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Published: Thursday, July 7 2011 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Utesville, CA

...Mandel gives the overall edge to Utah, calling BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall's massive staff shakeup during the offseason "panicky."...

In summary, nothing that we have not known already.


Utah without question!!!!!! They have the opportunity of making tons of money, recruiting national caliber talent on a continuous basis and are in a phenomenal BCS conference. BYU, on the other hand, is in a precarious spot. Sure they are "independent," but that only makes their road to success more difficult. The football team has to g
o undefeated, which will never happen, just to be considered for a BCS bowl bid. And, it is very apparent that they cannot recruit great, "speedy" athletes from the black community. Therefore, they will never succeed on a national basis. Additionally, who is to say that ESPN will renew their contract in the future......half of their games are against 2nd class programs........so who wants to watch that garbage when there is a great SEC match-up on another channel? And yes........BYU's fan base speaks for itself......no need to comment on those people.

Utesville, CA

1)...But the biggest keys to "on field" success are internal, not external. Which program has the better coaching staff and talent in place, or on the way? Again, I give the edge to Utah....

2)...I also expect Utah to reap the benefits of Pac-12 membership in recruiting, allowing the program -- which already recruited heavily in California -- to attract higher-caliber prospects in the highly fertile state...

nothing that we have not already known.

Nice article

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU and Utah now have different criteria for success.

BYU's goal is exposure to help football and church recruiting. They will appear on ESPN several times regardless of if they have a 10-2 season or another 7-6 season.

Utah's goal is play "at the next level" of college sports. A challenge? Definitely.

If "BCS" is the success criteria (and it shouldn't be), the edge is Utah. They may have a mediocre season and a New Mexico Bowl bid, but they still receive a share of BCS dollars. ESPN had a nice article on why going independent made it more difficult for BYU to earn a BCS bid. But again, their goal is exposure, not fighting the BCS.


The ONLY thing that Notre Dame and BYU have in common is the arrogance of the fans and the unrealistic expectations. I'm sick of hearing from Notre Dame fans that this is the year and BYU fans are all about ifs. If we go undefeated, if we beat Utah, if if if. These two teams regularly compete for the pre-season national championship.


Utah all the way!!!!!! Go Utes!

Gilbert, AZ

Being lumped in with Notre Dame, Auburn, Ohio State, Georgia, and West Virginia as "CFB Fan Bases with Unrealistic Expectations" is pretty good company and shows the kind of national media attention BYU is drawing with its move to independence.


Mandel writes, "Both programs are substantially better off than they were June 30."

In other words, regardless of how BYU's move to independence compares to Utah's move to the PAC 12, bottom line is BYU is SUBSTANTIALLY better off than the Cougars would have been if they'd stayed in the MWC -- much more revenue, much better television coverage, and substantially better opportunities to play several teams like Texas, Notre Dame, and Georgia Tech every season.

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT

The main difference is, which we have known for over a year now is the bowl games and money. This upcoming year the Y could go 10-2, have a great opening Independent season, and they will go to the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl or whatever it is. The UTES could go 9-3, with one of those losses to the Y, and still play for the Rose Bowl. Even if the Y goes 11-1, or 7-5, it is still the same bowl, and the same situation. In a few years if bYu keeps winning, & they get out of their bowl contracts, better & more lucritive bowls may come calling. Especially with ESPN behind them. If & when that happens, the money, bowl games, conference affiliation, etc, the edge will still go to Utah, but bYu will still be in a much better situation than they were in the MWC. As bad as it would be to lose to bYu this year, if we won the Pac 12 South, & the conf championship game & made it to the Rose Bowl, that would take a lot of the sting away.

Arlington, VA

By increasing their revenue 10 fold and already having seven ESPN games scheduled for the coming season, BYU's move to independence is already a success.

Salt Lake City, UT


NOBODY exceeds the arrogance we've heard from Utah fans since last June. To hear them talk, you'd think they'd won the last 10 national championships instead of a couple of relatively meaningless BCS bowls.

Salt Lake City, UT

When BYU is playing some Wac school at 8:00 pm in mid November the folks in LES will be getting a different kind of exposure than they bargained for.

Boise, ID

Utah got a great job at a great company with a great paycheck but they have a boss.

BYU started their own company. They are assuming much greater risk, will work longer hours - especially earlier on, and they may fail. The upside is that they are the boss, they get to do what they want, and they have greater potential.

I work for myself and I wouldn't change a thing. We will see how it works out for BYU.


@ chicagoborn Very well stated sir. The difference is that Notre Dame is the most popular team in the country and have probably the greatest history of success and tradition in college football. BYU is only an aberration in the national scene. Although they boast about a myriad of things claiming they are viable.........it really falls upon deaf ears. BYU has never played in a big bowl game yet and have an atrocious bowl record at that. They had two decent decades in their history and that was over 20 years ago. They went indy because they were dissed and the school up north was rewarded with a precious PAC-12 invite. Notre Dame this year could be pretty darn good........may see them in a BCS bowl????? Who knows?

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

BYU is.

Too easy of a question.

ESPN or kued/fox regional sports station... DUH --> ESPN

Chris Bryant

Swoop claims that winning BCS bowls is "relatively meaningless". Gee. Where does that put BYU's invitation to the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Bowl?

One Nil to the Arsenal!
Gilbert, AZ

@ Swoop

Kind of like the arrogance & garbage we have heard the last 25 years about BYU being a "storied' program? I know you live in Mayberry, but let me tell you a little secret. Outside of Utah (unless your LDS), nobody really cares about BYU or Utah.

Corona, CA

Only Losers think a couple BCS wins are meaningless

Provo, UT

How about this weird answer. BOTH are doing better and both will do well with their new paths.

che loco
Springville, UT

Utah is in a better position for the long-term. No doubt about that. And this is from a Y alum and fan.


Interesting how you say you're a USC football fan and not a fan of Utah's but here you are defending Utah against pro-Y posters. In my observations of your usual posts, there seems to be a bit of hypocrisy there. Like your false insinuations about the Y's APR. If you hate the Y so much, time to just leave it alone. Stop the hate. Embrace the love, brother.

Cedar City, UT

Utah is obviously in a much better position than BYU in the long run.
There is really no argument or debate, just the facts.

Utah as a member of the PAC-12 has direct access to BCS, a HUGE TV contract deal with an enormous pay-out (in 2014), and a set schedule with good conference opponents. No matter how competitive the athletic programs are, these are all sure things.

Now whether they will be dominant or a floormat in the PAC-12 remains to be seen. This will determine the kind of recruits they get, and appearances in CC and BCS games.

So the long term success is really still in question, but Utah is sitting at a big table with a high ceiling, and a guaranteed share in feast.

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