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Published: Wednesday, July 6 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Sugar City, ID

Not a good idea to compare the Obama recovery to Reagans.
What do Roger Clemens and the Reagan Recovery have in common? Both used performance-enhancing drugs. Roger Clemens is on trial for allegedly injecting banned substances into his body. The Reagan Recovery used the Economic Recovery Act of 1981. The ERA of 81 was a huge government stimulus in the form of tax breaks to the wealthy for supplying expensive real estate properties for which there was no demand. We know them as tax shelters. When the substance was withdrawn in 1986 the performance nose dived leaving the tax payers with a huge inventory of vacant properties. The Resolution Trust Corporation was given the task of holding a huge garage sale of these properties and sold them for pennies on the dollar of construction cost. How can Romney govern effectively under all contingencies when he has signed so many pledges?

Lake Elsinore, CA

Just a matter of time until Huntsman is backing Romney.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

I understand where DN feeds the interest of Utah readers, for obvious reasons, and I'm solidly in Mitt's camp. But, with that being said, the reality is Utah afford little significance in the Nat'l Electoral Votes picture. The State of Utah has 6 electoral votes to give, just 2 more than the State of Rhode Island (which is the approx. side of San Diego County). So, even though the majority of State Officals may back Mitt. In the ultimate nat'l picture, how significant of a story is this really?

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Romney NEEDS a win in Utah.

Republicans will carry Utah.

Losing Utah in the primaries would put a major hit on his campain, and give Huntsman some traction.

Hence, we see Romney needing to spend time at Hires in SLC.

Bluffdale, UT

yea we want him more low paying jobs and tax breaks for the rich.

Sugar City, ID

Frankly, I'm very disappointed but please try to recover. Romney doesn't need my vote in Idaho and since he either groveled to Norquist or is a kindred elitist trickle down spirit, he won't get it. I had hopes of seeing a Mormon president in my lifetime and now two are running and I can vote for neither. Everybody else in my family, and all around me, will. I just don't see how the extreme concentration of wealth squares with Mormonism. Sure its sour grapes but they are still grapes.

Kaysville, UT

I know I am way behind the times on this issue of endorsements, but here it is.

I don't think elected officials should endorse candidates in their parties primaries period.

Frankly, such endorsements don't sway my vote one iota, and I find them offensive and self serving. Why should an elected official's opinion of who to vote for have any more weight than anyone elses? It smacks of the good old boy network and who the establisment favorites are.

Elected officials do you jobs and stop telling us who we should vote for, unless it's your own election. I get it that you will support the eventual nominee from your own party, but don't pick winners in your own party.

Bountiful, Utah

I think it would be more newsworthy if the presented list included the religious affiliation of all the supporters, with another list of the remaining State officials who are not on the list and their religious affiliation.

DD JayMario
American Fork, UT

@SoCalReader. Here's why this announcement might matter to people outside of Utah. Since Jon Huntsman was a recent successful and popular governor of Utah from the majority party, you would expect state politicians of the same party to strongly support him. The fact that they are supporting Romney is a signal that Huntsman's campaign is not viable. This announcement is more about Huntsman than it is about Romney, and will solidify the fundraising base of Utah behind Romney.

working class
Salt Lake City, UT

"Bishop cited Romney's "record of job creation that the president lacks."

What is Bishop talking about? As a corporate restructurer Romney has axed many more jobs that he has created.

Bountiful, Utah

@ working class - I agree with you. I'd particularly like to know how many jobs Romney has created during these tough economic times and why people would just ASSUME he would create jobs once President if he has done little to create them during all of the time he has had to do so over the last few years. He actions speak a lot more than his words in my opinion. Does he really love this country or does he really love the idea of being elected as President? Why wait 'til he is President to start trying to turn things around??? Makes no sense to me ....

Salt Lake City, UT

Even if Romney only created one job in the last ten years....it is far more than Obama! Obama has lost 3 million jobs and created a 1 billion in stimulus debt that created zero jobs~

Casa Grande, AZ

I'm sorry but that picture of Mitt reminds me of Austin Powers dancing at the beginning of his movies. It could be a great strategy, I like him a little allready.

BYU Blue
Ferron, UT

Do people not understand when something is failing that sometimes you have to trim the fat to make it more efficient and keep it from running into the ground? The Democrats in Washington have a real hard time comprehending this concept. Don't tell me some DesNews readers have this problem too? Yes, when Mitt Romney took over these companies he did have to let some people go, but that in turn led those companies back to making a profit. That profit enables companies to expand and create jobs.

Linda A
Orem, UT

Wow, people ... before you jump on the "Mitt" bandwagon, you'd probably better do a little research into his past and present. Remember, appearances are everything!! DIG DEEP!! You won't like what you find!

Kaysville, UT

I would strongly support either Romney or Hunstman. Huntsman's campaign although a long shot may actually help Romney as the presumtive nominee. A little strong competition always makes you run faster and harder and get better. That's what we need to defeat the largely failed ideas and policies of the Obama administration.

Huntsman strategy may be longer term. After all, how does almost every nominee get in a position to win? It's the second time around. What does he have to lose by fighting the good fight?

West Valley, UT

Isn't this article about politicians endorsing Romney? Why do people blame Obama on the problems caused by the untimely invasion of Iraq?

Ivins, UT

Obama dosen't have to take blame....he just lacks leadership and economic skill. He is basically a Socialist with international leanings. He also comes out of Chicago which is notoriously corrupt in the political regions. He will never get a grasp of things so do not get your hopes up. Again, we need change.
Change that takes us back to the base upon which our country was founded.


which is it hatch? all of a sudden your concerned about the middle class? dont you get tired of the sheep in utah believing everything you tell them?


Roosevelt, UT

Again the total GDP annually for Utah is 100 billion and Bush tax cuts cost this country 1,600 billion. That means 1600 states that have a total of 100 billion to equal what thos tax cuts cost, and last time i checked there were not that many states.

Mitt endorses those tax cuts.

Mitt needs his name in the paper because when Palin throws her hat in the ring he will lose any advantage he might have.

I have noticed he never misses a chance to have his photo taken.

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