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Published: Wednesday, June 29 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Prime example of how BYU can and will win the recruiting battle! Great pick-up by BYU and Bronco!

Now, when do the utes starting dismissing the importance and ability of these kids... In 3...2...1....


"Pau'u had received offers from Nebraska, Iowa State, Washington, Oregon State and from Colorado at the time of his commitment to BYU."

4 star recruit, turning down AQ schools to attend BYU.

Any questions? BYU can and will get the top LDS recruits. Period.

Go Cougars!

Poop, UT

Both look like good, if not, great recruits for the Y. I for one and a huge U fan but can't help be so excited for the future of college football in the state of Utah. Congrats guys.

Salt Lake City, UT

Come on D-News what was wrong with my comment?

Lets try this again. Good Get for the Cougars.

Now lets get the first year of Independence on the right track, and see the fruits of their labor come into fruition. If your doubting how BYU will do in recruiting as an Independent you must be wearing crimson colored glasses

Clifton Heights, PA

nice get cougars, both players should be great in few years!!!!!

Good stuff.

jute19, you are a scholar and a genteelman.

Provo, UT

Totally stoked about both these guys, but especially Pau'u. This from Scout.com:

"Pound for pound, there may not be a better linebacker in the West than Pau'u. He's a big time hitter, sheds his blocks tremendously well and makes every tackle. Great pursuit, plays well in space and sees the field extremely well. Great leadership and instincts. The lone drawback is his size. He's filled out well, but he's on the short side, especially for a middle backer. Still, you can't argue his production or his play."

If his size is the only drawback (he's listed as 5' 11 1/2"), then the sky may be the limit for this kid. We've been getting a load of talent at the LB position lately.

Pretty cool, too, that Leuta-Douyere is Catholic but decided to come to BYU. That seems to be happening a lot lately with Bobby Wolford and now L-D. Vindicates the previous article that Dupaix is targeting the quality, non-LDS athletes who want to live the standards encouraged by the BYU atmosphere.

Go Cougars!

Lindon, UT

Obviously this is exciting news for BYU football. I'm even more pleased to see quality kids from other faiths see the benefits of BYU's environment. Go Coug's!!

Murray, UT

Great news! I have been hoping that Pau'u would committ to BYU for several weeks, he is a big time committ, nice job byu!
And while I will admit I dont know alot about Leuta-Douyere but the fact that he is Catholic and committed to BYU is great news. BYU continues to prove they can get good recruits both LDS and non LDS atheletes. Keep them coming BYU!!!

Park City, UT

Exciting news for BYU football fans.

BYU signing blue chip, out-of-state, non-LDS athletes who are attracted to BYU because of BYU's unique standards -- who woulda thunk it?

And turning down offers from AQ schools like Nebraska, Iowa State, Washington, Oregon State, and Colorado to boot.

THIS is why Bronco added young, enthusiastic coaches like Dupaix and Cahoon to his coaching staff, to recruit players like Pau'u and Wolford.

Provo, UT

Butch Pau"u and Jherremya Leuta are going to be Great,

BYU just took a huge lead in the recruiting battle with Utah.

Now all BYU need is Troy Hinds, and Vince Biegel, and the Flag Ship Mormon University will be on there way to a BCS Bowl win.

South Jordan, UT

No Utes badmouthing.

Palo Alto, CA

crowntown1 | 11:41 a.m. June 28, 2011
Corona, CA

"Your still BYU! YOur not gonna attract top non LDS players there I'm sorry."


DesNews | 10:12 p.m. June 29, 2011

BYU Football Gains Two Southern California Commits

BYU was the first to offer Leuta-Douyere, a devout Catholic, but other schools such as Nebraska, Oregon State and Colorado were recruiting him heavily and close to offering at the time of his commit.

***stunned silence***

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

Thanks to you Ute posters for being classy. Let's all keep it classy and try not to compare Utah vs BYU, as it could get ugly very quick. Let's stay civilized and on topic and I don't see why anybody should not be able to have their input.

I am pleased that quality non-LDS guys see BYU as a great place to go. Hopefully more will see BYU as the place they want to be, even if it is a different religion than theirs.

Springville, UT

These kids come to camp, come to a fireside / family home evening, hear some great character and faith based inspiration and they see the difference between what BYU offers and the other options out there.

Bottom line is that it's not all about football and that's makes the difference.

Congratulations to a couple of kids that want something more. BYU has it.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT


I saw this one coming after reading up on what the both of them said about BYU. It's no surprise that they committed together. Now Butch is the new top recruit in the class, right up there with Tanner Mangum. I hope that his friend can be a good outside linebacker, BYU will need some in this class with the loss of Pendleton and Frazier. I almost wonder if they are going to switch Kyle Van Noy to strongside linebacker in 2012 to make room for some of these other guys at weakside.

Go Cougs!!!

Corona, CA

Sky walker

First off it's a verbal commit. Second Pauu is a good player but not the top LB in Southern California so you can acting like you just landed Chris claiborne.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I think it deserves to be noted that not one Ute fan has come with a negative comment yet. Good for them, and as BYU fans let's not instigate something that isn't there.

I don't know why the first instinct of both fan bases when a player commits to another school is to discredit and downplay the recruit. Utah is a great program, and they are getting more and more solid recruits. Some that BYU offered. That's a fact and good for them. BYU also gets good recruits, some that Utah has pursued, and a big recruit for either school is a big recruit.

As for these two specific recruits, Pau'u was a big one. Heavily recruited and ESPN has him as a 4-star LB rated higher than any other current commit. Leuta-Douyere you can't really say the same thing about, so hopefully he's one of those recruits where the coaching staff was ahead of the curve and saw something early that other programs didn't, similar to an Eric Weddle or Andrew Rich-type recruit

Anaheim, CA


You're saying that schools like Nebraska, Iowa State, Washington, Oregon State and Colorado are heavily recruiting and offering scholarships to players that aren't top players? Now you have to qualify your statement with "he's not THE top player" or "he's only made a verbal commit" just to save face?

Just can't admit when you're proven wrong, can you?

Lehi, UT

To come to BYU Camp and earn an offer shows that L-D is a potential starter in a few years. Butch is going to be just fine in the middle. Keep the good recruits flowing into Zion. Hopefully we get a few more of the best that want the BYU experience. Please make a few of them great running backs. Just one more day to Independence.

Independence Is Bliss
San Jose, CA

Woohoo! Good get for the Cougs. I love how, without fail, when recruits talk about BYU they always cite how they just feel good when they're on campus. They can't describe it; it's a different feeling than anywhere else they've been.

As a BYU alum I can attest to that. There's just a great feeling at BYU. Like the recruits, I can't describe it, it just feels good.

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