first three. It's undefeated or nothing for them. Lighting up the scoreboard against the dregs of the WAC for half the season might look nice in the statbook but it truly means nothing to the big game makers.

Should be fun to watch the new conferences this season. And for everyone here, the 2011 MWC has two teams better than either Utah or BYU.

South Jordan, UT

So, according to a few Hacks like cuger1 and uteanamous, the Utes should just lay down and maybe not play the season. Utah will take their licks due to a tougher schedule than the MWC week in and week out. The Utah fans will worry about it.

You Provo fans need to worry about reaching as many wins as last year and piling up stats on Idaho. At that point, your team can prepare to play another Independent. At least you will be on espn.

Arlington, VA


Any Utah fan who watched the dismantling of the Utah offense during the second half of last season and how inept their starting QB was, should be worried about the potential disaster awaiting the Utes relying on wounded Wynn leading the Utes into their first year in the PAC 12.

Every BYU fan who watched Heaps' dramatic improvement during the 2nd half of the season is excited to see Jake leading the Cougars into their first year of Independence. If all Utah fans saw in Heaps was the level of the competition, they entirely missed the real reason for Jake's improvement.

BYU reaching as many wins as they did last year is a given.

Utah reaching as many wins as BYU did last year is iffy.

govt rocks
Salt Lake City, UT

I am just glad everyone has crystal balls. No need to play the games. Everyone has them figured out. The fact of the matter is that over the course of a season, many things happen, some good and some bad. Anyone who remembers 2008 knows that the Utah offense sucked for most of the season. But that team put themselves in a position to take advantage of mistakes made by their opponents and found ways to win games. Not saying Utah will do that this year, they do have too many question marks. But they certainly have the talent to compete in every game they play in this year, which is a great starting point.

Springville, UT

Is BYU being ranked 40th a couple of weeks better than the Utes 48th this week?

Wow! Mangum at 19th, 4 stars, and the U's stock is falling!

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