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Published: Wednesday, July 6 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Syracuse, UT

26: Dick Harmon will write another thoughtless article.

Wandering, Earth

Wow. Really? So in the next 5 years Utah will not win one conference championship, in any sport? Because the same amount of conference titles for BYU will be zero. Not in gymnastics, football, basketball . . . none? Wow. Please stick to BYU beat Richard.

Palo Alto, CA

"In the next five years, considering all conference sports, Utah and BYU will win the same number of titles in the expanded Pac-12."

Mark it Down!

American Fork, UT

these are hilarious! do 25 more!!!

Iowa City, IA

Maybe utah will win a girls gymnastics title in the next 5 years...maybe. My gut feeling is basketball for sure won't and football most likely won't. That would be a definite won't if USC and Oregon hadn't been caught cheating. Here are some more definite won'ts...womens soccer, mens & womens track and field, womens basketball, swimming...man if you thought it was hard to get titles with BYU in the picture (BYU 140, Ut 38), there is going to be a huge drought in the PAC 12.

Also touchdown passes was funny. My gut feeling says Heaps 35 Wynn 10 TD's. That's if fragile Wynn doesn't get the snot beat out of him and he actually plays a full season.

Owens Cross Roads, AL

Why do BYU talking heads continue to think that playing the best is a bad thing? It is a given that Utah will win fewer championships at the adult table, but would you rather the Jazz be champs in the dNBA or playing the best night in and night out.

Prediction 26 - Utah joining the PAC-12 will have the most positive perception effect on the state since the Olympics.

Prediction 27 - BYU took a bold step and it will be prove better than staying in MWC, but even the folks in Utah will realize that articles comparing the WCC to the PAC have less credibility than an acquittal in Florida.

Conservative Democrat
Omaha, NE

While many were humorous and some were ridiculous, I firmly believe that the prediction about BYUtv vs the MTN will come to pass.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


I have to agree with you on that one. Obviously BYU won't win a title in the PAC, and I guess I don't know if the women's gymnastics team will be competing in the PAC, but if so, then that alone will count for several.

Just fillin' time till football starts, let it pass.

Highland, UT

LOL! Way to irritate utah "fans" Dick. Very funny!

Richard Saunders
Provo, UT

I think you should stick to BYU. That seems to be what you know/love best. I disagree with your NBA predictions. I'm confident there will at least be part of a season. The Jazz made a monster trade when they traded their all-star point guard. They no longer have any monster-type trade players on the team, unless you mean they are going to get a Dwight Howard type player back in a trade. I surely hope Greg Miller is not going to sell the Jazz. Maybe that's just wishful thinking on your part because you're tired of the fact that at their best, BYU is number two in sports in this town. I don't think it's ridiculous to say your dislike of all things not BYU carries over into professional sports.

Utesville, CA

28. Utah 35 BYU 14

Utesville, CA

29. BYU will miss BCS again

Utesville, CA

30. Bronco will wear "Band of Brothers" t-shirt by 5th game of the season

Buena Park, CA

"BYUtv programming of sporting events will surpass viewership of The mtn. network"

Which, unfortunately, will be the only reason left to watch BYUtv. Can anyone explain why they're working so hard to downgrade their programming? Instead of sticking to their unique value as a source of LDS programming, they've replaced most of it with nature shows and forgettable movies by forgotten stars -- they actually are running a series of DEAN JONES movies /sighs/ in the pace of scripture discussions, devotionals, and Church history. I already have other channels that feature bland, pointless programming; why squander their shiny new broadcast facility on this?

Boise, ID

The more the pac falls apart in football, the more I think Utah actually might have a chance to do something there. Oregon is set to implode, Usc already has, Ucla hasn't been good since 5 years before BYU beat them 59-0, Stanford will drop off, Washington, Washington State, Colorado - no comment needed, Arizonas haven't done much in years. However, if the pac is the conference of champions, the Utes may be in trouble if they were in the neighborhood of UNLV in number championships while in the MWC. Only time will tell.

Hayden, ID

All great predictions! Probably very accurate as well! Has anyone checked on them with the Vegas odds makers?

Springville, UT

#22 has already happened, hasn't it?

And the Roger Clemens trial is a travesty. What a waste of taxpayer money.

Seattle, WA

31. Socalutefan won't be anywhere near the comment boards after Utah starts 1-2

Iowa City, IA

re: bama ute...the point is Utah didn't win a lot of titles in the MWC. They won't magically do it just because they moved to the PAC 12. The original teams aren't cowering becasue Utah joined the league despite how vain and bragadoshish you ute fans have been. A lot of hot air coming from the "hill".

Maybe u fans should be quiet until they can point to scoreboard (in this case PAC 12 titles).

Salem, UT

Is it really a championship if you win it when the two best programs are a shell of what they should be? Utes might win a PAC 12 title in football but only because the competition will be unavailable for real competition

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