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Published: Wednesday, June 29 2011 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

We might want to ask Michelle if she is still proud to be an American. Evidently, she wasn't proud of her country until her husband was elected...or at least that is what she said.

As a grandson of WWII veterans, I'd like to remind her that America has only saved the free world twice and that my grandfather is buried in borrowed land in France. I've been proud of my country my whole life.

Salt Lake City, UT

I look forward to having the First Lady visit Utah. I think she and her family are fabulous.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Is she still proud to be an American?

Welcome to Utah, but you may find California more to your liking.

American Fork, UT

We really can hold an out of context grudge for a long time.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

I wondered on opening this thread how many posts would appear before someone expressed a negative reaction. Didn't have to read too many, either.


She can land and make a visit but should be on her way. We're not interested. Atleast I'm not nor are 90% of Utahns, and most American's aren't either.

alpine, utah

big whoop

Mapleton, UT

Please - NO!

Salt Lake City, UT

Oh I hope she does! I sure would love to meet her! That would be the highlight of my life!

Durham, NC

You know, you have to love how people take things completely out of context to suit their own political dialog they have set up for themselves.

Let me ask all you "America is Perfect" patriots out there. Are you proud of Americas history of Slavery and segregation? Are you proud that Japanese, no matter how long they lived in this country were rounded up and put into relocation camps - one here in Utah - but Germans were not? Are you proud of the fact that in Illinois a law was passed allowing the "extermination" of a people based on their religious faith? Are you proud of the innocents that were killed in the "war" in Vietnam, or the fact that we turned tail and abandoned those people when it no longer was politically expedient. Are you old enough to be proud of a president who got caught breaking the law and was forced from office. When you see video of police beating unarmed people - aka Rodney King - does that make you proud - or when OJ was found not guilty?

We can still be proud of our country without being proud of everything it has done in our name.

Provo, UT

Oh Goody


Michelle Obama represents values many Utahns say are important: motherhood, being a good example, having a family garden, taking care of our bodies through exercise and good food choices to name a few.

So what is the problem?

Saint George, UT

Welcome to Utah.

Hope you enjoy your visit.

Springville, UT

Looking a several of the comments, it's a shame that Utahns can't be more hospitable to a First Lady who clearly shares the same family values as those claimed by Utahns.

Ogden, UT

Please stay in D.C. and tend to your garden. Or have your staff tend to your garden. Utah has no need for you to be here.

@ bluedevil The country has made mistakes. I am not really bothered by them. Politicians which this women is are the embarrasment not the country.

Somewhere in Time, UT

As a loyal true Red-blooded conservative/libertarian Republican, I say let's welcome Michelle to Utah. I think she's done a decent job as First Lady even though she didn't particularly want the job and I don't think she enjoys it at all. I don't like some of the lavish trips she has taken, but overall she's done okay. I hope people won't be nasty about her or to her--she's doing her best. Let's be gracious and show her that we are good people even if we don't agree with her.

Now, let's do everything we can to get her husband out of office and get our country back on the right track. YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!

Orem, UT

It is of interest that the First Lady will visit the most red of reddest states. Obviously, the President has no chance of winning Utah. But she comes anyway, promoting a failed presidency, a failed economy, a failed foreign policy, and a total lack of leadership. I am sure she was sent because she will be better received than the President himself.

Old Ephraims Grave, UT

I am proud of my country! I am extremely grateful for my fore fathers who died to save it and our way of life. That being said, first and foremost, we should always take the high road and be as Christ, full of grace and humility. But when the time comes, the money changers will be forced to leave the temple. Pray always and carry a big stick. May God bless America, now lets stand up and take back our country!

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