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Published: Wednesday, July 6 2011 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Park City, UT

I have a brother who lives in the Sacramento area. He's not a BYU fan. I'm not sure he's ever watched a game Jimmer played in. He's not a Kings fan and he's never been to a Kings game. But, he's already planning to go to a few Kings games just to watch Jimmer.

Jimmermania is alive and well in Sac Town.

Hyrum, Ut

"Explaining that his faith is a big part of his life, Fredette said he plans to ... make himself available to speak to Mormon youth groups."

Not big enough to serve the Lord for two years as He has requested of all young men. Speaking to the youth would be so much more powerful if he had followed the Lord and His prophets. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed watching him at BYU - but there is alot more to life than playing in the NBA, NFL, or MLB. The example to the youth speaks volumes more than anything he will ever say.

Lake Elsinore, CA

I have been to two NBA games in my life. But, that will soon escalate.

I am already planning to see The Jimmer when he comes to play the Clippers and Lakers this coming year. A cousin of mine in Eureka, Calif. is encouraging me to meet him half way in Sacramento once this year just to see The Jimmer.

We are hooked!

Highland, UT

Great guy, but not and LDS role model. Didn't do the two year thing

Doctor J
Manti, UT

Jimmer is like the Beatles!

Florissant, MO

IJ really??? Since the church owns Deseret News and this was from a previous article, "The legend of Jimmer seems to be pretty widespread at this point including all the bits about his family and growing up and his religion.

But, the prolific bleacherreport.com has called the player of the year candidate "The greatest Mormon missionary in the world.""

Some people get so stuck in the "letter of the law", that by their judging, they sure don't understand the "spirit of the law". I am going to be grateful for the Donny's,the David's and the Jimmer's that have been idols for the youth and have lived the gospel. And what is worse, young men that don't fill the typical mission but impact many in and out of the church, or pious people who can't stop judging? Hmmm, ok, didn't take me long to decide. Oooops, I judged the people that judge, so I am worse then those young men who are spending more years as a light to the world, then I did when I served a mission. I am five years older then Donny, my mission ended, he still touches lives. Good for all of them.

Bountiful, UT

Some comments seem to reflect a judgmental attitude toward Jimmer not befitting a member of Christ's church.


Many people have not served missions. Because you have served a mission does not make you a worse member. That doesn't define them as a person or as a member of the church. A person still has worth and can be a great role model for those around him.

Jimmer is a great guy and has produced more publicity for the church with his skills than I believe he would have by walking around all day in church shoes.

Tanyrb and IJ remind me of the pharisees in the scriptures. You both need to pull the big two by four out of your eye before you start to pick out splinters in others.

Corona, CA

I don't understand the LDS faith how it's okay sometimes and not others. It's ok for LDS athletes to play on Sunday's if it's their job but not in college where they play for the school. THe church tells you "GO ON A MISSION" you sings songs in primary about the mission. If everyone (other LDS 19 year olds) had the mentality of some of these BYU athletes about missions then no one would serve.I mean really it's BYU a Mormonm school where they will pretty much hold your scholarship and everything. THey cater to you.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

To IJ & Tanyrb

What do Jimmer have in common with Danny Ainge & Steve Young? No 2 years mission - yep. What is wrong with that? Get a life you two.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

crowntown1 | 6:07 p.m. July 6, 2011
Corona, CA
"I don't understand the LDS faith how it's okay sometimes and not others."

Ummmm, crowntown1, it's called free will, self governance, or what ever you want to call it.

Kids stay home all the time, not just "BYU Athletes".

Do you ever get tired of whining about BYU?

Lake Elsinore, CA

I definitely 100 percent support young men preparing for and going on a mission. That was definitely the greatest blessing for me to that point in my life was to serve a mission. I full heartedly believe that the mission opportunity gives a 19 year-old young man the greatest boost to the rest of his life.

But ...

My current bishop did not serve a mission. Does that mean he should be removed from his post? Of course not. He is an amazing man. When he speaks of missionary work, I feel the Spirit and I know he is speaking truth.

Heck, even my current Prophet (your Prophet, too) didn't serve a mission, but we all know the Spirit is with him.

Come on people. Judgement Day is not today and thank goodness none of you are the Judge.

PAC man
Anaheim, CA

The window of opportunity for an NBA career is fleeting. Those who stand in judgement should try walking in the shoes of someone who has to make that kind of career decision before passing judgement.

West Valley, UT

I am NOT a BYU fan but think Jimmer is one of the most outstanding athletes to have played ball at any college in Utah.

Sacramento's gain is the Jazz loss. Sad day when the Jazz let him slip thru their fingers.

Lyman, WY

IJ and Tanyrb, judge not lest ye be judged. I can not believe what you two are saying. If I remember right serving a two year mission doesn't make you any better than a person who didn't serve one. I served for a full time honorable mission in 1995-97 in the Tucson Arizona mission, and that doesn't make me better than my brother who didn't serve and happens to be in the high council, or my father who didn't serve a mission who served in the bishopric for 5 years, or how about Howard W. Hunter a prophet of the Lord, he didn't serve a mission either. Please get off your high horses and stop judging others. Look inside yourselves instead, and remove the sty from your own eye.

Corona, CA

Then why go on a mission and give up 2 years of your life? Those 2 years you could work towards a career or finish college. Just be active and a good example and that could be your missionary work right?

Salt Lake City, UT


"but not and LDS role model. Didn't do the two year thing "

Oh well then I guess the prophet isn't a role model either by your standards.

Layton, UT

Shawn Bradley did and had a long NBA career. Nobody's passing judgement.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Just sa dang neat!

Tremonton, UT

It is funny how it all gets off the subject. When someone is so popular like Jimmer, Donny Osmond, Steve Young it would be too much of a distraction for them to serve a regular two year mission. Everyday people are more likely to be a success. These guys can serve when they get much older. Jimmer just being the person he is will be much of a influence.

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