Comments about ‘First lady Michelle Obama will be in Park City on July 26’

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Published: Friday, July 8 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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sandy, ut

The President, as a candidate, was scheduled to visit the state (Park City). However, it was cancelled out of respect for the passing of President Hinckley.

sandy, ut

Also, to correct a previous comment, he has not visited Utah while President. President Monson and I think Elder Oaks visited the Oval Office and presented him with his family tree.

the greater outdoors, UT


Brigham City, UT

She keeps a low profile---to the dismay of the wealthy media elites in Washington.

Most Truthful and Patriotic
Layton, UT

For those complaining about costs:
CERTAINLY you know that campaign trips are paid for by the respective parties.

For those complaining about Mrs Obama:
Good way to show us you're NOT the lunatic fringe!

For ONCE, people? Can't we all just get along and respect each other?

Farmington, UT

If she wants to visit, have at it. I personally have no intention of being anywhere near Park City during the time she is there. I hope her trip is pleasant as she sees another part of this great country.

Woods Cross, UT

One of the necessary duties of the President and the First Lady is to help Americans feel a commonality with other Americans and the "First Family." This is one reason why they travel the United States. Yes, it costs money. But this should transcend politics. It is an aspect of American leadership and I respect any President and First Lady who travels throughout this nation.

Several years ago this board was abuzz with criticism for Rocky Anderson for protesting a sitting President when the President visited the state. I think that similar criticism should be leveled at those who posted negative comments on this story. They have essentially proven that there are unpatriotic, uncivil and unfeeling people across the political spectrum.

Park City, UT

"TRUTH | 2:28 p.m. July 8, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT
Park City? Why wouldn't Michelle want to take in say...Provo or Draper?

Oh thats right....No lunatic lefties~"
Oh thats right....No lunatic lefties~"

Yes, the lunatic lefty captains of industry. The lunatic lefty successful business people. The lunatic lefties that can afford multi-million dollar homes. Yes, these people are the lunatics.

These are the people that the ultra-right are protecting with their tax policies. These are the people that create the jobs that sustain our country. These people are typically the brightest and best our country has to offer.

Yes, the successful are the lunatics....


I'm a Utah County conservative. I like her. I am glad she is coming. I would love to see her. And I hope those who do see her are gracious. Park City is a great locale. Why not Park City?

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